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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default European Union (EU)

The E.U.’s Totalitarian Founding Fathers

by Rodney Atkinson

Rodney AtkinsonToday the 800-year-old British constitution has been fatally undermined, and the British Parliament, against the wishes of the true “sovereigns” (the voters) has delegated the government of Britain to others. Britons have become “citizens” of a European Union, with duties towards and taxable by that supranational power. The British courts now interpret very little of our law, the British people have lost their exclusively British passport and the British Parliament is no longer responsible for 70% of legislation applying to the British people. This emasculation of sovereign Parliaments was recently confirmed by a German Parliamentary Committee which found that 70% of German legislation is now decided by Brussels, not Germans.

To most people this seems like a fatal surrender of everything which characterizes our country, our Parliament and our democracy. But even more disturbing is the fact that so many of the founders of the European Union in the 1950s had leading roles in the violent attempt to create a European Union in the 1930s and 1940s. Leading figures like Walter Hallstein, Walter Funk, Alfred Toepfer, Paul Henri Spaak and Hans Josef Globke were both active supporters of European Fascism in the 1940s and critical promoters of the European Union in the 1950s. The question is would most people wish to surrender their democratic sovereignty to a supranational power founded by such individuals? For that is precisely what has happened to the British people as the straightjacket of European constitutional power has tightened around their necks.

The British Constitution is (or was before Edward Heath’s 1972 European Act) principally the written historical record of the statutes of our Parliament, case law and convention since the 13th century. Each Act of Parliament was capable of overturning previous Acts or parts of previous Acts. Heath’s 1972 European Act purported to completely reverse that principle—thus binding all future parliaments to the rule of Brussels with all future Acts prey to that 1972 Act. Thus Westminster statutes like the 1985 Weights and Measures Act and the Merchant Shipping Act have been overturned by those who passed them (British MPs) on the orders of the Euro-State. Later Treaties merely extended the 1972 obeisance to alien law (usually by deceit and sleight of hand) to ever more areas of policy making. None of this was ever contained in a British Party’s election manifesto.

But given the nature of the European Union and the history of its founders this is not surprising. It was Nazis who developed the Charlemagne Prize given to those who have done most to build the European Union (Bill Clinton, Edward Heath, Tony Blair, Roy Jenkins etc). And one of the leading European movements promoting ethnic regionalism was founded by the Nazis and is today funded by the German Government (the Federal Union of European Nationalities).

The modern European Union incorporates that same mixture of powers which we fought two world wars to defeat. Today, through the supranational power of the European Union, its single currency and its alienation of 27 national constitutions those defeated powers have largely overturned the Treaties of Versailles which concluded the First World War and the Treaties of Potsdam and Yalta which concluded the Second World War.

Western European (principally German) interests are gradually acquiring industrial and financial corporations, newspapers, television and radio stations in Poland, the Czech Republic and the former Yugoslavia. Czechoslovakia has been broken up as has Yugoslavia—and into virtually the same petty states created by Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany in the 1940s. Britain and the USA have managed to destroy their historic allies (the Serbs, Czechs, Poles and others) and promote their historic enemies like the Croats, Kosovo Albanians and Muslim Bosnians, all of which were devoted followers of Fascism in the 1940s.

The break up of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia in the 1990s was based on a careful structuring of the European Union’s supranational law (to bypass parliaments), its presumption of “European citizenship” (to bypass nation states), regionalism (to bypass democratic governments in national capitals) a central bureaucracy and “European Court of Justice” (to replace democratic accountability with non parliamentary bureaucratic control) and the promotion of ethnic groups as a battering ram to destroy the homogeneity of the nation states.

None of this would have been possible without the removal of two fundamental pillars of democratic internationalism. Firstly popular sovereignty, parliament and the rule of law were made subservient to bureaucratic and corporate power.

Secondly at the supranational level all the historic and legal precedents which protected the nation state as sovereign (ie self governing) were systematically abandoned. The interventions by the European Union in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and today’s illegal recognition of an Albanian Kosovo were in defiance of the explicit terms of Section III of the 1975 Helsinki final Act (inviolability of frontiers), of Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter and of the first international treaty to set these principles, the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. Significantly the latter treaty brought peace to Europe after decades of religious wars. But that principle is perhaps even more vital today to counter the supranational hegemonies of the secular supranational religions of corporatism, communism and fascism.

To say that the European Union is a combination of modern corporatism and historic fascism may sound extraordinary but I have laid out substantial evidence of just such development in my two books (Europe’s Full Circle and Fascist Europe Rising). Readers of this article might like to guess which of these quotations from European leaders stem from the 1930s and 40s and which from the 1980s and 1990s:

“Might is right in politics and war . . . ”

“Genocide is a natural phenomenon, it is recommended, even commanded by the Almighty.”

