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Jimmy Dean
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Jimmy Dean
Default The Legal Situation In Germany

The Catch-22 Trial: "truth is no defence"

If you defend yourself, you compound your guilt;
if you remain silent, you forego your defence.

From the: National Journal

1. As late as October 2003 Dr Fredrick Töben had a letter from the German authorities wherein it is stated that there is nothing about him on file in Germany, and that he is free to travel within Germany. On 13 April Töben learned at Helsinki Airport that German authorities had on 9 January 2004 imposed a ban on his traveling to Germany and to any EU country.
Dr. Fred Töben
So, unbeknown to Töben, since 9 January 2004 he has been banned from entering any European Union country because Germany has declared him an undesirable person - on account of the 9 November 1999 Mannheim judgment. Had he been detained by any EU country, for example on 12 April 2004 at Amsterdam, then that would have led to Töben’s deportation, a reason for other countries to hop on the bandwagon and impose a ban on Töben. The New Zealand authorities did this to historian David Irving on account of his framed expulsion from Canada. That so-called democratic countries are criminalizing Revisionists in secret trials is graphically depicted in Ernst Zündel’s almost two year solitary imprisonment in a Toronto detention centre.

2. On 12 December 2000 a Karlsruhe appeal court granted an appeal and ordered that the November 1999 court case be re-heard at Mannheim. Some time during April-May Judge Adam ordered Michael Rosenthal act as Töben’s defence counsel because Z. Rosenthal had been involved in the appeal. Rosenthal refused because he stated in writing that were he to defend Töben, then he, Rosenthal, would also make himself liable because court proceedings in Germany are not privileged, and that at the first stage of the trial where matters of facts are canvassed, it is not possible to mount an effective defence because that would also criminalize the defence counsel. Rosenthal stated to Judge S. Adam that he would adopt the strategy used by defence counsel Ludwig Bock during the November 1999 trial and offer no defence. Bock at that time in another case had been charged with defending Günter Deckert "too vigorously", thereby bringing Bock’s mindset too close to Revisionist thinking ? and that is a criminal matter.
Günter Deckert
3. The fact that Bock did not offer a defence gave rise to the appeal court granting Töben a re-hearing; and the prosecutor was granted the appeal so that he could argue that German law applies to Internet sites anywhere in the world. The Appeal Court had found that the Mannheim Regional Court had erred in not applying German law to the Internet. This ruling has massive world-wide implications on Internet traffic, and the issue will be aired again during 8, 9 and 11 November 2004.

4. Töben asked Judge Adam to appoint well-known defence counsel Horst Mahler as Töben’s counsel because Mahler is defending himself against the same allegations in a Berlin court - to date quite successfully. Soon after Töben’s request had been submitted, a court in Berlin stripped Mahler of his legal practice certificate thereby prohibiting him from acting as a defence counsel for another person. Judge Adam thus rejected Töben’s request to have Mahler as his defence counsel of choice.

5. On 27 May 2004, Judge Adam issued the Summons and activated the office of the German Public Prosecutor that activated the Australian office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which in turn had the Australian Federal Police (AFP) serve the Summons on Töben.

6. When the AFP officer handed Töben the Summons, he asked Töben: "Will you be attending this court hearing?" Töben responded in writing without specifically answering the question.

7. It must be stated that if Töben answers "Yes", then he will be breaking the law that since 9 January 2004 prohibits Töben from traveling to Germany. If Töben answers "No", then he foregoes a defence, a defence that will be conducted not by Töben’s counsel of choice. Add to that the fact that an effective defence merely compounds Töben’s guilt, the need to have someone like fearless Horst Mahler as defence counsel is obvious.
Horst Mahler
8. What happened to Töben in the Federal Court of Australia case is instructive here. A judge granted the Jewish Zionist’s application for a "summary judgment" on account of Töben not finding a defence counsel to assist in mounting an effective defence. On 19 May 2003, however, Töben had a defence counsel who ran the appeal "unsuccessfully" on similar grounds to that mentioned by Michael Rosenthal, i.e. it is not possible to mount an effective defence at the first stage of the legal process where matters of fact are canvassed because truth is no defence. At the appeal stage it is a matter of law - a safe haven for counsels.

