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I'll throw in a REQ here:

I've found dead DL-links to "The ordeal of civility" here and elsewhere, and can't find any live ones searching around on the net.

The person that has it stored and could be bothered to flick it up on some hosting site with a DL-link, or even better; on VNN once again - would then qualify among my personal Hall of fame VNN good samaritan greats.
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Originally Posted by Solskeniskyn View Post
I'll throw in a REQ here:

I've found dead DL-links to "The ordeal of civility" here and elsewhere, and can't find any live ones searching around on the net.

The person that has it stored and could be bothered to flick it up on some hosting site with a DL-link, or even better; on VNN once again - would then qualify among my personal Hall of fame VNN good samaritan greats.
I found it myself, thanks to the generous courtesy of the VNNF-library, where it was already (still) uploaded. Didn't show up on my google-search, for some reason, but by chance I tried a "duck and go"-search, and there it was.


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alex revision
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alex revision

Ten points of fascism

Fascism explained by Oswald Mosley

Oswald Mosley, born, November 1896. Served in France First World War; Royal Flying Corps and Trenches. Youngest M.P., November 1918. Minister in Government, 1929. Resigned 1930, on account of Government's refusal either to deal with Unemployment problem or accept his plan for a solution.

In 1931, founded New Movement, which spread rapidly throughout Great Britain, despite great opposition from Old Parties, and a special Act of Parliament, which was designed to check it.

Five years in prison and house arrest under Regulation 18B during the Second World War, with many colleagues, on account of political opposition to that war.

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alex revision
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alex revision

A. K. Chesterton - Oswald Mosley Portrait of a leader

A. K. Chesterton - Oswald Mosley Portrait of a leader

To the Blackshirst of Britain in admiration of their devoted service to the Land they love and the Leader they revere

'Portrait of a Leader' is a unique biography of Sir Oswald Mosley :

the Leader of the British Union of Fascists. Unlike subsequent biographies published years after the events, this book was written in 1937 at the height of Mosley's struggle to redistribute the wealth of British Empire among all its people, and to stop the drift towards world war.

Written by A. K. Chesterton, a cousin of the distinguished British author G. K. Chesterton, it is an undeniable hagiography by a man who was not only British Union's Director of Publicity and Propaganda but the editor of The Blackshirt :

one of the Movement's hard-hitting weekly newspapers.

Chesterton deals with criticisms made against Mosley at the time, including those from his own father, and demolishes them with the sardonic wit that was his style and trademark. The book also captures the infectious idealism of the early Blackshirts determined to create a form of twentieth century government better able to serve the British people and rescue them from hunger, unemployment and bad housing.

After the Second World War, in which Chesterton fought with the British Army in north Africa, he founded the League of Empire Loyalists and later the National Front.

'Portrait of a Leader' offers a rare insight into one of the most dynamic politicians in modern European history written by one of its most perceptive writers.

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Bread and Circuses
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The Racial Biology of Jews

The Racial Biology of Jews (an anthropology essay) by Baron Otmar von Verschuer, M.D and translated by Charles E. Weber, Ph.D.

Published during the Third Reich, in 1938, by the former head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in their periodical "Forschungen fur Judenfrage" - Researches on the Jewish Problem

Racial Origins of the Jews

Originally published in 1938, during the Third Reich, by the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in their periodical "Forschungen fur Judenfrage" - Researches on the Jewish Problem.

I testify against the Jews

Author: Edmondson, Robert Edward
Originally published in 1953

Abraham Lincoln and the Jews (1909)

Author: Markens, Isaac

Race, nation, religion & the Jews (1918)

Author: Montefiore, C. G. (Claude Goldsmid)

Behind Communism

The Suppressed Role Of Zionist Jews Behind The Bolshevik Revolution

The Jews of Russia and Poland; (1915)

Author: Friedlaender, Israel


Mullins' New History of the Jews (1968)

Author: Mullins, Eustace

'When I first encountered Jews, I was mildly disturbed by the cool manner of self-confidence with which they regarded me. I did not understand that they were looking at me from their pedestal of self knowledge, while I did not yet know who I was, who my enemies were; or who my friends were. In almost every instance, the gentile fails to understand what is going on in the struggle between the biological parasite and the host people, or if he does get an inkling of what is going on, he finds out too little and too late.' 'A scathing attack on the Jews as the biological enemies of Christendom. The Jews are portrayed as a parasitic people who exist wholly by usurping the wealth of gentile host-nations. A remarkable work, highlighted by its support and repetition of the blood libel in Chapter Six, 'Jews and Ritual Murder'.'