“Many Jews survive today thanks to the circumstance that they were forced Labourers. Germans are tired of philo-semitic over-compensation in the media and sterile grief Rituals by politicians . . . ”

“The Jews should consider whether they would have behaved heroically if they had not been victims of the persecution . . . ”

“Germany should now, as it has become peaceful and reasonable, get all that Europe and the whole world has refused in two gigantic wars—a sort of smooth hegemony over Europe . . . ”

In fact all the above quotes are from European leaders of the 1980s and 1990s—in the following order: Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany; Franjo Tudjman, President of Croatia; Professor Lutz Niethammer, Advisor to German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder; Klaus von Dohnanyi, the Former Mayor of Hamburg; and Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Secretary.

No wonder, as Newsweek noted on June 6, 1997, that German troops who marched into Bosnia after the break up of Yugoslavia were greeted with cries of “Sieg Heil.” We live in very dangerous times.
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,499
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Across Europe, politicians try to be culturally sensitive to Muslim citizens, who total 16 million, or 3 percent, of the 495 million people in the 27-member European Union, according to Central Institute Islam-Archives in Germany. In France, one in 10 inhabitants is Muslim, the highest proportion in the EU.
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MEPs want TV regulators in the EU to set guidelines which would see the end of anything deemed to portray women as sex objects or reinforce gender stereotypes.

This could potentially mean an end to attractive women advertising perfume, housewives in the kitchen or men doing DIY.

Such classic adverts as the Diet Coke commercial featuring the bare-chested builder, or Wonderbra's "Hello Boys" featuring model Eva Herzigova would have been banned.

The new rules come in a report by the EU's women's rights committee.

Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson urged Britain and other members to use existing equality, sexism and discrimination laws to control advertising.

She wants regulatory bodies set up to monitor ads and introduce a "zero-tolerance" policy against "sexist insults or degrading images".

Ms Svensson said: "Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes."

She added: "Gender stereotyping in advertising is one of several factors that have a big influence in efforts to make society more gender equal.

"When women and men are portrayed in a stereotypical way the consequence may be that it becomes difficult in other contexts to see women and men's resources and abilities."

The Advertising Standards Authority however had said there are already checks in place to prevent "discriminatory or harmful" material.

A spokesman said: "Although the ASA supports the overall objectives of the report... the approach suggested is inflexible and impractical."
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Hath not a Goy eyes?
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Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson urged Britain and other members to use existing equality, sexism and discrimination laws to control advertising.
Of course.

Why don't you open your fucking mouth about the shitskin gang rape epidemic in your country, you stupid whore?

She wants regulatory bodies set up to monitor ads and introduce a "zero-tolerance" policy against "sexist insults or degrading images".
How odd it is that you're foaming-at-the-mouth about "sexist insults" and "degrading images", yet you've no qualms with young girls walking around town half naked.

Ms Svensson said: "Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes."
Those roles are predetermined by nature, you hideous cow, so they can't be artificial.

"When women and men are portrayed in a stereotypical way the consequence may be that it becomes difficult in other contexts to see women and men's resources and abilities."
What the hell would an androgynous beast like yourself know about women and men's resources and abilities?

And here's the ugly thing itself (doesn't look very Swedish to me):


The Goy cries out in ecstasy as the Jew strikes him.
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Sounds like they are running out of people who they can make their lives miserable.
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Robert Bandanza
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Default EU Seeks Legal Means to Shut Up Eurosceptic Bloggers

The European Union has issued a document recommending that some means be found to regulate and identify bloggers. The report by the Committee on Culture and Education "suggests clarifying the status, legal or otherwise" of weblogs. But bloggers have in response issued a warning that the EU’s desire to "clarify the status" of bloggers is a code for finding a means of government control of expression on the internet and keeping a bureaucratic eye on who is doing the blogging.

British political blogger Iain Dale, who writes under the masthead "Iain Dale’s Diary", linked to the report that complains that the identity and status of blog "authors and publishers, including their legal status, is neither determined nor made clear to the readers of the weblogs, causing uncertainties regarding impartiality, reliability, source protection, applicability of ethical codes and the assignment of liability in the event of lawsuits."

While the Committee said it only "encourages" the "voluntary labelling" of blogs to identify the authors, Dale wrote that the bureaucrats of the EU do not, to say the least, enjoy the complete trust of Europe’s blogging community. Of particular interest to the EU, they warn, are those bloggers who have been successful at revealing the anti-democratic machinations of the EU itself.

Bloggers have defended the complete freedom of the bloggosphere that allows anyone with a computer to say whatever he wants about any subject of interest. Blogs, they contend, are the last bastion of completely free speech, unencumbered by Europe’s sticky and stultifying mesh of bureaucratic regulations. They are also self-regulating. A blogger who is boring or whose facts are off, is quickly corrected by legions of commenters and other bloggers, a scrutiny not felt by mainstream media. The popularity of blogging, they say, is a direct result of this unregulated environment.

