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Doesn't suffer fools well
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Default FREE full-text downloads of suppressed books: The Library of White Wisdom...

[Suggest you do this at off-hours to avoid overloading and further slowing the system]
The Library of White Wisdom
Marilyn R. Allen:
Alien Minorities and Mongrelization
Junius Aryan:
The Farmers and the Tariff
Frederic Bastiat:
The Law
Octavius C. Beale:
Racial Decay
Katherine M. H. Blackford:
Blondes and Brunets
William C. Boyd:
Genetics and the Races of Man
John L. Brandt:
Anglo-Saxon Supremacy
Smedley D. Butler:
War Is a Racket
Richard F. Burton:
The Jew, the Gypsy and el Islam
Ira Calvin:
The Lost White Race
Thomas W. Chittum:
Civil War II
Carleton Stevens Coon:
The Races of Europe
William R. Corliss:
Ancient Man
Earnest Sevier Cox:
White America
C. B. Davenport:
Sam Dickson:
Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln
Henry Pratt Fairchild:
The Melting-Pot Mistake
Sidney George Fisher:
The Laws of Race
Albert Gehring:
Racial Contrasts
Arthur de Gobineau:
The Inequality of the Races
Conrad K. Grieb:
Uncovering the Forces for War
John Glad:
Future Human Evolution
Robert S. Griffin:
Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds
Hans F. K. Günther:
Racial Elements of European History
Matthew Hale:
Facts the Government and Media Don't Want You to Know
Michael H. Hart:
Understanding Human History
Richard J. Herrnstein / Charles Murray:
The Bell Curve
Michael A. Hoffman II:
They Were White and They Were Slaves
H. Hotz:
The Moral and Intellectual Diversity of Races
Deveron Huger:
Race Suicide
Walter Hunt:
Are We a Declining Race?
M.S. Iseman:
Race Suicide
Colin Jordan:
Merrie England 2000
Ben Klassen:
Racial Loyalty I
Racial Loyalty II
Stuart Omer Landry:
The Cult of Equality
G. Vacher de Lapouge:
L'Aryen et Son Rôle Social
Homer Lea:
The Day of the Saxon
Martin Luther:
The Jews and Their Lies
Wayne Macleod:
The Importance of Race in Civilization
Eugene Joseph McCarthy:
Treason in Washington Exposed
Gary E. McCuen and David L. Bender:
The Radical Left and the Far Right
Samuel George Morton:
Types of Mankind
Billy Munday:
The Black Shadow and the Red Death
National Alliance:
Best of Attack! and National Vanguard
The Saga of White Will
Revilo P. Oliver:
All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us
The Origins of Christianity
Roger Pearson:
Blood Groups and Race
Eugenics and Race
Elmer Pendell:
Why Civilizations Self-Destruct
William L. Pierce:
George Lincoln Rockwell
Who We Are
Georges Pouchet:
The Plurality of the Human Race
E. H. Randle:
Plurality of the Human Race
Jean Raspail:
The Camp of the Saints
Ragnar Redbeard:
Might is Right
William Z. Ripley:
The Races of Europe
W. K. Roberts:
The Mongolian Problem in America
John Robison:
Proofs of a Conspiracy
George Lincoln Rockwell:
This Time the World
White Power
A. G. Roper:
Ancient Eugenics
Billy J. Roper:
Paleo-American Ethnic Diversity
Edward Alsworth Ross:
The Old World in the New
World Drift
John Ross:
Unintended Consequences
James Denson Sayers:
Can the White Race Survive?
