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Default #13 Hans-Herman Hoppe: "Down With Democracy"

Hans-Herman Hoppe: Down With Democracy

4/29/2006 #13: Hans-Herman Hoppe: "Down With Democracy"
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[clip: Parasitism and the origin of the state ]

That was the voice of Hans-Herman Hoppe a Libertarian economist, whose thought is the subject of this broadcast.

“Putty men”, that's how I size-up most libertarians, dilettantes unwilling follow the logic of their own ideology; most are too frightened to discuss or factor into their thought the reality of innate biological differences which differentiate the races; and most also fail to understand democracy itself is a threat to men's liberty. "Putty men," that's what Pierce called those who avoid difficult judgments in favor of facile slogans like "hey man if it feels good do it," and that slogan describes too many libertarians. Have you noticed that if the "it" that makes one "feel good" is the right to exclude based upon race the libertarians are silent?

If one reads the libertarian Lew Rockwell web site, the subject of race is almost unmentionable. In today's multicultural America for one to ignore the racial question means constructing a Ptolemaic universe to explain why sun revolves around the earth, or why race is not an elemental factor in crime, high taxation, the scope of government, the efficacy of public schools, or the broken immigration system. The two most common constructions employed by Rockwellites are to atomize mankind, denying him all fellowship those of his kind; others, like Thomas E. Woods, Jr., promote a nebulous universalistic Catholic dogma, somehow arguing the Church is the natural framework for all mankind, perhaps, somehow this renders the racial question moot in Wood's cosmology?

We, the racially conscious, find such explanations unsatisfactory. We understand that liberty is impossible in a mixed multitude, the only form of government suitable for a multicultural society is a police state: a police state being the antithesis of the libertarian model. Has not history shown this to be true? A multicultural society must necessarily be a tyrannical society. Can order, much less peace, be established in such societies by any other means than coercion?

Humans by nature segregate, often by race, and even within racial groupings there are also subdivisions by class. It seems odd that so few Libertarians will acknowledge this truth. Are they not at liberty to do so?

If Hans-Herman Hoppe were like other Libertarians this broadcast would not now be discussing his thought. So, why not begin with his views on the immigration problem in Western societies:

"For a democratic ruler, it also matters little whether bums or geniuses, below or above-average civilized and productive people immigrate into the country. Nor is he much concerned about the distinction between temporary workers (owners of work permits) and permanent, property owning immigrants (naturalized citizens). In fact, bums and unproductive people may well be preferable as residents and citizens, because they cause more so-called "social" problem," and democratic rulers thrive on the existence of such problems. Moreover, bums and inferior people will likely support his egalitarian policies, whereas geniuses and superior people will not. The result of this policy of non-discrimination is forced integration: the forcing of masses of inferior immigrants onto domestic property owners who, if they could have decided for themselves, would have sharply discriminated and chosen very different neighbors for themselves. Thus, the United States immigration laws of 1965, as the best available example of democracy at work, eliminated all formerly existing "quality" concerns and the explicit preference for European immigrants and replaced it with a policy of almost complete non-discrimination."
I must state clearly to the audience that Hans-Herman Hoppe is not a white nationalist, nor is race a prime concern in Hoppe's theories on economics and liberty. Yet, I felt it important to begin with the race and immigration, it being the most crucial issue for us. Though, Hoppe is a man true to his convictions, defending his thought to all its logical conclusions. He is not a man afraid confront the issue of race with sincerity, though perhaps as a blacksmith managing molten metal with fire tongs.

Moving on from the subject of race to history, in particular economic and social history. Listeners know the great importance put upon the lessons of history in this broadcast. One particularly pernicious historical canard is the so called linear view of history, which is often joined with the myth of progress. These two contrivances are then used to smear and distort the accomplishments of our ancestors.