"They don’t seem to like blogs or even understand the concept of blogging, do they?" Dale wrote about EU bureaucrats. "We all know that ‘voluntary’ soon becomes ‘compulsory’. My label is the title of my blog. That is quite sufficient, and I don’t need some faceless Eurocrat to tell me otherwise."

Daniel Hannan, a blogger and writer for the Daily Telegraph, warned that the EU has been trying to get regulatory control over bloggers for some time. "Eurocrats instinctively dislike spontaneous activity. To them, ‘unregulated’ is almost synonymous with ‘illegal’. The bureaucratic mindset demands uniformity, licensing, order."

"Eurocrats are especially upset," he continued, "because many bloggers, being of an anarchic disposition, are anti-Brussels. In the French, Dutch and Irish referendums, the MSM were uniformly pro-treaty, whereas internet activity was overwhelmingly sceptical."

When Hannan first saw, in June, a report on the efforts of the EU to "clarify the status" of blogs, he dismissed it. Hannan says, "Not even the European Parliament, I thought, would actually try to censor the internet. I was wrong."

In June, the principal drafter of the Committee’s report, Estonian Socialist Marianne Mikko, said that bloggers "are in position…to considerably pollute cyberspace." She said that there is a growing amount of "misinformation and malicious intent in cyberspace" and that it is in the public’s interest to have "a quality mark, a disclosure of who is really writing and why."

European bloggers make up the vanguard of public discussion on pressing political issues, many of which are ignored or politely glossed over in more traditional media. Of particular note are the large number of "Eurosceptic" ‘blogs that investigate and question, and frequently expose to public view, the inner machinations of the European Union.

Foremost among these is the blog, EU Referendum, one of the leading engines of the popular movement to force governments to grant citizens a plebiscite on the various manifestations of the European Constitution. EU Referendum has short words for attempts of the EU to gain some political control over their fiercest critics.

Marianne Mikko made her comments as the European Parliament debated whether there should be controls on bloggers with "malicious intent" or "hidden agenda." Dr. Helen Szamuely, one of EU Referendum’s editors, wrote, "Our agenda is not hidden. We are full of malicious intent towards the European Union and all its many minions. I wonder if they mean us. Surely not."

In a secret report, leaked to the Irish Times this week, the European Commission is blaming the recent stalling of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish referendum, on the influence of Eurosceptic bloggers. The Daily Telegraph’s Bruno Waterfield wrote earlier this week that the Commission’s report on the Irish referendum, the "strongest language and darkest fears are reserved for the realm of the internet with its message boards, blogs and independence."

The Commission’s report complains of the power of blogs to disrupt their plans for Europe, saying, "Blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative."

"Blogging is also seen as an anti-establishment activity. Few Yes campaigners [in favour of Lisbon] came out with forceful counter arguments or were inspired to do so. Because of the many different sources of No campaigners on the internet, classic rebuttals is [sic] made impossible."

Waterfield comments, "The web, you see, is not yet dominated by the conformist consensus that permeates the traditional media and political establishment. This is why the EU does badly there and also why it does badly in popular votes where the demographic of younger, often working class, voters untouched by old politics is becoming more important."
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Robert Bandanza
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Default Denmark only country to challenge EU

Denmark is the only country so far to challenge the EU ruling that affects Danish immigration laws

Despite the prime minister’s assertion that 10 other European countries support Denmark’s bid to have an EU directive changed, it looks like the Danes are standing alone.

July’s EU ruling could make it possible for immigrants to get around Danish immigration law by asserting their EU rights. Danish politicians have accused the ruling of rendering the national immigration policy useless.

Birthe Rønn Hornbech, the integration minister, will raise the issue at a meeting of European ministers with Jacques Barrot, the EU Commissioner for Justice, on 25 September. This follows a number of meetings between Danish and EU public officials.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in early August that 10 other European countries supported the changing of the directive, but officials from the EU say otherwise.

Barrot’s spokesperson Michele Cercone confirmed that the Danish government has been the only one to approach the Commission about changing the directive.

Sources in the EU Commission told Jyllands-Posten newspaper that it will be very difficult for Denmark to get the directive changed by itself. If others join Denmark in the bid, it will still take a long time to get the changes approved by the EU Commission, ministers and parliament.
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George De Vaus
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George De Vaus

If Europeans were smart they would simply stop recognizing the "European Union". There is nothing European about it. It's just a bunch of ego-maniacs selling out their homelands and peoples for the N.W.O.
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Kind Lampshade Maker
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Kind Lampshade Maker
Default An interesting enemy database, parliamentary watchdog & Jew watch site:

...Oleksandr FELDMAN...


