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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Alex Boyd's Silent Forest Hoax

Alex Boyd's Silent Forest Hoax

I saw a story on the BBC website this morning regarding a new photography exhibition in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. (1) I wouldn't normally take much notice of this kind of totemic fetishistic nonsense that is the norm in discussions of the 'holocaust'. However what the article said, or rather claimed, struck me as worthy of a quick article.

The BBC editor Phil Coomes writes:

'It may be more than 70 years since the end of World War Two and the liberation of the concentration camps, but photographers are still drawn to explore the physical remains of the sites where the Holocaust took place.

Alex Boyd's pictures of the forests around Bergen-Belsen camp are being shown at the Scottish Parliament.' (2)

Right except the 'holocaust' so-called specifically refers to the alleged extermination camps overrun by the Red Army and not to concentration camps (i.e. it refers exclusively to the alleged industrial mass murder of the jews not their being rounded up and put into concentration camps), which every belligerent party set up and utilized in bulk. Bergen-Belsen was, except for some very early (and quite wild) claims, a pure concentration camp.

Absolutely nothing to do with the so-called 'holocaust'.

Coomes continues:

'Boyd says the pictures of the bodies piled high from the time of liberation by the British Army in 1945 will never lose the ability to shock the viewer.

"It is something which is hard to reconcile with the sight of the camp today, which due to the burning down of the barracks to stop the spread of typhus in 1945 retains a somewhat rural feel, with large empty fields ringed in by the mass graves of thousands," Boyd says.' (3)

This isn't much better as both Boyd and Coomes manage a bit of double-think in regard to the 'bodies being bulldozed into a mass grave'. In so far as they necessarily assert that the mass graves were of jews killed in the 'Holocaust' and specifically that the images of the British army bulldozing corpses into said graves has shock value.

However Boyd then gives us a little bit of context when he says that the barracks was torched in 1945 as measure to control a typhus epidemic that had been raging. In other words there were lots of dead bodies, which both Boyd and Coomes imply were killed by the Germans... but then there was also a typhus epidemic raging.

Might not the mass of dead bodies be little to do with the malice of the German authorities and much more to do with poor sanitary conditions prevailing due to the logistical and economic breakdown of the Third Reich's military-industrial complex in 1945?

Why yes.

Again nothing to do with the 'holocaust', but while we are talking of shocking images from the Second World War and its immediate aftermath. One wonders if Boyd and Coomes have ever seen some of the footage of Soviet and Allied personal murdering vast numbers of civilians in Central and Eastern Europe for the 'crime' of simply being German.

You know intentionally running a truck over live German civilians, including women and children, while filming it?

Then filming the perpetrators sadistically laughing and joking about what they had just done.

Now that dearies is shock value.

Coomes then quotes Boyd once more:

'"The site of so much suffering is ringed in by a forest of birch and pine, silently observing the scene. I often thought of the prisoners looking out from within the camp to the forest beyond, and what they were thinking.

"No matter how many times I walk the landscapes of Bergen-Belsen, or Auschwitz I will never be able to understand what happened in those places."'

Perhaps the reason that you 'will never be able to understand what happened' in such camps Alex is that you appear to know next to nothing about what actually happened in them.

Instead you insist on taking a 'Most Haunted' type approach and using metaphorical psychic mediums to divine your 'knowledge' of the events concerned. After all fantasy is so much more interesting and entertaining (in a dark way) than the rather pedestrian reality: is it not?


(2) Ibid.
(3) Ibid.


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