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Default Who controls media in Finland?

Who controls media in Finland?

The media All non-state owned TV channels and almost all important medias are owned by twogroups – Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media.

58,4 percent of Sanoma WSOY is owned by Aatos Erkko, the richest person inFinland. The mother of Aatos Erkko was Violet Sutcliffe, a well kept secret, aJewess from England who came into Finland during the Bolshevik revolution ofRussia. Of the rest of Sanoma WSOY, at least 14 percent is owned by Erkko'ssister and his sister's children. Erkko's sister's other child owns 5,3percent. I am unable to tell whether rest of the owners are Erkko's or hisrelatives. All in all Erkko family controls at least the 77,7% of the SanomaWSOY and quite probably close to 80-85% percent through the different Erkkoowned businesses. A picture of the mostly non-Finnish looking Jew Aatos Erkkoand his English wife:

Alma Media is 33% owned directly by Bonnier Service, that is a Jewish familybusiness from Sweden, that changed its name from Hirschel to Bonnier. 23.4% isowned by TV4, that is in turn owned 23,4% by the Bonnier family. 33% is ownedby Talentum Oy, a media corporation, of which Bonnier family owns 33% in turn.All in all in the least the majority of Alma Media is owned by the Bonnierfamily, which has tightened its grip on Alma Media each year. About 20 percent,in small parts , are owned by Finnish insurance companies.

Alma and Sanoma WSOY together own 51% of STT, Finland's news agency, whichsupplies news to Finnish media including the state owned YLE along with themultinational news agencies such as the Reuters.

(Some of the data was from: ,collected in 2002)

Finnish Television

Nelonen, MTV3 and SUB-TV, the three commercial and by far the most watchedchannels (in this order) in Finland, which are owned by Sanoma WSOY (Nelonen)and Alma Media respectively. They supply the nation with most of the consumercrap: the only Finnish TV channels with adverts, TV-shops, Mobile phone onscreen chats, -games and -mobile dating services. The American soap series (forexample. the Bold and the Beautiful), American drama series (like Six feet underor the Party of Five), some politically correct scifi like the Stargate and thenHollywood movies. Then there are the different Real TV shows like for exampleAmerican cop shows and survivors (even a Finnish versions of it). MTV3 alsoruns the Finland's own soap series, "Secret lives", which uses for all I knowand international format, including gay main character, drugs, lot's ofcommercialism correct social life and of course endless sex and dating drama.It is apparently played by utterly and completely non-gifted actors, deducedfrom a sample size of some seven episodes. A male actor of this seriesapparently also got his owns series, where he poses as a Finland's famous pornstar, who fictionally appears daily in the headlines of the real eveningnewspapers in Finland. MTV3 also airs TV series such as Don't tell momma, adrama series about the “everyday life” of gays, Sex and the City, an obviouslyJewish series about not having babies and living under a commercial Jewishcontrolled democracy. Sanoma WSOY's Nelonen is the same, if not worse, withmaterial like Do you want to be a millionaire?, dozens of American shows Idon't want to even know about considering their names like Felicity, 4Pop orJudging Amy. Sub-TV airs mostly American tv-shows, their Finnish imitations andmobile phone games: .

I could grind on endlessly about the specific examples, but the fact is thatthese channels are thoroughly pro-Jewish, pro-multicultural society,pro-commercialism etc. It's kind of sad that I have to mention United States ofAmerica as the origin of the trash culture entertainment, but the fact is thatJewish interests created American pop-culture not only for Americans, but alsoto be able to export it to the other nations, and this they surely have done.

Finland has also the Yleisradio TV, which provides channels non-commercialchannels YLE 1 and YLE 2, and lately also a special documentary and newschannels for the digital TV. It is a state owned and controlled media, whichhas a mission, as stated in law, to provide quality content for the nation. Itprovides education, news and entertainment. YLE is directly controlled by theparliament and thus reflects the values of the elected officials, whichcurrently politically means (Jewish controlled) Social Democracy. YLE has byfar fewer amount of viewers than the commercial channels. It does, or at leastdid, provide some quality children's cartoons, documentaries about the nature,Finnish TV-series etc. Then it provides the news, lotto and other gambling, theessentials for a totalitarian social democracy. YLE 2 has also picked mobilephone games for the mornings and late nights. YLE also runs an animated comedyseries about the cabinet members and prominent politicians, which I think is aninternational concept. Naturally the series is excellent as propaganda in favourof social democracy, but most lemmings actually see it as exactly the opposite,which of course makes it even better propaganda. YLE channels also air some ofthe somewhat better American entertainment like the Frasier and Babylon 5, atleast the latter of which reflects Jewish values by the self-proclaimed atheistJew J. M. Strazynski. In JMS's latest series, the Jeremiah, A Negro and a Whiteguy go about the wrecked U.S., fighting white and black supremacists, hate andbigotry. For example the leading character actually gases skinheads almost todeath in one episode, but is stopped by his Negro partner. Jeremiah isobviously intended as propaganda against nationalistic movements and in supportof the Jewish New World Order.

