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Default League Of The South 2008 Annual Conference - Chattanooga, TN

Conference Theme: "Surviving The Empire's Collapse"

The League of the South will hold its 2008 national conference once again in beautiful Chattanooga on the banks of the Tennessee River on Friday and Saturday, 31 October and 1 November. We will meet in the Chattanooga Convention Center.

The year’s theme—“Surviving the Empire’s Collapse”—is intended to be a practical one. As inflation soars and the dollar falls, resulting in higher and higher prices for energy, food, and many other necessities, life becomes more difficult for the average, hard-working families of the South. Indeed, because of these factors coupled with continuing wars and the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the potential meltdown of the credit markets, it is, we believe, imperative that folks learn how to provide for the basic necessities themselves or at least within their local communities. Not since the Great Depression of the 1930s has it been more important for local communities to be able to help themselves instead of depending on a fragile system of money, credit, supply, and transportation. The speeches at our 2008 conference will help you understand the crisis and prepare practically to withstand it. If we are to be there to “pick up the pieces” after the collapse and restore ordered liberty to our communities and States, then we had better start getting ready now.

Among the things you will learn: How to help develop a local agricultural economy; How to become a freeholder and wean yourself from dependence on the corporate system; How gold and silver can free you from a corrupt inflationary money system; How to implement the ideas of the Nashville Agrarians and the English Distributists in our own day; How to organize a political movement based on “localism;” Short- and long-term strategies for self-sufficient households; the Biblical foundations for self-sufficiency and localism, among others.

We urge you and your family and friends to attend this unique and important League of the South conference.

Scheduled Speakers

Michael Peroutka, Esq,
2004 Presidential Candidate
for the Constitution Party

Pastor John Weaver,
celebrated speaker and author

Mike Crane,
founder Southern Party of Georgia

Franklin Sanders,
LS Board member,
editor of The Free Magnolia
& The Moneychanger

Michael Tuggle,
LS Board member & blogmaster
of the Rebellion Blog on

Catherine Austin Fitts,
President, Solari, Inc. and Manager,
Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC

Dr. Michael Hill,
League of the South President
In addition to these (and other) speakers, we will host a workshop on Saturday afternoon on “How to Prepare Your Household for the Collapse.”
James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich 1955-2008
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