The Jews in the making of America

Author: Cohen, George, 1897-; McSweeney, Edward F. (Edward Francis), b. 1864

"The racial contributions to the United States, by Edw. F. McSweeney": p. 1-[29]

A history of the Jews in England

Author: Hyamson, Albert Montefiore

The Jews and the English law (1974)

Author: Henriques, H. S. Q. (Henry Straus Quixano)

The allied countries and the Jews; (1918)

Author: Enelow, H. G. (Hyman Gerson)


Author: E. H. LINDO

The Jews: a study of race and environment (1911)

Author: Fishberg, Maurice

The slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919 (1921)

Author: Heifetz, Elias

The Jews in Portugal from 1773 to 1902 (January 1, 1903)

Author: de Bethencourt, Cardozo

The Jews and Masonry in the United States before 1810 (1910)

Author: Oppenheim, Samuel

The Jewish question and the mission of the Jews (1894)

Author: Walston, Charles, Sir

The settlement of the Jews in North America (1893)

Author: Daly, Charles P. (Charles Patrick), 1816-1899; Kohler, Max J. (Max James), 1871-1934, ed

Enlarged from an address originally published in the Jewish times in 1872

On the Physical Characteristics of the Jews (January 1, 1861)

Author: Beddoe, John

History of the Jews (1891)

Author: Heinrich Graetz , Philipp Bloch

The Jews (1922)

Author: Belloc, Hilaire

The Jewish spectre (1905)

Author: Warner, George H.

The Jews and the British Empire (1935)

Author: Leslie Fry also L. Fry was the pen-name for Louise A. Chandor

The Jews And The British Empire, By L. Fry. Subjects Include: Mercantilism, Hanseatic Monopolists, Holland Supplants Spain, Cromwell Re-Admits The Jews Into England, William Of Orange, France Debarred, The Cost Of Zionism, Traders' Profits, The Role Of Disraeli, A Zionist Empire, The Price Britain Pays, Material Losses, Spiritual Losses, Italy Supplants Britain, Honest Merchants' Warning, Etc. This Is A Reprint From The Original 1935 Edition, Softcover Booklet, 7 Pages. A Short But Excellent Treatise On The Above Subject Matter.

Those words “British Empire” have swelled the hearts of many Britons with patriotism, loyalty and devotion. Patriotic idealists believed that the term embodied the aspirations of a great people to spread the greatness of their acquired civilization over the uttermost ends of the earth. To them, possessions, colonies, dominions meant the extension of that beneficent power.

How deep must be the sorrow, how keen the shame of such men and women whose sad fate it is to witness the rapid decline of their once mighty country.

Trade and commerce as understood by the British were based on the principles of trust, fair play, and honest dealings. An Englishman’s word was his bond. It is this inherent straightforwardness [which I think all non-Jewish people possess] which caused the English merchants of the middle ages and later centuries to become victims of the Jews and wily foreign traders of the Hanseatic League. It also stands at the based of further exploitations practiced upon them by Jews for the realisation of their Messianic ideal of world domination.

The rise of the British Empire is clearly linked to this Jewish Messianic ideal, bearing today the name of Zionism, which aims at universal economic and financial control to be followed by political power in every nation.

Holland supplants Spain

The gratification of such grandiose ambitions entailed penetration into all countries . . . as well as the control of means of transportation by land and sea. Penetration was effected by means of conquest. Nations were therefore lured, in turn, into undertaking adventurous campaigns to distant countries and succumbed to promises of glory and prosperity.