Last edited by Kind Lampshade Maker; December 10th, 2008 at 04:58 AM.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Brussels 'Home Office' plot to snoop on all of Europe

By James Slack
Last updated at 8:30 AM on 27th October 2009

* Comments (115)
* Add to My Stories

Brussels bureaucrats are plotting a massive expansion in the use of surveillance and controversial extradition powers, a report warned last night.

At the same time they will also increase their meddling in Britain's justice system, it was claimed.

The EU wants to create its own version of the Home Office to oversee the policy changes, and even has plans to train a third of the police service to create a Blocwide 'common culture of policing'.
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alex revision
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alex revision

Doc. 12138

27 January 2010

Holocaust denial

Written Declaration No 435

This written declaration commits only the members who have signed it

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe firmly condemns all those who deny, question or admit doubts, in whole or in part, the respect of the historical fact of the extermination of millions of Jews as a result of extremist right-wing racist and anti-Semitic ideology put into practice by the Nazis at the death camps situated on Polish soil during the Second World War.

We are concerned to learn of the ambiguous statements made on the Polish radio station, Radio Maryja, and elsewhere, by Senator Ryszard Bender who chaired the first part of the Assembly sitting on 25 January by virtue of being the oldest delegate present. We note that Mr Bender’s statements have been condemned by democratic politicians and historians inside Poland. We urge the Assembly authorities to take more care before any delegate chairs an Assembly sitting who has made any ambiguous remarks about Jews in any context. We note and regret the election of members of the European Parliament who have made anti-Jewish statements or who have denied the Holocaust. We urge Mr Bender to clarify his position and uphold the clear and unequivocal view of the Council of Europe that what happened to Jews on Polish soil under nazi occupation was a monstrous crime unprecedented in world history, which present and future generations must comprehend and learn why the hatred of Jews leads to ultimate evil.

Signed: 1

MacSHANE Denis, United Kingdom, SOC
ANDERSON Donald, United Kingdom, SOC
BARNETT Doris, Germany, SOC
BLONDIN Maryvonne, France, SOC
CHIDGEY David, United Kingdom, ALDE
CILEVIČS Boriss, Latvia, SOC
CURTIS-THOMAS Claire, United Kingdom, SOC
DÍAZ TEJERA Arcadio, Spain, SOC
DURRIEU Josette, France, SOC
ELZINGA Tuur, Netherlands, UEL
ETHERINGTON Bill, United Kingdom, SOC
GOJKOVIĆ Obrad, Montenegro, SOC
GROSS Andreas, Switzerland, SOC
HAGBERG Michael, Sweden, SOC
HÄGG Carina, Sweden, SOC
HOOD Jim, United Kingdom, SOC
HURSKAINEN Sinikka, Finland, SOC
HUSS Jean, Luxembourg, SOC
JOHN-CALAME Francine, Switzerland, SOC
KATRINIS Michail, Greece, SOC
KOX Tiny, Netherlands, UEL
LAXTON Bob, United Kingdom, SOC
MARCENARO Pietro, Italy, SOC
MAURY PASQUIER Liliane, Switzerland, SOC
McCAFFERTY Christine, United Kingdom, SOC
MEALE Alan, United Kingdom, SOC
O'HARA Edward, United Kingdom, SOC
ORTEL Holger, Germany, SOC
de PUIG i OLIVE Lluís Maria, Spain, SOC
RIBA FONT Maria Pilar, Andorra, SOC
ROTH Karin, Germany, SOC
ROUQUET René, France, SOC
ROWEN Paul, United Kingdom, ALDE
SARIKAS Fidias, Chypre, SOC
SPAHIĆ Ervin, Montenegro, SOC
STOILOV Yanaki, Bulgaria, SOC
STRIK Tineke, Netherlands, SOC
STUMP Doris, Switzerland, SOC
SZABÓ Zoltán, Hungary, SOC
TOMLINSON John E., United Kingdom, SOC
VĖSAITĖ Birutė, Lithuania, SOC
VIS Rudi, United Kingdom, SOC
VRETTOS Konstantinos, Greece, SOC
VRIES Klaas De, Netherlands, SOC

Total = 46

1 EPP/CD: Group of the European People’s Party
SOC: Socialist Group
ALDE: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
EDG: European Democratic Group
UEL: Group of the Unified European Left
NR: not registered in a group
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Default EU lawmakers lift visa rules for Albania,Bosnia

EU lawmakers lift visa rules for Albania,Bosnia

October 7, 2010 – 6:38 am
World Bulletin 07 October 2010

EU lawmakers approved plans to lift visa requirements for visitors from Bosnia and Albania on Thursday, in a step towards closer integration of the western Balkans with the European Union.