These two myths permeate most contemporary interpretations of history. These myths are used to justify the tax and welfare state, the civil rights movement; worse the public is so convinced of the myth of progress that any critic opposed to it is made to appear mad. In so far as the public is taught about history it only falsely knows that before the the construction of the welfare state and civil rights laws, life was entirely cruel, backward, and impoverished – except of course in Africa.

Along with this false understanding of history, it is also supposed that that purpose of all history has been a struggle to reach this pinnacle of perfection we now, supposedly, enjoy. One crackpot intellectual, Francis Fukiyama, so absorbed in this defective mode of thought, wrote a book arguing that we had achieved "The End of History," and little more was to be done except bring light to the unenlightened around the world.

Unlike Fukiyama, Hoppe argues that the rise of democratic age in the 20th century was a tragic error for mankind, one responsible for the deaths of millions, one responsible for the barbarization of Western civilization, and one responsible for a monumental theft of property and wealth by the state. He supports this argument by comparing and contrasting the social and economic statistics of the 20th century and those centuries which preceded it. In the following sound bite he calls the 20th century the democratic-republican age, and the centuries before 20th century the monarchical age:

[ clip: WWI as the end of civilization ]

and finally,

[ clip: WWI as the end of civilization ]

Hoppe is a theoretician. He sometimes describes himself an anti-intellectual intellectual. He employs deductive reasoning to construct models, step by step, and brick by brick, and as such relies upon history. As a theoretician, Hoppe is most concerned with illegitimacy of the state. His primary focus is on the evil of the state and the failure of democracy. Hoppe has particular disdain for intellectuals and politicians, the latter group he regards as looters, complicit in mass murder, and the former, intellectuals, he considers bought-off agents, con-men and apologists for the corrupt state:

[ clip: WWI as the end of civilization ]

Hoppe might be described as an anarcho-capitalist. Hoppe sees large democratic states as corrupt, tyrannical at home and aggressive abroad. He wants the states of Europe and North America broken into numerous, perhaps, tens of thousands, statelets, not too different from that which existed in feudal Europe during the High Middle Ages. These statelets, argues Hoppe, would be better keepers of freedom and liberty than current imperial democratic states. And of course, the unifying principle of these statelets might be based on race, ethnicity, and religious identification.

Hoppe argues, as in the case of race, that these groups once separated in their own space and with their own political system would learn to cooperate peacefully with each other through the necessity of trade.

Internally, these statelets, would maintain order, Hoppe argues, by the use of insurance companies: insurance companies which have real incentives to reduce costs, reduce crime, protect property. Hoppe argues that insurance companies would encourage their clients to own guns and defend their property, and insurance companies would have an incentive to prevent crime, unlike the police which thrive on crime as much as criminals do. What's more, argues Hoppe, insurance companies, unlike democratic legislatures cannot tax or create laws, which threaten and diminish liberty.

If you are interested in the thought of Hans-Herman Hoppe there is a large archive of audio lectures available at Hr. Hoppe is also the author of "Democracy, the God that Failed."

Again, this theoretical framework constructed by Hans-Herman Hoppe accounts for the aspirations of racially conscious Whites, if not so explicitly stated. And as importantly, he has exposed flaws and errors in the democratic systems which we all suffer under, and equally important he has constructed an alternative system by which we might manage our affairs if we do break from democratic tyranny. Perhaps the more zealous among us won't be satisfied with this.

Despite Hoppe's radicalism I suspect he does not fully appreciate the current system's will to power. I think he underestimates the hatred and lust for control the very parasites, which he himself describes, possess. Will these parasites consent to the contagion of secession which he desires? I think he underestimates the power the parasites wield in the opinion forming media, both in Europe and the United States.

Hans-Herman Hoppe was born in Germany in 1949, just 4 years after the destruction of the National Socialist state, and in consideration of these facts, I wouldn't expect Mr. Hoppe to examine the predominance of parasites in Weimar, Germany any more that I would Hollywood, California or Washington, DC. However, that is not sufficient reason, in my estimation, to ignore his work.

Hans-Herman Hoppe's website is here:
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):


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