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Default The ULFBERHT SWORD: The Ultimate VIKING Sword

The Ulfberht Sword, Viking, 1000 years ahead of its time.
Ulfberht Ulfberht
Ulfberht is a name given to unique Viking swords used in Scandinavia in the 1000s. The unique, high-quality steel they incorporated remained unparalleled until the Industrial Revolution. 171 such swords have been found so far, but only a few of these have been proven to be authentic Ulfberht swords.[1] The earliest Ulfberhts date from circa 850.[2]

*spelling on the thread title incorrect, can't change after the fact. My apologies.
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Originally Posted by wikipedia
However, modern tests reveal that genuine Ulfberht swords were forged from crucible steel sourced from India[citation needed]. ... The technology was likely acquired by Vikings who traveled to Central Asia.[1]
Here again you see the anti-white wiki's modus operandi of claiming that all ancient inventions originated in Asia.

Their sources: jack shit, and a PBS program.

Yeah... whatever

It's not unthinkable that some smith in the long history of iron age Europe was experimenting in purifying iron, resulting in a primitive form of Bessemer converter, which isn't even a big scientific leap from smelting.

*spelling on the thread title incorrect, can't change after the fact. My apologies.
Try hitting edit with javascript off.

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