Visa liberalisation is part of EU efforts to stabilise the region after years of ethnic conflict and to encourage democratic reforms.

Bosnia and Albania, with populations of about 3.8 million and 3.2 million respectively, hope to join the European Union.

Bosnian Foreign Minister Sven Alkalaj said he hoped visa restrictions would be lifted quickly if EU ministers approve parliament’s decision next month as expected.

“It is our hope that (Bosnian) citizens are granted visa-free travel by the end of the year,” he said in a statement.

Don Black's Stormfront ''Russians''
Russia Insider
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I hope Croatia and Iceland don't join The European Bolshevik Union.
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Default A Greek patriot’s view on the situation in France

Have Sarko and Hollande said anything about the indictment of five journalists who were investigating a matter of public interest every bit as notorious as the Bettencourt affair? Have Sarko and Hollande responded to the detention of documentary maker Marie Maffre while she was making a film about the group Jeudi Noir (Black Thursday), which campaigns against homelessness, and the seizure of her equipment?

I support Marine Le Pen for President of France. She has a modern image which appeals to many voters. Marine, the youngest of Jean-Marie's three daughters, took over the leadership of National Front in January 2011. The 43-year-old lawyer is more flexible than her father. She is trying to modernize the party and launch it in a libertarian direction.

Euroskepticism and the defense of French sovereignty remain central to the National Front 's program. Marine wants France out of eurozone, and out of NATO. The National Front continues to fight against the subversion of the country, especially at the hands of Muslims.

National Front is a massive protest party. Marine Le Pen makes herself out to be the defender of freedom, the separation of church and state, and the values of the French republic. Marine Le Pen speaks to all parts of society - not just the frustrated, elderly and poor, but also industrial and service-sector workers.

If Sarko lost the presidential election to his Socialist challenger Francois Hollande, the moderate conservatives could be tempted to make electoral pacts with the National Front for the parliamentary election in June. That would make Marine Le Pen even more respectable in the French political scene. Vive marine Le Pen!

A sensitive issue cannot be fully explained in a post, but only in a speech, in that magic eyeball to eyeball contact, baring my soul, and declaring truths that cause shock and awe. That's why I look forward to the invitation of your organization to speak at your conference. Basil Venitis, [email protected]

Have Sarko and Hollande expressed concern about the withdrawal of an indictment against Philippe Courroye, the public prosecutor in Nanterre outside Paris, for infringing the confidentiality of journalists' sources?

Bettencourt accountant Claire Thibout revealed that Liliane Bettencourt provided
Sarko with manila envelopes stuffed with cash following dinner parties at her
mansion house in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Everyone in the household knew that Sarko
saw the Bettencourts just for kickbacks. He was a regular visitor. Sarko's
bribing took place in one of the small ground-floor salons close to the dining

As France gears up for presidential election, Sarko finds himself mired in illegal surveillance of journalists of Le Monde. The surveillance operation was aimed at uncovering the source of damaging leaks regarding kickbacks to Sarko. Le Monde detailed a police search of L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt's home. When Bettencourt's lawyer complained that the report violated the confidentiality of the judicial investigation, Philippe Courroye, the public prosecutor, ordered the police to search the journalists' phone records in an attempt to find out how they knew about the raid.

A French court ruled that the prosecutor's decision to allow police to examine phone records was illegal, and now Courroye has been placed under investigation by the presiding judge Sylvia Zimmerman. Zimmerman has evidence that indicates that Courroye personally supervised the telephone surveillance, at the heart of the Affaire Bettencourt, of three Le Monde journalists, managing editor Gerard Davet, Jacques Follorou, and Raphaelle Bacque.

Have Sarko and Hollande protested over the judicial harassment of Christophe Grebert, a local councillor in another western Paris suburb, Puteaux, who writes a blog on his commune?

France, the leading colony of Germany, has a stupid socialistic welfare system, financed by huge debt and huge taxes. The bloated state machine, where unions rule, is resisting reform. Meanwhile, various rules and privileges prevent the labor market to function efficiently, notably the 35 hour week, myriad fringe benefits, and the over-regulation of services. Huge taxes and constraints help explain why French annual growth is much less than Germany's.

Smart words are more effective than smart bombs! Mighty words of a charismatic keynote speaker can transform your people to a new dimension of organizational climate, efficiency, self-actualization, enthusiasm, belonging, and motivation. I would like very much to speak at your conference in order to explain critical points much further. Basil Venitis, [email protected]

Who would dare to declare that the adverse reaction to the president's proposal to punish anyone who visits websites promoting terrorism or violence is robust and courageous?

Francois Hollande mumbo jumbos to cut the pension age to 60, tax the rich at 75 percent, renegotiate Europe's fiscal treaty, launch a war on bankers, and spread the cancer of socialism! This is a sure recipe to deteriorate France to the miserable level of Greece.

