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Default Who Started PC in America TO BEGIN WITH?


The ultra-devious marxist frankfurt school taught they were two kinds of revolution: Political and cultural.

But because the bolshevik revolution in russia did not immediately spread across the hated goyim’s western world, they decided it best to concentrate on the cultural, believing that by first destroying established social order from within — as quietly and imperceptibly as possible — they could bring about political “revolution of the masses” at a later date.

Today’s crazy pc bs is the culmination of jew subversive efforts going back decades. It will get much, much worse. (incog)

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jewsign Booting Blacks And Half-Breeds.

If the left wing Yids politicians were gone, the bigger problem would remain.
How are we going to dislodge 100 million Blacks and half-breeds in this nation?
Stuffing blacks into the empty hulls of Congo bound oil tankers would work.
Chasing half-breeds into the Jungles of South America is a winner.
Most Yids are closet racists and will not object to the massive booting of blacks and half-breeds.


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