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Old October 29th, 2019 #1
Join Date: Jul 2019
Posts: 255
Default white racism is the jews ultimate weapon that made them kings of the world

Jews harnessed and tapped into white racism to promulgate this insane 'war on terror', whites don't protest it because it's a bunch of brown muslims.

but in the meanwhile the jew stole everything , their whole country whist they vicariously fantasized a bunch of Muslims were being mass murdered

the jews used white racism to conquer the Indians and steal the country,

the jews used white racism to portray Germans as 'huns', to gain support for war against japan,

they took over Ukraine using fake white supremacy groups.

but we all know, when they say 'white supremacy' in a bad way, they mean white people who are jew aware, the only goddamn white people who actually AREN"T racist, are the ones who are jew aware.

i can explain why that is. if you ARE a white supremacist, you truly BELIEVE you are the hottest shit on the planet, and therefore, you are CONTENT with the system, white supremacists are delusional retards who believe they are NOT the dumbest silliest most shit on race.

white REALISTS are the ones who realize they are being psychically dominated by subsaharan apes they outnumber 6 to one on their own territory, they are the ones upset because their women are all gettin raped, the corporations they built have been stolen from under their noses, that's not what happens to superior people and they recognize the fact.
Old October 29th, 2019 #2
Join Date: Jul 2019
Posts: 255

and how we have the jews uploading all critical information and processing of the US military to their 'cloud', meaning centralized control over all military information systems

and the military will pay them $10 billion dollars to do it

this is the stupidest thing whites ever allowed to happen in history, next to letting jews create and control their central bank


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