The breaking of civilisation.

The German prosecution machinery is responsible for appr. 10.000 thought-crime persecutions and hundreds of imprisonments a year. Masses of people are incarcerated for nothing else but expressing politically incorrect opinions. One of the BRD's most prominent victim was the innocent Günter Deckert who had been incarcerated for five years. Deckert's crime was that he abbreviated the word holocaust with "holo" and that he smiled when uttering the word "holo" - the price of a smile in democratic Germany. On the 9th of April 1999 the German persecution system had the Australian historian Dr. Toben arrested by the infamous thought-crime prosecutor Hans Heiko Klein in his Mannheim office. Dr. Toben's crime was that he intended to discuss controversial scientific-historical questions on the holocaust. He wanted to know from Mr. Klein how to secure holocaust research, without being persecuted if findings did not match with the politically and judicially approved Holocaust narrative. Whilst asking, Dr. Toben was hand-cuffed. The late Jewish leader in Germany, Heinz Galinski, imposed his will years ago, prohibiting the discussion of the holocaust if the old holocaust dogma was likely to be undermined: "We will not allow an unlimited discussion on history." ("Papers for German and International Politics" - Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik -, Bonn, January 1987, Page 20-24.) Galinski's will seems to be Germany's command - still today!

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Jimmy Dean
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Jimmy Dean
Default Re: The Legal Situation In Germany

Germany holds the world to ransom

Any individual anywhere in the world will
be hounded down for expressing thoughts,
not in line with the German political holocaust dogma

"The right to know is like the right to live.
It is fundamental and unconditional,"
wrote Nobel-Price winner George Bernard Shaw.

From the National Journal

"Democratic Germany" denies this fundamental human right to its people although it adopted Article 19 of the United Nations Human Rights Charter as superior and overriding to its own law. Article 19 of the United Nations Human Rights Charter reads: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

On Dec. 12, 2000 the German Supreme Court (BGH, Bundesgerichtshof, case nr. 1 StR 184/00) ruled that any information, differing from the German political holocaust version or from its general political dogma "threatens internal peace in the Bundes-republik", hence it constitutes a major crime in "Democratic Germany".

Any person, whether living in Washington, Cape Town or Timbuktu will be hunted down, persecuted, arrested and indicted (when entering Germany) by the Bundesrepublik's persecution machinery, if they verbally or literally broadcast criticism against Jewry, the political holocaust-dogma and the German government.

This madness is based on fear of the truth because post-war Germany was founded on allied propaganda lies which became constitutionally established. The results of this lie, siege mentality, has now resulted in a law involving the internet. Simplified it declares that everybody on our globe represents a potential criminal to the German system. I.e.: "A democratic American, sitting by his computer in Ohio writes and posts an article on the internet which displeases the German authorities, will be persecuted by the German system." Even though he is technically in no position to exclude Germans from being able to access his internet posting due invisible extending borders in the world-wide-web-system, he will be arrested when entering "Democratic Germany". Exception: If the author is of Jewish origin there is no fear of persecution or harassment.

Until the 12th of December 2000 Germany restrained itself to the persecution of the free thinkers within its own borders. Now it is the world. This latest strike against universal human rights by the German system has reached a new peak of madness. It is a declaration of war against free thinking to everyone, anywhere in the world.