Alfred P. Schultz:
The End of Darwinism
Race or Mongrel
Cheri Seymour:
Committee of the States
William Benjamin Smith:
The Color Line
Edgar J. Steele:
Defensive Racism
Lothrop Stoddard:
Re-Forging America
The Revolt against Civilization
The Rising Tide of Color
Josiah Strong:
Our Country
Jared Taylor:
Paved with Good Intentions
Lewis W. Walt:
The Eleventh Hour
Robert Welch:
The Neutralizers
James B. Whisker:
The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg
Francis Parker Yockey:
The Enemy of Europe

Communism is Jewish
George W. Armstrong:
World Empire
Col. John Beaty:
The Iron Curtain over America
Jane Birdwood:
The Longest Hatred
Frank L. Britton:
Behind Communism
Charles E. Coughlin:
Father Coughlin Answers His Critics
Elizabeth Dilling:
The Octopus
The Plot against Christianity
The Red Betrayal of the Churches
Zygmund Dobbs:
Red Intrigue and Race Turmoil
Dietrich Eckart:
Bolshevism from Moses to Hitler
Robert Edward Edmondson:
"I Testify"
Henry Ford:
The International Jew
Mark Glenn:
Judaism is Nobody's Friend
Six Simple Words
G. M. Godden:
Russia Under the Red Flag
Joseph Goebbels:
Communism with the Mask Off
Kenneth Goff:
Brain-Washed into Slavery
Confessions of Stalin's Agent
Ralph Franklin Keeling:
Gruesome Harvest
J. Keller / Hanns Andersen:
The Jew as Criminal
Victor E. Marsden:
The Protocols of Zion
Eustace Mullins:
The Curse of Canaan
New History of the Jews
F. Roderich-Stoltheim:
The Riddle of the Jew's Success
Gerald L. K. Smith:
Besieged Patriot
Hollywood High School Speech
Matters of Life and Death
Too Much and Too Many Roosevelts
Sen. Jack B. Tenney:
World Zionism
James W. Von Brunn:
"Kill the Best Gentiles"
Robert H. Williams:
The Anti-Defamation League and Its Use in the World Communist Offensive
Know Your Enemy
Gerald B. Winrod:
The Hidden Hand
The Holohoax
Arthur R. Butz:
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century
Thies Christophersen:
David Duke:
Jewish Supremacism
Ditlieb Felderer:
Anne Frank's Diary—A Hoax
William N. Grimstad:
The Six Million Reconsidered
Richard E. Harwood:
Did Six Million Really Die?
Michael A. Hoffman:
The Great Holocaust Trial
David Hoggan:
The Myth of the Six Million
Carlo Mattogno:
The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews
Negroid Inferiority
E. P. Alldredge:
The New Racial Situation ... The Way Out
Amor Patriae:
The Blasphemy of Abolitionism Exposed
Theodore G. Bilbo:
Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization
W. Cabell Bruce:
The Negro Problem
John Campbell:
Charles Carroll:
The Negro a Beast
Richard H. Colfax:
Evidence against the Abolitionists
Winfield H. Collins:
The Truth About Lynching
Earnest Sevier Cox:
Lincoln's Negro Policy
Edward Eggleston:
The Ultimate Solution to the American Negro Problem
Walter L. Fleming:
Deportation and Colonization
J. Jacobus Flournoy:
The African Race
Henry E. Garrett:
IQ and Racial Differences
Wesley Critz George:
The Biology of the Race Problem
John Cameron Grant:
The Ethiopian
J. W. Gregory:
The Menace of Colour
Hinton Rowan Helper:
Negroes in Negroland
Seth K. Humphrey:
The Racial Prospect
James Hunt:
On the Negro's Place in Nature
John Richter Jones:
Slavery Sanctioned by The Bible
E. W. Kemble:
Coontown's 400
Joseph Le Conte:
The Race Problem in the South
Hunter McGuire and G. Frank Lydston:
Sexual Crimes among the Southern Negroes
E. D. Morel:
The Horror on the Rhine
William H. Murray:
The Negro's Place in Call of Race
Josiah C. Nott:
Two Lectures on the Natural History of the Caucasian and Negro Races
B. H. Payne:
The Negro: What is his Ethnological Status?
J. R. Ralls:
The Negro Problem
E. H. Randle:
Characteristics of the Southern Negro
Philip Schaff:
Slavery and The Bible
R. W. Shufeldt:
The Negro: a Menace to American Civilization
Herman E. Talmadge:
You and Segregation
John H. Van Evrie:
White Supremacy and Negro Subordination
O. R. Williams:
Segregation and Common Sense
Walter F. Willcox:
Negro Criminality
Festus F. Windham:
A Biblical Treatise on Segregation
Klanish Living
Louis R. Beam:
Essays of a Klansman
James Melville Beard:
K.K.K. Sketches
George Alfred Brown:
Harold the Klansman
Eyre Damer:
When the Ku Klux Rode
Hiram Wesley Evans:
The Klan's Fight for Americanism
C. Lewis Fowler:
The Ku Klux Klan
Winfield Jones:
The Story of the Ku Klux Klan
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan:
The Practice of Klanishness
Klansman's Manual
W. B. Romine:
A Story of the Original Ku Klux Klan
W. C. Wright:
Religious and Patriotic Ideals of the Ku Klux Klan
Racial Identity
J. H. Allen:
Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright
Herbert W. Armstrong:
The Plain Truth about Christmas
The United States and Britain in Prophecy
George O. Barnes:
A Lost People and A Vanished Sceptre
W. J. Cameron:
What I Believe about the Anglo Saxon
E. Raymond Capt:
The Glory of the Stars
Clem Davies:
The Racial Streams of Mankind
M. M. Eshelman:
Two Sticks: or, The Lost Tribes of Israel Discovered
D. Cajus Fabricius:
Positive Christianity in the Third Reich
W. H. Fasken:
Israel's Racial Origin and Migrations
C. Lewis Fowler:
O House of Israel and Thou Judah
Conrad Gaard:
Spotlight on the Great Conspiracy
William P. Gale:
The Faith of Our Fathers
Racial and National Identity
Dan Gayman:
The Duties of a Christian Citizen
Who Is an Israelite?