Such is the history of the Spanish and Portuguese World Empires. Spanish and Portuguese sailors and soldiers fought for the possession of lands where Jews later implanted their trade. Thus did Portugal have a monopoly of Oriental trade from 1500 to 1600.

When the arrogance of Jews who, along with wealth, had gained political power in the Iberian peninsula became unbearable, and when their undermining of the Christian faith and traditions of those two countries led to the Inquisition and their subsequent expulsion, the Netherlands, having an efficient Navy, was elected to replace the Portuguese. The Dutch were easily inflamed with the idea of creating a great Netherland Empire.

Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done, the Dutch supplied soldiers, sailors and ships between 1603 and 1640; they drove out the Portuguese from their positions at Goa, in the East Indies, Ceylon and Java — Jewish trade went on unhampered under the new nominal owners, but it was diverted to Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Cromwell re-admits Jews

Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done before them, the Dutch paid with their work, skill and blood for their supremacy as a maritime power in the 17th century.

The development of England’s sea power and spirit of enterprise under Queen Elizabeth, the founding of the East India Company in 1600 coincided with Dutch expansion. As Jews were not then openly admitted into England it meant that independent British trade, if allowed to develop unchecked, might shatter Jewish monopoly [the same threat as Hitler, three centuries later].

Ceaseless efforts were therefore made to obtain the repeal of the laws of expulsion and, as is known, they were crowned with success when Cromwell granted the petition for their return, presented to him by Manasseh ben Israel in 1655. This same ‘protector’ of Jews remained insensible to the anger displayed by English merchants when they learned of his concessions to the ‘returning’ aliens [as one might reflect on the benefits now being given to illegal immigrants today in the U.S.].

William of Orange

The importance of Britain to the schemers for a World Empire can be measured by the fact that two Jews, Ferdinand Carvajal of London and Isaac Suasso of Amsterdam, financed the invasion of England by William of Orange. Suasso alone contributed two million pounds for this undertaking (1689).

The Dutch not having been found by the Jews as tractable as had been anticipated, their doom was sealed; and in the secret councils of the Elders of Zion of those days, Britain was elected to replace The Netherlands.

The Britons of that period thought only in terms of ‘colonies’ and set out to conquer. In the course of time, they treated the Dutch as the latter had treated the Portuguese; constant battles raged between the two until Dutch supremacy received its death blow in 1758 at the battle of Chinsura. From 1781 to 1811, England wrested from Holland all of her colonies.

Meanwhile, while Dutch and British blood flowed freely, Jewish trade went on unshaken; it increased and prospered.

Cost of Zionism

Abroad conquest and emigration go side by side to extend British influence alongside with the growth of a colonial empire. Conquest is effected by ceaseless warfare, on sea and land, against Spain from 1656 on, against the Dutch until 1757, against the French.

India is gained by a succession of wars: three Burmese wars, 1823, 1882, 1885; war against the Mohammedan rulers of Sind; two Sikh wars, 1845, 1848; two Afghan wars, 1838, 1878; Chinese war in 1856.

In the New World, they colonise America and behind them follows Jewish trade and slave traffic.

They wrest Canada from the French, all at the point of the sword and bayonet.

And what of the South African war to secure gold and diamond fields for the Jews and for them alone. Once more British and Dutch blood drench the battlefields.

Traders profits

The laurels of victory gained by British bravery and valour cheer the hearts of the nation. Streams of British blood have flowed, countless British lives have been sacrificed, but meanwhile Jewish coffers get fuller and fuller, full to overflowing; the Bank of England is their counting house and the British carry to and fro the precious bullion acquired and stored by Jews . . . After the Napoleonic wars England has laid all her possessions at the feet of Nathan Rothschild.

Henceforth, Britain will do the bidding of her real masters; she has become the tool of the schemes against all she holds dear, namely her faith, her patriotism, traditions, civilisation. She grants the “returned” aliens equality of civil rights; they may and do become mayors over a Christian population, and within a short time Britain is ruled by a Jewish prime minister, Disraeli, first and foremost a Jew and the flunky of the powerful Rothschild financiers.