"Adenauer [postwar Germany's first Chancellor] thought the Germans were a 'sick people'." (Die Welt, Nov. 30, 2000, page 3)

According to the Annual Reports of the 'German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution' (George Orwell could not have invented a more sinister title) the German persecution machinery prosecuted the following totals of citizens for expressing politically incorrect opinions in Germany:

Thought-crime offences 1994:///2,083///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 1995:///1,601///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 1996:///5,635///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 1997://10,257///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 1998:///9,549///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 1999:///8,698///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 2000://13,863///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 2001:///8,874///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 2002:///9,807///innocent persecuted victims
Thought-crime offences 2003:///9,295///innocent persecuted victims
///////////////////////////////////81,662 total

The figures are based on statistics provided by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA)


Civil Rights In Germany
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Kind Lampshade Maker
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Default It is nearly impossible to fire a teacher for incompetence or arbitrariness. But, if

...that teacher gets accused for expression violations, the matter gets immediate disciplinary attention.
Here, is a case where a teacher gets fired for alleged acts which have not yet been proved. He is accused to have raised his hand in a Hitler salute and other similar infractions based on what perhaps unsatisfied students organized to invent. He is a mathematics- and physics teacher.
In Germany, the result of a mathematics task is less important than the orderly written out form of the calculation itself. In physics, I'm sure the methods are likewise. In the American system, it's the result which determines correctness.
That's why the American methods facilitate learning through a practically-based approach.
I wouldn't be surprised that his possible rigid teaching methods are the initial cause for the organized defamation:
Post #17
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Re: It is nearly impossible to fire a teacher for incompetence or arbitrariness. But,

Police seize discs from far-right party in Germany

Posted : Fri, 08 Feb 2008 18:28:01 GMT

Berlin - Berlin police who searched the national office of Germany's main far-right group, the National Democratic Party (NPD), said Friday they seized digital music suspected of breaking German laws against Nazis. The 50 recordings appeared to be seditious, and a separate inquiry had been opened into distributing anti-democratic propaganda.

Police also seized an unauthorized electro-shock weapon during the nine-hour hunt Thursday of the suburban Berlin offices, which have been violently attacked by leftist groups in the past.

German authorities have sought various ways to close down the party, which has no seats in the federal parliament but has seats in two eastern German states.

The national treasurer, Erwin Kemna, 57, was remanded in custody Friday in his home town, Muenster. He is accused of misappropriating funds from the party, which receives automatic government subsidies based on its voter support.

A prosecutions spokesman, Wolfgang Schweer, said Kemna confirmed payments to himself but asserted these were repayments of money he had earlier lent to the party or of cash loans by supporters.

He is alleged to have taken 627,000 euros (909,000 dollars) to bolster the balance sheet of his fitted-kitchens company.

An NPD spokesman voiced concern Friday that the party might be penalized for accounting irregularities by the treasurer. He said, "Our financial position has been perilous since the start of 2007."

The NDP denies it is Nazi, but its nationalist, anti-foreigner message and its outreach to overtly neo-Nazi groups have made it a pariah for Germany's mainstream parties.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

If We Can't Ban 'em, Let's Bankrupt 'em

Germany's interior ministers have faced frustrating setbacks fighting the far-right in court. A new tactic under consideration involves hitting organizations that support the party where it really hurts -- in the wallet.

German politicians want to cut all public funding to these guys.

For four years, ever since a 2003 push to ban the neo-Nazi party NPD failed in Germany's high court, political leaders have been looking for a strategy to combat the country's extremist right wing. But ideas -- most of them centering on a renewed attempt at prohibiting the party -- have been wanting, and action has been virtually non-existent.

On this Thursday and Friday in Berlin, though, interior ministers from Germany's 16 states will discuss a plan to weaken the NPD by eliminating state funding from foundations and organizations that espouse the party's right-extremist views. It is time, many believe, to move beyond a commitment to banning the party and begin looking for ways to make the lives of Germany's neo-Nazis more difficult.

"We have to publicly stigmatize people who fund the NPD and the associations that support it," Schleswig-Holstein Interior Minister Ralf Stegner (SPD) told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "We should name by name the trade organizations that recruit using their right-extremist ideology and that prefer to give apprenticeship positions to young neo-Nazis. We should not stand back and be polite about this."

The problem, say many, is that the NPD, as a legal political party in Germany, receives federal and state funding based on election results. NPD representatives in the state parliaments of Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, got a combined €1.38 million for campaign costs in 2006.

