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Default A liar and an idiot-the perfect marxist

Originally Posted by erel25 View Post
Theo Junker, excellent soldier in the war against other white people! By the way, I never went to his stupid little hideout, but acquaintances of mine noted that he had a large pornography collection laying out in the open at his shrine. Pfft, these neonazis are always such big fucking moralists! If they had any qualities of a man, they wouldn't watch pornography and wouldn't have a 1:6 ratio of females to males.

If these neo nazis ever bothered to research the jewish wall street ties of Adolf Shitler, they'd know that Shitler was nothing but a peon who enabled Wall Street to make a killing in profits, as well as the killing of a lot of stupid goyim.
It was a war against communism, not White people, you afterbirth. You are lying about the pornography, no surprise there. If you really want to prove me wrong, kill yourself. Come to think of it, kill yourself anyway, vulture vomit.
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Man of the road
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Man of the road

Originally Posted by Ironguard1940 View Post
What is the name of your group, you fucking pathetic little piece of dog shit?

The jewishness of this creature's posts couldn't by anymore typical. Male/female ratio? How many women were in the original NSDAP?

"Shitler" is commonly a term (((they))) use.
Degeneracy is disguised as freedom.

Tyranny is disguised as compassion.
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Albert Muller
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Albert Muller
Default What do we need to do?

Do we register somewhere?
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Jim Harting
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Jim Harting
Default NEW ORDER Website Back Online!

After numerous and infuriating delays, the NEW ORDER is proud to announce that its website is back online.


So far, we only have published an introductory page and our Mission Statement, but many, many other pages will appear shortly, including essays, articles, and a photo gallery.
NEW ORDER Website:
NS Publications:
VNN National Socialist Union:

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