Under Disraeli, and inspired by him as revealed in his works, there begins loud agitation for the return of Palestine to the Jews. That gateway between the East and West must be secured and the Mediterranean become a British possession to ensure the security of Jewish trade. Gradually, Zionism becomes the pivot of British rule.

At home meanwhile, Jewish power gets steadily stronger, but drunk with the notion of the mighty British Empire, Britons see only the surface; they still believe they are ruled by their own monarch and elected men, and they fail to grasp the ghastly truth . . . the Great World War even failed to open their eyes. On the battlefields of France and afterwards in Ireland, the best and most virile elements of Britain perish in order that for their British Empire which they die to defend, there should be substituted a Zionist Empire. Henceforth, the history of the British Empire becomes that of Zionism.

[Note: This chronology ends at the First World War.]

William Joyce – Twilight Over England

Author: William Joyce

Twilight Over England compared the evils of Jewish-dominated capitalist Britain with the successes of National Socialist Germany.

William Joyce was born in New York of Irish parents. His family later settled in England. During the late 1920's Joyce became a member of the British Fascisti which were regarded as allies of the more radical elements among the Conservative Party. They were against communism and very patriotic. It was here that he met Maxwell Knight who was also a member and who later became an "agent runner" for the British intelligence service (MI5). It was Knight who warned Joyce that he was due to be imprisoned on the outbreak of the Second World War, and thus enabled him to escape to Germany.During the 1930s Joyce became a prominent speaker for Oswald Mosley's BUF. He was a good writer and was responsible for organising classes to teach public speaking. After he parted company with the BUF he founded his own political party which was called The National Socialist League. Its newspaper was called "The Helmsman" and the party insignia was a ship's steering wheel. Joyce was also a member of Captain Ramsey's "Right Club".

After escaping to Germany, Joyce worked for the British section of the Reich's broadcasting section. Due to some confusion, he became known in Britain as "Lord Haw Haw" which was a name that should have been applied to another broadcaster who spoke with a sneering high class accent. It could be said that he was a precurser of Jane Fonda who spoke for the Viet Cong. In his writings and popular English-language radio broadcasts, Joyce sought to explain Germany’s view of the war and the dangers faced by European civilization. Adolf Hitler awarded Joyce the War Merit Cross (First and Second Class) for his broadcasts, although they never met in person. After the war, the British executed William Joyce for his views, charging him with treason even though they had no legal jurisdiction to do so, for Joyce had never been a British citizen. In short, William Joyce died so that you might read these words.

Are The Jews A Race?

Author: Karl Kautsky

Persecution of the Jews in Russia 1881 (1882)

It's The Jews, Stupid!

Author: Edgar J. Steele

Essay written by Edgar J. Steele, who died in prison on September 4, 2014 after being brought up on trumped up charges.

"If you don't see jews as being at least part of the problem, then you are seriously misinformed and wandering in extreme self delusion. I won't even try to deal with you in this essay below this level. Go do your elementary research, then come back, because we don't even speak the same language as yet.

I and my children have received death threats from jews. My professional reputation has been destroyed by jews. My law practice has been destroyed by jews (not difficult, since virtually every power point in the profession is occupied by them). All because I thought it was unfair to hammer the defenseless for being a little stupid. Of course, it turns out my clients weren't stupid at all! Little did I know..."

Jews among the Entente leaders

Issued by the Board of deputies of British Jews

Sources on Jews and Communism

"Sources on Jews and Communism" is a collection of reliable sources and quotes that reveal connections between Jews and Communist movements. These works are from the "Semitic Controversies" blog.