Germany's Social Democrats are still in favor of a second attempt at banning the NPD, but have not pushed hard for the idea at the federal level. The Christian Democrats under Chancellor Angela Merkel fear that a second failure in German courts could give the NPD a boost and are against pursuing a ban.

"If we wage a second attempt, we have to be sure that we're going to accomplish our goal," Saxony's Interior Minister Albrecht Buttolo (CDU) told Deutschlandradio Kultur on Thursday.

There are numerous ideas on the table for cutting funds to the right. In Saxony, for example, the law requires that subsidies be paid to foundations and organizations if the party they are affiliated with has been represented in the federal or state parliament for two legislative periods. Since 2004, NPD has held seats in Saxony's state assembly and has founded an "Educational Institute for Homeland and National Identity."

Berlin Interior Minister Ehrhart Körting, who is heading the conference in Berlin, proposes seeking countrywide legislation that forbids states from providing financial support to organizations "opposed to the constitution." If organizations can be shown to promote such positions, state funding could be choked off.

Some interior ministers have also voiced their support for using this tactic on other groups. "That must also be valid for left extreme or radical foreign establishments," Bouffier said. Such a foreign establishment could include the Church of Scientology, which German politicians have labelled as a money-making cult and denied it recognition as a legitimate religious institution.

Körting also proposes hitting these organizations in the wallet in an additional way. If possible, he would like to see if the non-profit status of some far-right organizations could be revoked, thereby denying them the tax breaks such status offers.

The hurdles for such an approach remain high, as pointed out by Hesse Interior Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU). "I don't see any chance of depriving the NPD of support funds by means of a special law," he told the AP on Thursday. "The law isn't applied based on taste; the constitution prescribes a strict equality of treatment for all parties."

There may, however, be ways around the legislative approach. If such measures fail, some hope to fight the NPD and allied organizations with the time-tested tool of bureaucratic harassment. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, mayors and municipal councils in Rhineland-Palatinate are already making things difficult for the NPD by, for example, requiring a few more toilets in a NPD-related construction projects so as to raise building costs. The state has also put together brochures for municipalities on how to deal with NPD members who come to municipal council meetings. According to the state's Interior Minister Peter Bruch, requests for the brochure "come from all over the country.",00.html
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
"...According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, mayors and municipal councils in Rhineland-Palatinate are already making things difficult for the NPD by, for example, requiring a few more toilets in a NPD-related construction projects so as to raise building costs..."
Typical Süddeutsche :[] Zeitung Scheiße. Big deal. So the NPD have to adhere to building codes which dictate the minimum amount of toilets required in a building which is used for public assembly or for example, how many fire exit routes. The building codes are identicle for schools, public offices, etc... So, what's the Süddeutsche Zeitung talking about? Are they teaching kindergarten? Everybody's aware of building codes. No public official will change the criteria for one building, arbitrarily without risking a legal challenge.
The NPD has enough skilled tradesmen, like the one accused of embezzling campaign funds, to install any fixture for code compliance.
What's important here, is the readiness of authorities to use any flaw to shut down an opposition party. That's why it is of utmost importance for the NPD and others to screen active members who hold sensitive positions.
Imcidentally, the suspected embezzler is also in charge of the party newspaper
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Xuxalina Rihhia
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jewsign ZigZog Zionist Jews Run Scared Of Mike James

ZigZog Zionist Jews Run Scared Of Mike James
German State Attorney Cites Insanity
Learning to live among the sane and comfortably numb
in the European Soviet Union of Zionist States
By Michael James in Germany

"No policeman would ever ask someone born in 1959 to stand in the dock before a judge and swear on the Bible that he had witnessed a crime that allegedly took place twenty years before he was born. Such a policemen would soon find himself charged with corruption and the witness would be incarcerated for perjury." -- 'Mike James Sues "German" Jews for Incitement to Bear False Witness'.

