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Bubba Kalashnikov
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Bubba Kalashnikov
Default Don't psych your self out:

No superstition should keep you from adequately defending you and yours. When I bought my can of pepper spray, but only pink pepper spray cans were there, too. I bought one. My duty to keeping my elderly Dad and dog safe came before any superstition of manliness.

The gun buyer must also be aware of the same superstition. Example: you can get a black AK-47 for $600.00. The very same AK-47 is $530.00 if you buy a pink or orange-colored one. My way: buy the latter AK-47 type. Use the cash you save towards ammo, magazines, clean kit, and tactical pouch. Duty trumps superstition again.

'Hand fighting makes them respect you, and it will end your troubles with bullies'. That worked when juvenile detention was the risk for serious violence for delinquents. Today, it's about the belt or at most, a grounding. And since 'face' is what bullies are about today, and today's bullies will shoot you with a cheap revolver or stab you with lock blade knife, if they start to lose a fight. A kid out and about should therefore not only have hand fighting skills but also a can of pepper spray, mace, etc.

'Only girls fight with weapons'. This will get your son killed, maimed, or badly wounded in the event of a home invasion. Your family is a tribe. In the days of the Trojans and Amazons, the entire tribe grabbed weapons and fought back when degenerate criminals raided them. You expect your son or daughter to partake of your family's defense? Then buy them an SKS or an AK-47 as their first gun and train them on it. Let them earn a hunting rifle when they are older.

To summarize, don't let superstitions undermine the safety of you, your family, and your family.


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