Kenneth Goff:
Traitors in the Pulpit and Treason toward God
Samuel Greenwood:
Footsteps of Israel
Frederick Haberman:
Tracing Our Ancestors
John Heslip:
Who and Where Are the Lost Ten Tribes?
Edward Hine:
Twenty-Seven Identifications of the English Nation with the Lost House of Israel
J. M. Hodge:
Are These the Footsteps of Jezreel?
Richard Kelly Hoskins:
Vigilantes of Christendom
Thomas Rosling Howlett:
Anglo-Israel and The Jewish Problem
E. P. Ingersoll:
Lost Israel Found
B. F. Jackson:
The Mystery of the Serpent
Warren K. Johnson:
Abraham: Father of Many Nations
Charles Lee Mange:
The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15
C. L. McCartha:
The Lost Tribes of Israel
Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr:
Know Your Enemies!
Eustace Mullins:
My Life in Christ
Richard C. Nickels:
Primer on Biblical Law
J. Bernard Nicklin:
Signposts of History
Edward Odlum:
God's Covenant Man
William H. Poole:
Anglo-Israel, or the Saxon Race
Oren F. Potito:
Jesus Christ Was Not a Jew
Howard B. Rand:
The Covenant People
A. K. Robinson:
Hendrik Roelofs:
Covenant Messenger I
Covenant Messenger II
Covenant Messenger III
Covenant Messenger IV
Covenant Messenger V
William Strittmatter:
Bible Law Course
Wesley A. Swift:
The Prodigal Son
You: Before the World was Framed
Charles A. L. Totten:
Our Race
Ted R. Weiland:
God's Covenant People
Joseph Wild:
The Lost Ten Tribes
John Wilson:
Our Israelitish Origin
Alexander Winchell:
Adamites and Preadamites
A. E. Wormley:
Israel Yesterday and To-day
Our Nordic Heritage
Christopher Abram:
Representations of the Pagan Afterlife in Medieval Scandinavian Literature
R. B. Anderson:
Norse Mythology
P. D. Chantepie de la Saussaye:
The Religion of the Teutons
Else Christensen:
An Introduction to Odinism
The Odinist I
The Odinist II
D. E. Martin Clarke:
The Hávamál
Reginald C. Couzens:
The Stories of the Months and Days
Earnest Sevier Cox:
Teutonic Unity
George W. Cox:
The Mythology of the Aryan Nations I
The Mythology of the Aryan Nations II
Andrew Peter Fors:
The Ethical World-Conception of the Norse People
Jacob Grimm:
Teutonic Mythology I
Teutonic Mythology II
Teutonic Mythology III
Teutonic Mythology IV
William Edward Hearn:
The Aryan Household
Gerald S. Hawkins:
Stonehenge Decoded
Richard Kelly Hoskins:
Our Nordic Race
Helgi Hundingsbani:
The Religion of Odin
Rudolph Keyser:
The Religion of the Northmen
David Lane:
Creed of Iron
KD Rebel
Stephen A. McNallen:
The Lessons of Asgard
An Odinist Anthology
Ron McVan:
Temple of Wotan
A. Rud Mills:
The Call of Our Ancient Nordic Religion
The Odinist Religion: Overcoming Jewish Christianity
Viktor Rydberg:
Teutonic Mythology I
Teutonic Mythology II
Teutonic Mythology III
Greg Shetler:
Living Asatru
Mark Ludwig Stinson:
Heathen Gods
Benjamin Thorpe:
The Elder Eddas
Northern Mythology I
Northern Mythology II
Northern Mythology III
Joseph C. Widney:
Race Life of the Aryan Peoples
Edred Wodanson:
Ásatrú: The Hidden Fortress
Monographs (Pro and Anti)
"The American Right Wing"
"Attitudes toward the White Minority on a Black Southern Campus: 1966-1968"
"Ben Tillman's View of the Negro"
"Black Sun"
"British Israelism"
"Christian Identity: A National Heresy"
"The 'Christian Identity' Movement"
"Christian Violence in America"
"Darwinism and the Teaching of Racism and Eugenics in Biology Textbooks"
"David Lane and the 14 Words"
"The Devil and the One Drop Rule: Racial Categories, African Americans, and the U.S. Census"
"A Distorted Nation: Perceptions of Racial/Ethnic Group Sizes and Attitudes toward Immigrants and Other Minorities"
"The Dominance of the White Race"
"The Educational Populism of Alfalfa Bill Murray"
"Ethnic and Place Names as Derisive Adjectives"
"An Exegesis of the Radical Right"
"From White Supremacy to White Power"
"Genetics and the Population History of Europe"
"Genomics Refutes an Exclusively African Origin of Humans"
"Gods of the Blood"
"Historical Racial Theories"
"The Identity Christian Movement: Ideology of Domestic Terrorism"
"Immigration and the Boundary of Whiteness"
"Into the Devil's Den"
"The Jensen Hypothesis: Was It the White Perspective or White Racism?"