"It remains the case that the German Reich survived the collapse of 1945 and did not cease to exist, neither through capitulation nor the exercise of foreign power in Germany on the part of the allies; it possesses today, as it always has, legal and judicial sovereignty. The BRD is not the legal successor of the German Reich." -- Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court), 31 July 1973 (Urteile 2 Bvl.6/56; 2 BvF 1/73; 2 BvR 373/83; BVGE 2,266 (277); 3, 288 (319ff; 5.85) 126; 6, 309, 336 und 363)


It's not every day an educated and highly-informed former journalist is accused of insanity. It's the sort of thing that happened quite frequently however in the former USSR. It was a classic defence of those exposed by the STASI for anti-Marxist thinking in the former communist East Germany.

I don't have access to a scanner at the moment and can't upload this frighteningly Orwellian letter sent to me by the State Attorney of Frankfurt, so please see my faithfully typed reproduction below.

In essence, the State Attorney, having conferred with the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has decided not to bring a prosecution for Volksverhetzung (racial incitement [against the Jewvandals]) against me for the following reasons (adapted translation):

"The guilt of the accused, following some consideration was estimated as very minor. It would not be in the public interest to seek a prosecution. Contingent upon this assessment were the following factors: the accused has no previous criminal record and is not under investigation; on account of his psychiatric health there remains some doubt as to his awareness of the crime."

Paradoxically, the letter ends with a warning: "If the [mentally insane] accused continues [to ask troublesome questions] he will lose the benefit of the above-mentioned ruling." (Additions in brackets are mine.)

One strike and you're crazy; two strikes and you're sane. Don't "crazy" people repeatedly make the same "mistakes" or is the State Attorney afraid to prosecute a man who will counter-sue for incitement to bear false witness?

What did I do? Let me refresh your memory. I simply sent letter to the Central Council of Jews asking them if there was something mysteriously Kabbalistic about the very rounded and sacredly indisputable six million number. Why would positing 5,999,999 or even 6,000,001 be considered "holocaust" denial and put an inquisitive man behind bars? Why can't mature, grown-up human beings answer such a question without hauling me before the police and then involving the State Attorney into the bargain? Did I hit a nerve?

And why the snide the comment that, should I continue in my "craziness", I shall suddenly be deemed sane enough to go before the bench (without a jury, which is always the case in Soviet Germany)? Is that not a threat? Is not making threats with menaces a crime in Germany as it is elsewhere?

There is something else which irks me profoundly by the way I have been slandered in this letter, and here I have an honest confession to make. I do indeed suffer from depression and I have a long history of alcoholism. In the latter case, I've kept my old pals, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels, well out of reach for ten years, despite two spectacular relapses. In the former case, I tried everything the Jewish medical establishment threw at me before deciding to live with depression and chronic fatigue rather than endure the horrific side effects delivered by pharmaceuticals.

So how did the Central Council of Jewvandals and the Frankfurt State Attorney get hold of my medical records? There are very strict laws in place in Germany that prohibit the betrayal of trust and confidence in terms of doctor-patient relationships. Who snitched? Who pried? Who stole information that does not belong in the public domain?

If they really want to know just how crazy I am, I must also fess- up to a midlife crisis. I'm a divorced 48-year-old desperately in love with the daughter I never had. Her name is "Billie". I met a young lady recently who told me she wouldn't mind cooperating with me in an intimate manner to bring forth "Billie", but now I have cold feet. I would really love to meet "Billie" one day and teach her everything I know, and learn much more from her besides. I yearn for this unborn daughter of mine but I have serious doubts about her prospective mother, and I wouldn't want her to grow up in the European Union of Soviet [ZigZog] Zionist States.

On April 4, I shared a series of e-mails with a close friend in Germany. I spoke of my depression and how pessimistic I was in terms of a free Europe. I spoke at length about ways in which the European Union could be abolished. I expressed my wish to leave the European Soviet and live a life of freedom in South America. I may even have said it would be better to commit suicide than live in the emerging Soviet Zionist European Union.