Then the Helsinki television cable, which is owned by Sanoma WSOY, provides theEuropean Music Television, which is the Jewish for gentiles pop and rap culturechannel, and the Eurosport TV channel. There were some less-mainstream FinnishTV channels on the HTV cable also, but the content they provided was mostlyrubbish (my personal opinion) and the channels aren't alive anymore. One ofthese latter mentioned supplied pornography during late nights to the Finnishnation. All in all most Finns are pretty happy with the overwhelming Jewish televisionentertainment and of course 95% are happily ignorant on the fact, that thetelevision doesn't reflect their traditional values. Though since the socialdemocrats have managed to demolish the traditional family unit, there arereally very little Finnish values left in the average urban family to cherish,let alone in the upcoming new multiculturally aware, highly educated, utterlyunderpaid and highly ignorant working families.

At this point I recommend:, a page about the SanomaWSOY and Alma Media monopoly. Also there is in English partly similar text at: .

Radio in Finland (my insights are rather limited here).
YLE has channels rangingfrom news to entertainment, many of which seem to be suffering from the lack oflisteners. Then there are the commercial, pop-culture, 12-year old prostitutionencouraging channels like Kiss-FM and Energy, both of which are part ofdifferent multinational media corporations (Lack of resources to find out aboutJewish ownership, it being highly likely). Alma Media runs Radio Nova, which isa pop-culture station for the adults.

Newspapers. First of all we have the Finland's biggest and the most respectednewspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, which is owned by Sanoma WSOY. It has the usualperspective: pro-multinational corporations, pro-European Union, pro-Nato,anti-nationalistic and of course pro-Israel. It is highly aligned with theFinland's most prominent political part: Social Democrats. Erkko also mademoney with prostitution adverts until just a few years ago until a feministgroup managed to force Helsingin Sanomat to drop the adverts by cancelingsubscriptions. The next biggest daily newspaper is Aamulehti (“Morning paper”),which is an Alma Media publication.

Of the rest of the mainstream business or newspapers, most are owned by Alma andWSOY. In the north there are still some important independent regionalnewspapers, like Kaleva, but I don't think there are any important newspapershaving a non-democratic or non-Jewish point of view.

There are exactly two competing evening newspapers, Iltalehti and Iltasanomat,owned by Alma Media and Sanoma WSOY respectively. They are designed for thestupid masses with Jewish for gentiles values, and thus most educated peoplethink them as entertaining rubbish made solely for the purpose of making money.Most people fail to realize that making money is generally not an objective, itis a means to an end and for the Jews it is all better to make money whiledestroying the Finnish culture.

Also, there are exactly two competing business newspapers, Taloussanomat andKauppalehti, owned by WSOY and Alma Media respectively.

Sanoma WSOY also owns Sanoma Magazines Finland Oy, Finland's biggest magazineprint, which is responsible for publications such as the Cosmopolitan (Foryoung European women), Gloria (“lifestyle” magazine for women), Me naiset (“Wethe women”) and Donald Duck (Which was turned into Jewish propaganda after theWalt Disney's death and Disney's fall into Jewish ownership). Sanoma Magazinesalso publishes magazines throughout western Europe.

The next biggest magazine publisher is Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy, which publishesmaterial such as Anna (Women's magazine), Painonvartijat (Fitness magazine. Thelast issue had a cover picture of popular mulatto, Lola), 2 plus (Baby magazine,I can't say anything about it), Suosikki (“Popular”, looks like to be a rapculture magazine for teenagers), Seura (“Company”, family magazine aboutpopular culture and celebrities) and Suomen Kuvalehti (“The Finland's picturemagazine). All in all Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet at least has noticeably less directlycorrupting publications than Sanoma Magazines. Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy is part ofthe Otava-Kuvalehdet Oy, which is completely owned by the secretive Swedish OlliReenpää family. The founder of Otava was Hannes Gebhard in 1890 (Jewish surnamefrom Poland), but I'm not sure if Olli Reenpää is related. The next owner wasAlvar Rengvist, who is the grandfather of Olli Reenpää (The family has changedits surname from Swedish to Finnish one, Rengvist -> Reenpää).

Otava-Kuvalehdet also runs the Finland's second biggest book printing. Thebiggest is [of course] WSOY, owned of by Sanoma WSOY Oy.

The monopoly of Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media is staggering, truly a big lie, butthe situation is similar throughout U.S. and Europe, and thus this is nothingspecial. According to the herkman link given earlier, in the 1980 majority ofthe mass-media was still in control of the parliament and the current situationis result from the development of the last twenty-five years –Even though thecommercial media held a prominent position even back then. Perhaps this mightexplain partly why Finland still having relatively homogeneous people – themass media started effectively pushing multiculturalism and Jewish-for-gentilesvalues only some twenty or twenty five years ago. Naturally this also means thatthe current generations have lived all their lives influenced by these mediasand thus race-mixing is going to skyrocket if a lot of Negroes are let into Finland in the coming years.

For Finnish reading people, a speech of Aatos Erkko, where he talks about theneed of privatization of Finnish infrastructure, such as the post service andrailroads, the need for urbanization, the need for European Union and Euro, theneed for Nato, the joys of social democracy and manipulating of the youth forhealthy values. He promises that if Finns follow his advice – they can havesuccess in the New World Order.
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Just amazing .........
............. what is the jewish population in Finland , 0.01% or lower ?
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Ty Grant

What a well investigated article... Very informative thank you for you letting us know this\ but then again what elese is new. Same old song and dance and the time of awakening is upon us,... can u feel it, I do.
Just a quick note try web sites too that are of a teaching guid of media lies... but beware the JeW is crafty they will be everywere and every(war). thanks again..


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