"The Language of White Racism"
"Militias at the Millennium"
"'My Ancestors Didn't Own Slaves': Understanding White Talk about Race"
"Mystical Anti-Semitism and the Christian Identity Movement"
"The One Drop Rule and the One Hate Rule"
"The Phineas Priesthood"
"Al-Qaeda and the Phinehas Priesthood"
"Race over Grace"
"Racial Orders in American Political Development"
"Racist Apocalypse: Millennialism on the Far Right"
"Reconsidering the Environmental Determinants of White Racial Attitudes"
"The Role of Religion in the Collective Identity of the White Racialist Movement"
"The Rooseveltian Concentration Camps for Japanese-Americans, 1942-46"
"Two-Headed Coins or Kandinskys: White Racial Identification"
"White Blood, White Gods"
"'Volk', Faith and Fatherland"
"White Christianity"
"Whiteness, Racism, and Identity"
"White Racism, Black Crime, and American Justice: An Application of the Colonial Model to Explain Crime and Race"
"William Pierce, the National Alliance, and the Dream of an All-White World"
Ancient Texts and Translations
William Foxwell Albright:
The Proto-Sinaitic Inscriptions and Their Decipherment
A. F. L. Beeston:
A Descriptive Grammar of Epigraphic South Arabian
Chaldaeorum Historiae
Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī:
The Chronology of Ancient Nations
Lady Anne and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt:
The Seven Golden Odes of Pagan Arabia
E. A. Wallis Budge:
The Book of the Bee
The Book of the Mysteries of the Heavens and the Earth
Coptic Biblical Texts
The Paradise of the Holy Fathers I
The Paradise of the Holy Fathers II
Immanuel M. Casanowicz:
Paronomasia in the Old Testament
R. Charles:
The Assumption of Moses
Ferrar Fenton:
The Holy Bible I
The Holy Bible II
Charles Forster:
The Israelitish Authorship of the Sinaďtic Inscriptions
Louis H. Gray:
Introduction to Semitic Comparative Linguistics
Abel H. Huizinga:
Analogy in the Semitic Languages
Solomon T. H. Hurwitz:
Root-Determinatives in Semitic Speech
Washington Irving:
Mahomet and His Successors
Hishām ibn al-Kalbī:
The Book of Idols
Clarence Elwood Keiser:
A System of Accentuation for Sumero-Akkadian Signs
Leonard W. King:
Babylonian Magic and Sorcery
Samuel N. Kramer:
History Begins at Sumer
Sumerian Mythology
S. Langdon:
The Babylonian Epic of Creation
Agnes Smith Lewis:
The Old Syriac Gospels
W. D. Mahan:
The Archko Volume
S. C. Malan:
The Book of Adam and Eve
Samuel A. B. Mercer:
Assyrian Grammar
Sabatino Moscati:
An Introduction to the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages
Edouard Naville:
Archaeology of the Old Testament
De Lacy O'Leary:
Arabia before Muhammad
George Rawlinson:
Egypt and Babylon from Sacred and Profane Sources
Muṣlaḥ ad-Dīn Saʿdī:
The Gulistan
Frederick A. Vanderburgh:
Sumerian Hymns
J. Van Dijk, et al.:
Early Mesopotamian Incantations and Rituals
Edward Westermarck:
Pagan Survivals in Mohammedan Civilization
A. S. Yahuda:
The Language of the Pentateuch in Its Relation to Egyptian

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Does anyone know what happened to the website (and its owner)? It seems it has gone offline around March 2015. Sad... it also had a great Wiki.
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Default Perhaps this will help...
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Very nice, thanks a lot. I've also found out that saves pdf too, some may still be available.*/http:/...t_Eugenics.pdf


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