I awoke the next morning in the company of two policemen. They were polite, embarrassed almost, but asked me to dress myself as quickly as possible and pack my necessities. What ensued was the scariest 24 hours of my life. Now, I've been there, folks. I was once surrounded by 36 paratroopers at Nairobi airport, all under orders to shoot me dead. I was also the target of an MI6 hit-man in the Taunustrasse in Frankfurt in May 1997. I can still remember having a [Vandal Nigger] Kenyan General Service Unit assassin put a gun in my mouth on the outskirts of Nairobi, and instead of blinking, I laughed, and he ran off.

This was different. They took me to a high-security psychiatric clinic in Koppern and they locked me in a room with lights that never dimmed, even during sleeping hours. A fat, balding man would peer in on me every twenty minutes or so, and he wondered why I had not undressed; why it was that I lay on my bed in the cold, tie undone, shoes in place. I didn't plan to stay.

They sent in a battery of "doctors" and psychiatrists to probe, prod and test me. They could find nothing wrong with me, and I still have the report to prove it. Psychiatric health: A-plus. Extremely high IQ. As sharp as a whistle.

Isn't that fucking amazing? You're feeling depressed and you end up in the most nightmarish, hellish scenario you can ever imagine just because you told a friend about your fears for the future of Europeans and how you're hurting deep down inside for yourself and your own People [Whites].

Do you know what they did? They said, "Okay, here's your 'get out of jail free card', but (and there's always a fucking 'but' in your face when that's the last thing you want to see), "You take these, and you take them without question."

So I did.

Do you know what they were? Paxil (Paroxetine). Never heard of this garbage ever before in my life. I was online for 24-hours-straight trying to figure out what was going on inside of my head. I did not know who the hell the I was. I did not even know I had started to drink again. They put me on this pharmaceutical trip, and I went wheeling from one bar to another and my guess is I drank the whole of Bad Homburg dry.

I have no real, quality spectacles anymore. I smashed them by falling over simply because some girl said, "Hi, Mikey." I just span around and my face hit the concrete. I had been off the booze for three days and eventually flushed those tablets down the toilet after four weeks. I can't even remember whether this "Hi, Mikey" happened to me here in Burgholzhausen, Bad Homburg, Switzerland, Berlin or even in Shanghai City. Could have been anywhere. Really. Name that planet.

I purchased two pairs of replacement spectacles at Woolworths, and I have to keep swapping them out because I get a headache after each shift. I can neither read nor write for more than ten minutes without losing vision. I've always had migraines, but now they're worse than ever before. I now have a tremor in my right hand and it shows no sign of abating. That Paxil was designed to destroy my brain cells. Thanks ZigZog Zionist Jewvandal Swine!!!

As my readers will know, my Internet connection was recently shut down for six days. When they can't win, they [The Jewvandali] kick the game board.

The "German" government and their ZigZog Zionist and Jewpiggish puppet masters have a new weapon in their armory to be used against those who tell the Truth about suppressed history and the illegal European Soviet Union: denial of internet access, without warning and without any apparent remedy.

It is a cruel cut. In all of my discussions with my ISP and the infrastructure 'providers', T-Com, the message came through loud and clear: We reconnect at our leisure. You're not welcome here. You're making waves. Stop writing the things you're writing and everything will be just fine.

What would Billie say?

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. 88!
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Xuxa Rihhia, a PM or e-mail would be nice. 88 Bob
"Is Tusa Mo Thus Chatha Agus Mo Chaisce Cogaidh"
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Xuxalina Rihhia
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Originally Posted by Robe n' Hood View Post
Xuxa Rihhia, a PM or e-mail would be nice. 88 Bob
You have mail! Heil Hitler!
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Germany Declares War on Home-Schoolers
By Dale Hurd
CBN News Senior Reporter
August 11, 2008 - NUREMBURG, Germany - It certainly looks as if the German government has declared open season on Germany's tiny home-schooling community.

CBN News was first to bring the story of Melissa Busekros to American television last year. The home-schooled teenager was snatched from her family by police in a SWAT style raid and put in a psychiatric ward. After an international uproar, Melissa was returned to her family.