The Jewish War Of Survival

Author: Arnold Leese


I stood, as Mr. Richard Stokes, M. P., stood, for a negotiated peace, but, possibly, on vastly different grounds. Mr. Stokes was not interned, because he will not face the Jewish Menace. Since the beginning of the War, I did what little I could in favour of a negotiated peace, no matter which side was for the moment on top. I believe that the War was, from the National standpoint, a disaster — wrong and unnecessary. For holding similar views on other wars contemporary to them, such well-known men as: Pitt, Fox, Bright, Lloyd George, Ramsay MacDonald and the present Home Secretary Herbert Morrison were not interned. There is of course a difference in my case, as I am attacking the Jews and they were not, and the Jew holds supreme power.

I have attacked the Jews before and won a great moral victory over them. The Jews had me imprisoned for six months in 1936 for what was said to be a "public mischief" in that I mentioned in my paper, "The Fascist," the subject of Jewish Ritual Murder. Evidently judging me by their own standards, they thought to frighten me into silence. When I came out of prison I published a book on the subject, and they honoured me by maintaining a silence so intense that it could almost be heard! They were afraid to advertise it by taking another action against me. I defied them successfully and the book has since been distributed all over the world. I hope therefore to do it successfully again.

This War was Jewish and has never had any other object than the salvation of the Jews from Hitler. The first nine chapters of this book disprove the "causes" given from time to time by politicians and others for our being in a War which even the ignorant mob had sensed and labelled "phoney." The Tenth Chapter deals with a half-truth prevalent amongst the better-informed. The rest of the book completes my case that the War was Jewish and that Britain was forced into it for Jewish purposes. The world has only seen one more stupendous bluff than this war, and that was Jewish too.

5th May 1945
Guildford, Surrey

Dedicated to the hundreds of patriotic Britons who, with the Author, were imprisoned without charge or trial during the Second World War.

How The Jews Forced America Into World War II (1984)

Author: William Anderson

Our Jewish Aristocracy (1936)

Author: Arnold Leese

I publish this booklet in an attempt to impress my fellow Britons that their race is being displaced and replaced, and without malice to any individual.

The I.F.L. pamphlet thus entitled saw three editions, all sold out; Gothic Ripples No. 31, dealing with the same subject, is also sold out. So now the Editor brings the list up-to-date. The reason that the Aristocracy is here dealt with in preference to any other section of the community is simply that their pedigrees are traceable with less difficulty than, say, the members of the professions, the merchants or trade unionists.

Gentile Folly: The Rothschild's (1940)

Author: Arnold Leese

THIS little book has been produced with the object of filling a vacancy which the author considers has too long existed.

Works on the Rothschilds are many, but nearly all these are either purposefully inaccurate or, like Count Corti’s masterpiece, long and rather dry. This book of mine contains no padding and needs to be read slowly.

I am not concerned with anecdotes about the Rothschilds, nor with registering their “wise-cracks,” nor with their “charity.” I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile.

Dealing, as it does, with the last 150 years which have been so full of world-shaking events, it has been no easy task to squeeze what I have to say within the compass of a one-shilling publication. To enable those who have either forgotten their history or(let us be honest)never learned it, to follow the narrative more easily, a calendar of some of the principal historical events of the period follows this preface, and I would advise the reader to have within reach, when reading the book, an ordinary school history-book for occasional reference.

On the page following the Calendar, the reader will find a list of the principal works from which quotations, etc., have been taken, together with the letters of the alphabet used as references to them. Thus, for example, the sign (B,Vol.IV.p.272) refers to that volume and page in the Jewish Encyclopædia.

In attempting my task, I know that I am only able to expose a small fraction of the total evil done by certain members of this Jewish family in the past; but, like a geologist who tells the story of the earth by his observations upon outcrops of rock, I tell the story of Rothschild control over the Gentiles from the evidence which has happened to come to light, so that my readers may judge for themselves what still lies underground.

Trusting that this book may enable others to dispense knowledge of the subject, I now drop this spanner into the wobbling, squeaking, overheated machinery of an outworn democracy, hoping for the best. I ask my readers to get busy, for the time is short.


White House, Pewley Hill, Guildford.

28th February, 1940.
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
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Default The camp of the saints
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.
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Default 200 years together

Just found this, haven't read it yet, supposed to be full English translation.

