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Default Police

Now hired mercenaries and this from the beginning the police serve their paymasters as willing slaves "duty bound" to enforce the law through threat of the use of physical or occult(eg. microwaves, pharmaceuticals, x-rays, etc.)forces. The lower tier may avail itself only of the more brute physical force such as clubs and projectile weapons(eg. firearms) at most conducted energy weapons , tasers or irritants like pepper spray. The more specialized and higher trained(ie.pavlovian conditioning) slaves have yet more sinister weaponry as mentioned above and greater powers of influence such as coercing confession through torture and various other mind control techniques(noise, light, modification of environmental conditions to modify the biology of the targeted individual such as in prison cells with food and nutritional deprivation, dehydration; music being played to induce hypnotic and irrational states of conciousness as well as various traumas through proxies such as putting a white male into a cell of blacks, etc.) The function of the police across all varieties is simple: the use or threat of use of force to enforce the will of the soveriegn power who operates through these agents on the basis of the legal maxim: "nulla pena sine lega"-the law has its essence thorugh its existence, its implementtion being coercion often and typically under the guise of persuasion. To build a police state terrorism was used by the Cabal who rules the world financing and arming revoluitionaries and assassins to create instability in the regimes of the host body they had invaded under the cover of merchants or bankers or 'persecuted victims' plucking at the heart strings of the more powerful which they would then sever at the opportune moment. This instability justified the establishment of a police-state as 'protection' from the chaos created by those who then wrested control of the police when so positioned as to have incontestible power. The contest was undergone through the revolutionary proxies and paid mercenaries whose sabotage of the regime weakened it to the point where it could be usurped. The former mercenary cadres often became the police of the new regime and carried out their barbarities under cover of right. The open secret, now that no deception need be had given their incontestibility of the power of the new rulers. That their might determined their right did away with the relationship between law and justice. Justice henceforth was of the strong and denied to those who didn't serve the regime as useful tools.
The function of the police has no necessary realtionship to justice or morality but simply to the mechanisms of positive law as the ultimate operation of the gears of statecraft as they impinge upon the populace as a potentially transgressive multitude. "guilty before innocent" is the creedo and everyone is suspect of being in a state of original sin as a 'criminal man' or bundle of irrational drives like a powder keg of potential violence contained only by the iron walks of Draconian law. Each 'citizen' is a hand grenade whose fuse can be ignited given a simple pull of the pin that ties them to their slave chains .Hence the welds must be strong to ensure that no 'incidents' of criminality occur.Freedom is inversely proportionate to police-statism, the larger the one the smaller the other.
Though freedom is the negative and exists only in bondage as no boundless liberty exists in the material world or in that of any dimension but merely a nexus of causal relations, a skein of rational and necessary cords that pull upon the puppets on their strings. It is simply up to the puppet to pull upon his own strings and not to be so passive as to be entangled in a state of ignorance masquerading as innocence for "there are no innocents in this world" and all are in a state of sin/karma. Thus for True freedom to express the will to be established "on earth as it is in heaven" one must learn to suffer and understand his proper relationship to the sum total. With respect to police and police statism this may mean that in an inharmonious society one must become one's own police officer and potentially an officer enforcing justice- even his own poorly conceived justice of the relatively strong and to the extent of his strength. Hence the survival of the fittest amidst the struggle for existence is the necessary condition of life and all are mercenaries having their own interests at heart vieing with those who have competing interests in a system of desperate and unending competition over resources and power.
Loyalties and allegences are dependant upon greater and lesser threats and contracts made today may be severed tomorrow when the greater threat is subjugated. To attempt to embody in 'eternal verities' anti-natural utopian principles of the 'universal human rights', etc. is an absurdity contradicted with every transaction between humans of all class and condition. Class and race and sex and equality divide and segregate as finely as a laser the infinite variety of this conglomeration of 'humans' into extremes of(more properly called) species of entity, however concious and unconcious. The rule over others is determined by might by power of whatever form and function be it occult mind control or the club, the carrot or the stick. 'By all means necessary' if the end is necessary; if not relatively necessary and to the extent that the "game is worth the candle" so it is worth that price. Hence the conscription of mercenaries to serve one's gambit for power has no confinement within the realm of morality as the artifical codes and idols of clever spindoctors or idol dreamers are themselves merely tools of power in the arsenal of an aspiring or well-established hegemon. The rhetoric of egalitarianism serves as a standout example of this transmogrification of the ideal into the real and an attempt on the part of the relatively weak to increase their strength and usurp the thrown from their physical and mental betters.
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

Check out the thread in the Crime Center sub-forum, 'Badge Fags: Pigs Pigging Piggily' that covers the antics of the blue niggers.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
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Default kissinger quote

Perfectly encapsulates their "order follower" mentality(self-worshipper would be correct). It reminds me of a military situation I observed with a fat jew wearing the hometeam camo jersey buttering up the local pigs.. They found his humour funny and were 'one' with him

culturalmarxism, liberals, police


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