But other home-schooling families face even worse persecution. More and more parents are being sent to prison. Heavy fines are leaving home-schooling families destitute. And more and more children have been taken into state custody.

Throw Back to the Third Reich

It's been 70 years since compulsory education was made law by Adolf Hitler's government. And in what is eerily reminiscent of the 1930s, more and more home-schooling families have been forced to flee Germany or risk losing their children.

Klaus and Kathryn Landahl fled to England after they were tipped off that authorities were going to take custody of their kids.

The Gorber family, who reside in southern Germany, have had six of their children taken from them by the state.

And Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek each face 3-month jail terms, and are economically ruined from heavy fines.

These are just a few of the cases. But there are only about 400 home-schooling families left in Germany now.

The home-schooling experts CBN News spoke to believe the government wants to wipe out the small home-schooling community here, before it can become popular, like it has in the United States.

"What you're having now is legitimate full blown persecution. They're trying to eradicate this movement before it can gain traction and become a popular movement like it has in America," explained attorney Joel Thornton, President and CEO of the International Human Rights Group, which defends German homes choolers in court.

In the Bavarian town of Schwabach, attorney Johannes Hildebrandt, who also represents home-schoolers, says the movement is at a critical point.

"In the courts, it is in danger. Home schooling is very strange to the German people. They have no experience with this kind of education," Hildebrandt said.

The German government's argument against home schooling as stated by Wolfgang Drautz, German Consul General is that "The public has a legitimate interest in countering the rise of parallel societies that are based on religion or motivated by different world views and in integrating minorities into the population as a whole."

"Germany does not want the kind of citizens that home schooling produces. They've seen how the home-schooling movement in the U.S. developed and they're very keen on that not happening here," said German academic Klaus Guenther, who is also an American citizen and was home schooled.

Home schooling Barred to Non-Germans

The Germans don't even want non-Germans home schooling in Germany.

American missionaries Clint and Susan Robinson moved their family to Germany only to have their visa application turned down because they home school. They now have to leave the country, and are looking to move to Austria, which allows home schooling.

"What we're trying to do is get a house just across the border so we're living in Austria, where our visa comes from so the government can't control us with home schooling," says Clint Robinson.

Susan added tearfully, "We left our home country and came over here and God supplied this house and the environment and just everything, and now they're saying 'no, you can't stay, you've got to leave.' It's hard."

And at the same time that the German government is persecuting home-schoolers in Germany, including Americans who want to homeschool there, Berlin is encouraging its diplomats abroad, including its diplomats in Washington, to home school their children with a state homeschooling curriculum.

Thornton said, "Their officials are actually encouraged to home school and not put their children into American schools and into foreign schools."

A Questionable Education

A lot of American Christians would have good reason not to want their kids subjected to German state schools. The sex education curriculum is often pornographic, even for young ages, and the occult is often celebrated.

Missionary Robinson told CBN News, "I know of schools right in our area where it's not just mixed swimming but mixed showering after the swim class is over and mixed locker rooms and then they leave and go to the next class."

German home-schooler Heiko Krautter told us he would be sinning to put his children in a state school.

He said, "These things in the school, the official state school, they destroy the children. And we teach the children in the things of God. And the people in the official school teach the children in other things, against God."

Krautter fled Germany after this interview and took his family to Norway.

Thornton believes Germany's war on home-schooling is just a part of Europe's war against Christianity.

"This is a battle to eradicate spiritual life from every person in Europe, to eradicate spirituality and Christianity from the culture," he said.

And the unfortunate victims in this battle are the families who believe educating their children is their God-given right.
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Missionary Robinson told CBN News, "I know of schools right in our area where it's not just mixed swimming but mixed showering after the swim class is over and mixed locker rooms and then they leave and go to the next class."

German home-schooler Heiko Krautter told us he would be sinning to put his children in a state school.
I bet if Heiko's kids are boys, they hate his guts.

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