Radical Press - 200 YEARS TOGETHER
black African Americans Asian Hispanic Black Katrina Blacks African-American Jew Negro Bush Negroes
Fortune favors the bold.
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The Negroes in Negroland. It's a compilation from different European explorers on what they found in Apefreaka. Best book about groids I've ever read, funny as hell.
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Alphonse Bethel
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Alphonse Bethel

SIEGE by James Mason is an absolute must read.

. A book entitled SIEGE, a collection of revolutionary National Socialist articles written back in the '80s by author James Mason. To give you a bit of background to the man, he has lived and breathed National Socialism since he was 14 years old, running off from home to join George Lincoln Rockwell's National Socialist White People's Party in the 1960s, he has been aquaintances with many of the great American who preached this doctrine and spearheaded it's movement in America, including names like William Luther Pierce and Joseph Tommasi.

I consider myself a well-read man, but this book has been one a lightning bolt of revelation for me. In contrast to much of the high-level theory and grand scale discussion of the usual literature we read, SIEGE is refreshingly down to earth and practical, with a focus on trimming much of the fat and dead weight that has dragged down the NatSoc movement in America and sharpening it into something more revolutionary, more 'whatever it takes' and itching for violence against the kike pig system. If Mein Kampf is the father, then SIEGE is the son, it's that goddam good.

It's a collection of articles published over a period of 8 years, I urge you all to just take a glance at the index and jump to a headline that grabs your attention. Give it a read, it only takes a few minutes and I guarantee you will not regret it.

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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Hitler's Table Talk pdf
Old February 11th, 2017 #151
Posts: n/a

Extensive politically incorrect pdf bootlegs archive
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alex revision
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alex revision

John Plaster - The ultimate sniper

An advanced training manual for military and police snipers

When John Plasters The Ultimate Sniper was released in 1993, it was hailed as an instant classic in the sniping community, influencing an entire generation of military and police marksmen around the world. Now, this revolutionary book has been completely updated and expanded for the 21st century.Through revised text, new photos, specialised illustrations, updated charts and additional information sidebars, The Ultimate Sniper once again thoroughly details the three great skill areas of sniping; marksmanship, fieldcraft and tactics.This new edition includes the latest tactics and techniques from the frontlines of the War on Terror, including the mountains, deserts and urban areas of the Middle East and Central Asia; analysis of evolving techniques including lasers, night vision, FLIR and ballistics programmes; an all-new chapter on countersniping lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan; and detailed ballistics and trajectory data for sniper ammunition.
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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default Norman Lowell - Imperivm Evropa

Imperium Europa is not a book: it is a vision. A vision of a future on the brink of the present, of a Europe of Tomorrow and of Today, in which petty nationalism and brotherly conflicts have been fused into a unified European Destiny. This vision will change the course of the present hostile, incompetent and economy-obsessed EU, replacing it with political and spiritual solidarity in IMPERIUM EUROPA.In IMPERIUM EUROPA, high technology and high tradition meet: Europe’s spirit is renewed, her lands, glory and holy places restored, and the stars themselves made her rightful heritage. (apologies for scanning horizontally)
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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default Third Reich Pilgrim: Ghostland - Karl Young

Karl Young's elusive work claiming the Third Reich, WW2 and just about all wars in history were staged.
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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default Horus Rises to Lord - Evan McCollum

The manuscript from Evan McCollum's unreleased sequel to Horus Saves.
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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default Nazi Disillusion - Kristof von Kanwetzburg

Poems for the Man to Come
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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default National Socialism - Kristof von Kanwetzburg

30 Fundamental Truths for the Kampfer of the 21st century.
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Oscar Yeager
Default IMPERIUM And Dominium - Kristof von Kanwetzburg

Extremely elusive work that was mysteriously taken off Amazon. Somewhat identical to the author's previous work under a different pseudonym (The Imperian Manifesto); except having more esoteric traits and cutting the CI material out.

books for free, online books


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