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Old February 20th, 2004 #1
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Default Oy, vee luff dem shiksas!

I read in a newspaper supplement the other day that Aryan jailbait twins Ashley and Mary-Kate are dating Yids. One is with a college student named Kaplan, and the other is with David Katzenberg (son of Hollywood Heeb Jeffrey Katzenberg).

It's hardly worth mentioning, since the pair of them have been polished products since they were toddlers, but...there it is anyway. Just another couple of cute White chicks hammering another nail into the coffin of our race.
Old February 22nd, 2004 #2
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Surprising? Definately not. Those girls have been in the "business" since they were babies (literally).

Sigh. When's the nuclear holocaust coming to cleanse away this filth?
Old February 23rd, 2004 #3
Rational Realistic Racist
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Jews, being jews, find inspiration in the story of Masada. When the Romans finally built a ramp to get to the kikes, the jews, being typical examples of jew "manhood", pussied out of fighting the Romans and instead murdered every woman and child, and then each other. When the Romans finally got there, they found a jewess and her children who hid among the dead and explained what happened to the Roman soldiers.

If the shit truly hit the fan in Pissrael, I would not be surprised if the kikes launched a few nukes towards Germany, France, Iran, Lebanon, and Russia, but also shot some straight into the air and back down on Israel.
We need to live our lives. One foot in racism, the other in reality and normalcy. They go together when you drop the things and people we don't need.

Currently 87% Sun, 13% Lightning.


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