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Default The US Holocaust Memorial Museum – A Costly Mistake Promoting a Hoax

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum – A Costly Mistake Promoting a Hoax

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum

A Costly and Dangerous Mistake

By Theodore J. O’Keefe

Published: 1995-03-01

Hard by the Washington Monument, within clear view of the Jefferson Memorial, an easy stroll down the Mall to the “majestic” Lincoln Memorial, has arisen, on some of the most “hallowed territory” of the [Jewnited] States of America, a costly and dangerous jewish mistake. On ground where no monument yet marks countless sacrifices and unheralded achievements of Americans of “all races and creeds” in the building and defense of this nation, sits today a massive and costly jewish edifice, devoted above all to a contentious and false jewish version of the ordeal in Europe, during World War Jew, of non-American members of a minority, sectarian group.

In the deceptive guise of tolerance, the United States Holohoax Memorial Museum promotes a jewish propaganda campaign, financed through the unwitting largesse of the American taxpayer, in the interests of criminal Israel and its adherents in America.

A Red-Letter Day for Revisionism, April 22, 1993

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum : A Challenge

Robert Faurisson

The question of the existence or non-existence of the Nazi gas chambers is one of considerable historical importance. If the gas chambers existed, they provide evidence that the Germans attempted to physically exterminate the Jews; on the other hand, if they didn't exist, we have no evidence of such an extermination attempt. Pierre Vidal-Naquet, a leading French anti-Revisionist, is under no illusion. To those tempted to give up the controversy over the gas chambers, he has warned that to jettison the gas chambers "is to surrender in open country." (Nouvel Observateur, Sept. 21, 1984, p. 80.) One can only agree. The gas chambers are not -- contrary to what Jean-Marie Le Pen once remarked -- a mere footnote ("point de détail") of Second World War history. Thus, those who contest their existence are subject to judicial sanction in France and some other countries.


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