Napoleon Sarko plans to introduce a 0.1 percent financial transaction tax in
France in the hope that other stupid Fourth Reich nations would follow suit.
But this stupid tax is a euthanasia pill for financial markets!

Reporters Without Borders points out that as the election approaches, any of these issues could have allowed Sarko and Hollande to show their support for freedom of information. This has not been the case. Any views expressed have been pusillanimous.

France-Fourth Reich relations have become increasingly similar to the Ballet de
la Merlaison, created by Louis XIII of France in the 17th century. In this
unique ballet, the king authored the work and played the leading role. All the
other roles in the ballet were considered extras, who eagerly danced to the tune
of the king. As long as the king was still alive, this ballet was considered to
be the work of a genius. Sarko, who loves the Ballet de la Merlaison, asserts
France should play the leading role in Fourth Reich. But we all know that
France and all countries of Fourth Reich have become colonies of
Germany! Well, France is now the leading colony of Germany!

Reporters Without Borders strongly regrets that freedom of the press has been almost completely absent from the election campaign. The series of recent incidents described above shows, however, that the freedom and independence of journalists is continually under threat and needs to be defended.

Sarko and Merkel are engaged in a waltz-hesitation. It's an endless back and forth that must
often seem, to its anxious audience, deliberately designed to confuse. That
audience consists of the 15 other members of the monetary union and, worse
still, the teetering financial markets. Sarko and Merkel need to have the courage to measure themselves against the great figures of European politics, such as Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer, legendary founding fathers with a vision of European unity.

Difficult relations with the judicial authorities and the police, violation of the confidentiality of journalists' sources, confiscation of equipment, prosecution and demands for the withdrawal of content, intimidation by elected politicians – these are some examples among many that contradict the impression that freedom of the press is irreproachable in France.

Sarko senses it will hardly be possible to maintain the appearance that all is
well through to the end of this presidential election campaign. More and more
people are sounding the alarm, everyone from financial experts to politicians.
France is in critical condition and has been in a continuous economic decline
for the last 10 years. With recklessness and arrogance, France continues to live
in its economic bubble, convinced it will never burst. The hard truth of
statistics is unrelenting in its proof that the opposite is true.

Reporters Without Borders laments that litigation and prosecution of journalists have been an everyday occurrence in the past few years. For example, the indictments on 29 March of Franz Olivier Giesbert and Herve Gattegno, respectively director and editor of the weekly news magazine Le Point, and on 5 April of Edwy Plenel and Fabrice Arfi, director and journalist with the investigative website Mediapart, and Fabrice Lhomme, now with the daily Le Monde, for infringing the privacy of an individual, are illustrative of a peculiarly French anomaly.

France's declarations that European solidarity is the highest duty start to appear somewhat hypocritical, since France itself is in urgent need of that same solidarity. Sarkozy's weakness as an EU politician, or perhaps even as one of the saviors of the monetary union, is the unfortunate and unaccustomed situation he finds himself in: All of his suggestions are dependent on Germany's approval, but he has to conceal this fact back home at all costs.

"As soon as a journalist or a blogger touches on a sensitive subject, he or she must be prepared to tangle with the law," Reporters Without Borders said.

"Such harassment damages freedom of information and promotes a climate which, unfortunately, favours self-censorship. We are surprised at the silence of the candidates for the French presidency on issues that lie at the very heart of our democracy, while infringements and abuses are commonplace. Taken as a whole, this paints a worrying picture.

Freedom of the press, which suffers from serious shortcomings and abuses in France, should be a source of greater concern for Sarko and Hollande. In a report on press freedom in France, Reporters Without Borders describes the main obstacles to independence of news and information in the country, which is ranked 38 of 179 countries in the 2011-2012 world press freedom index compiled by Reporters Without Borders.

Most candidates have expressed opposition to the HADOPI law, under which illegal downloaders can be deprived of an Internet connection. Some have said they want to end the current system for appointing the heads of state broadcasting organizations. Others have suggested reforming the High Council for Broadcasting (CSA) or guaranteeing the independence of the news agency Agence France-Presse. Surprisingly, however, there are no clear proposals to reform the law protecting the confidentiality of journalists' sources.

References are made to certain international treaties, but little is said about the need to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Public Documents. Nor do any of the candidates mention in their programs the need for the police to be trained to respect the right to information, yet abuses are increasing at demonstrations, in the course of preliminary inquiries and over the issuing of summonses.

No one has highlighted the difficulties encountered by journalists in getting access to detention centres for foreigners, although they are the subject of a current campaign and often make headline news. These topics must be tackled urgently.

