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Geoff Beck
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Geoff Beck
Default Read This First!

Mission Statement

This forum is only for Aryan men and women who wish to discuss the construction of a new community for Aryans. The inspiration for this forum lies in Robert S. Griffin's book Living White.

Forum Rules

All comments are sent to a moderation queue for approval. Submissions deemed unworthy shall not be posted.

Initial Concept

A group of Aryan families move to small town some distance from a large metropolitan area. Together, leveraging our collective power, we not only influence the direction of local government and schools but by our own example influence others in the vicinity to sympathize with our efforts and join us.

This effort is not one motivated by belligerence, criminal mischief, or hostility towards the larger nation and state, instead we wish to live our lives peacefully, raise our children, and affect the local environment for the benefit our race.

Conceptually, such an arrangement is not about remaking society, but is in fact a return to normal and long accepted patterns of life and work among Aryans.


A) To gauge interest among VNN participants for such an idea.

B) If interest is sufficient and a consensus for resettlement can be reached every effort ought to be expended in realizing this goal.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):
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