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Old November 15th, 2019 #1
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Default the financial race war on whites: Foreclosure wars.

there was a class action lawsuit against PNC bank by FOUR MILLION WHITE PEOPLE for egregious behaviors resulting in people being foreclosed on

you will hear NOTHING in the press about this, no documentaries about it.

you will never BELIEVE it until you experience it.

the banks are engaged in ALL OUT WAR ON WHITES, they use so many tricks to throw white people out of their houses you could take a 4 year course in it.

first let me explain medicaid. first of all, they sell old people on all these reverse mortgages, they give them a little money and now they got a claim on their house, their life assets when they die.

now medicaid only lets these people have a tiny tiny amount of cash for them to qualify. the system is set up so there''s no way they can possibly keep their house when they get sick if they got a reverse mortgage.

and plus, if they do go in hospital, they will not send the property tax bill, so then you get one property tax bill behind and now you're screwed. the property taxes are set up like that, you think well, that's not undoable, but yeah if you miss ONE payment now its RIDICULOUS ,

but why is there no homeless black people? we were told black people defaulted on all their home loans and caused the 2008 crisis, why is it all white people getting thrown into the streets? why are all these black people still in their houses?

i'm telling you these banks do NOT foreclose on black people, they got these white people as puppet execs but behind the scenes it's ALL a bunch of criminal militants,

you would not believe how they are trained to LIE about EVERYTHING and screw you out of your home,

and our satanic congress passed a law so you can't sue the banks.

go to a lawyer about a lawsuit against these banks you'll see what lawyers really are. occupational ZOG soldiers riding the gravy train.

alll these stories of the little guy suing big corporations is all legal fiction to make people believe in the court system. x


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