Napoleon Sarko has lost the heart of France. Sarko can continue laboring on the
international stage, stirring up Middle Eastern policy and together with Angela
Merkel, trying to save the euro, but none of that will do any good. The man in
Elysee Palace must ask himself what happened to all the political capital he
possessed in 2007. Back then Sarko won not only the presidential election, but
he also had a clear majority in both houses of parliament. He dominated the
Gaullists and inspired great hope with his promise to modernize France.
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Council of Europe slams govts for anti-Muslim laws

STRASBOURG - Muslims living in Europe regularly face violence and prejudice and are the subject of several discriminatory European laws that bolster their social exclusion, a top human rights official said Tuesday.

“It is time to accept Muslims as an integral part of European societies, entitled to equality and dignity,” he said in a statement. “Prejudice, discrimination and violence only hinder integration.”
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Jimmy McQuade

Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
“It is time to accept Muslims as an integral part of European societies
Integral: Necessary to make complete; essential or fundamental
Originally Posted by The Truth At Last View Post
A faggot is a traditional dish in many parts over here
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German Bundestag president calls for temporary stop to EU expansion

BERLIN | Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:16pm EDT

Reuters) - The European Union cannot take on new member states for the time being as existing members still have a lot of work to do on consolidation, the president of Germany's Bundestag lower house of parliament was quoted as saying on Saturday.

His comments are likely to disappoint countries like Croatia, which is hoping to join the EU in 2013, and others in the Balkans seeking membership.

"I don't think the European Union is capable of expanding in the immediate future," Norbert Lammert was quoted as saying in an advance copy of an article due to appear in Germany's Welt am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday.

"We have so many urgent tasks to complete in terms of consolidating the community that we should not let ambition once again take the place of necessary stabilization," he said.

Lammert warned against admitting Croatia to the EU too quickly: "We must take the European Commission's latest progress report seriously, especially in light of the experiences we had with (EU members) Bulgaria and Romania. Croatia is clearly not yet ready for membership".

Lammert said the successor states of former Yugoslavia had the prospect of becoming EU members but added that they needed to create the conditions for accession themselves.

"Good intentions must not be allowed to take the place of demonstrable changes," he was quoted as saying.

Sentiment in the EU is lukewarm towards further expansion, with citizens focusing on their own economic difficulties and governments struggling with the debt crisis. Aspiring states in the Balkans are struggling to meet reform criteria.

(Reporting by Michelle Martin; Editing by Myra MacDonald)
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November 22, 2012 | 17:04

Situation in EU “resembles that in former Yugoslavia”

Source: Tanjug

LJUBLJANA -- A bitter fight of large EU member states over the EU’s budget slightly resembles relations between republics in the former Yugoslavia, a Slovenian daily writes.

“Everything resembles the solving of a financial crisis in the former Yugoslav federation a little. The members started an argument about a fund for underdeveloped republics and provinces even though the fund itself was not a problem at all,” Ljubljana-based daily Delo has reported.

A debate on who was taking advantage of whom followed and it “unleashed national egoism of the three key republics and there was no way out in the end other than to break up”, the daily writes.

“If small EU member states do not force Paris, London and Berlin to sit down at the same table and if they do not agree on a budget framework for a period between 2014 and 2020, things will not look good for the European Union. If there is no solidary distribution of the budget, it will bring the Union one step closer to a break up,” Delo points out.

Instead of bringing the three key EU states closer together, the crisis has deepened the differences between them and they have started to threaten each other with veto, withdrawal or even expulsion from the EU.

Germany, France and Great Britain are at odds. As countries that contribute the most to the EU budget they want cuts to be made but on the other hand they are protecting their privileges.

According to the daily, it is nothing new that every member state is concerned about its own funds but it was much easier to harmonize their interest and reach agreements before the crisis when there was enough money and when they knew what kind of future the EU wanted to build with its enlargement policy.

“The crisis has significantly altered the situation and therefore a monopoly game played during the adoption of the budget is no longer just a ritual but also a fight for money and for Europe’s future image,” the Slovenian daily concluded.
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Turkish PM asks Angela Merkel for support on EU talks

25 February 2013, 22:18 (GMT+04:00)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday said he had asked visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel for support in Ankara's long-stalled EU accession talks, DPA reported.

Erdogan stressed the close economic ties between Germany, which is home to some 3 million people with Turkish roots, and his country, where he said some 5,000 German businesses operate.

"De facto, we are already in the EU," he said at a joint press conference in Ankara with Merkel, who on her third visit was hoping to stress close ties despite the lingering EU question.

The conservative German leader - who had voiced scepticism about full EU membership for Turkey before her two-day visit - stayed non-committal, although she did support resumed talks.

She avoided mention of her earlier proposal for Ankara to have a "privileged partnership" with the EU, which has angered Turkey.

Turkey - a growing regional player and economic power - has been frustrated with the slow pace of talks and in the past warned that it may instead look to Russia or China as key partners.

Merkel stressed European rights concerns, touching on imprisoned journalists in Turkey and limits on religious freedom. Erdogan replied that those jailed were coup plotters and arms dealers.

The EU talks have stalled in part over Ankara's stance on Cyprus, an EU member. Ankara does not recognize the government's sovereignty over the island's north, where Turkey has stationed 30,000 troops.

Merkel said that if Turkey recognized the Cyprus government, it would remove several hurdles to EU membership. Erdogan said Turkey would seek to resolve the problem "hand in hand" with Greece.

In the years-old EU membership talks, only one of 35 so-called chapters or policy areas - science - has been closed during the past five years of talks with the bloc.

The German leader also pledged that no effort would be spared to bring justice to the mostly Turkish victims of a murder spree committed by a neo-Nazi terrorist group in Germany.

Surviving members and persons allegedly linked to the group are set to go on trial in Munich this year.

Merkel also assured Erdogan that Germany will support Turkey in the fight against the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), declared an illegal organization by both countries.

"We will do everything in our power to fight terrorism," she said. "We are very sensitive to this and following all leads."

German business favours EU membership for Turkey, "a modern and booming economy in a geostrategically important location," said the president of the Association of German Industry, Ulrich Grillo.

Turkey had seen annual economic growth above 5 per cent in recent years. Germany has been the biggest investor there and its main trade partner since the 1980s, the association said.

In Brussels, Peter Stano, spokesman for EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, earlier said "we welcome the member states' steps to proceed in the accession negotiations with Turkey."

He recalled that, in December, EU members "committed or recommitted themselves to active and credible accession negotiations with Turkey, delivering on European standards and European commitment."

"The member states themselves, they have called for the new momentum, and we believe that this new momentum will be there for the accession negotiations with Turkey this year."

NATO member Turkey's role as a strategic ally of Western powers has grown as it has taken a sharp line against the Syrian regime, allowing rebels to use its territory and sheltering refugees.

Merkel on Sunday visited German troops who are stationed in southern Turkey to man Patriot anti-missile defences near the Syrian border as a sign of solidarity with the NATO member state.

The United States and the Netherlands have also deployed Patriot batteries in Turkey to help defend its border area, where rockets from war-torn Syria have hit civilian areas.
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Some reasons why Serbia should stay away from EU

April 11, 2013 – 9:10 am

The list of countries that are enslaved by the Euro-regime crisis is increasingly growing and the entire European Union, as a result, looks like a wooden house slowly chipped away by termite ants who will eventually bring down the entire structure – and Serbia is lucky that the EU, last week, declined to offer Serbia membership date.

That it is so attests yesterday’s report by the European Commission that has detected substantial financial risks in 11 EU member countries in addition to the ones already in crisis!

So, besides the already crisis-stricken Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, the Commission warns that Slovenia is on the way towards bankruptcy and the “commission detected less severe imbalances in 11 other countries: euro members Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Malta and the Netherlands, as well as euro outsiders Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden and Britain,” reports Bloomberg.

This is a rather impressive list! So much so that the only place where there is no crisis is in Germany.

Now, if Euro does not work for everybody but one than it is rather hard to claim that Euro is a good thing and that membership in the European Union has any benefits – because if it was so the list of countries in crisis would shrink instead of enlarge and the EU would have some sort of a remedy for their ailments.

Not only does EU have no growth policy but instead, to square the irony, the EU has issued a threat of punishment to all of these stricken by the financial malaise.

“Both countries [Slovenia & Spain] were given a May 29 deadline to make reforms or risk becoming the first to be punished under a year-old ‘macroeconomic imbalances procedure’ designed to deal with the lagging competitiveness and overstretched banking systems that fueled the debt crisis,” reports Bloomberg.

Punishment! So what is the point of being a member of the EU club?

Of course, Slovenia used to be a poster child for a “good European” whose government took snobbish “high ground” in dealing with the lowly Balkanites, especially when dealing with Serbs to whom they were quick-witted to dispense much snobbish moral high ground so now that they are in line for bankruptcy and financial punishment, well, that is something, as morally elevated nation, they could enjoy.

As for Serbia, by being snuffed with territorial ultimatums from the EU, Serbia has been spared tremendous amounts of economic and political troubles because any date would have been for the benefit of Serbia’s ruin.

Not only would Serbia have to have given up on its Kosovo province, but post-date negotiations would require Serbia to go the path of a more drastic “austerity” while having to impose a stronger peg of its currency to the Euro and thus become just like all those countries on the list above that don’t use Euro but whose risks have been detected and are on the rise.

Staying away from the current European Union’s house of termites is the most prudent strategy for Serbia.

M. Bozinovich Blog | Friday, April 12, 2013
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