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Aggressive low-life.
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Originally Posted by WhiteNightshade View Post
WNS - are you saying that WiganMike reported you to the Police?? To ZOG?? Meaning he's a grass?

And is the blonde girl his girlfriend? The racial warrior's girlfriend has a BLACK Uncle?!!

WNS do you know anything of a half-Chinese child calling Mike "Daddy"?

Countrywide AKA Mark Galpin is a mouthy toothless pissed up twat.
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Mark Faust
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Mark Faust

Is it me or does the UK have an over abundance of horse faced, ugly people?
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Harry Flash
Sexist Bastard
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Harry Flash

Are you a swinger? Are you a polygamist? Are you or is somebody you know a prostitute with a shocking story to tell? If not, don't bother to post.

And don't miss next month's VNN free speech Uncensored:- KKK Naughty Naked World Tour!


Last edited by Harry Flash; July 3rd, 2010 at 02:00 AM.
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Originally Posted by Bev View Post

Mr Edis described Heaton's alleged hate-filled postings.

They are said to include: "Jews will always be scum and must be destroyed" and "I would encourage any religion or race which wants to destroy the Jews, I hate them with a passion".

I know this is already covered in the England section, but I thought it was of greater interest.
Entire talk-show careers have been built around similar rantings, here, in America, as long as the victim is Muslim, Arab, Iranian, etc.
Ever notice how Lesbian Mayors in Seattle and Chicago, advocate the castration of police officers?
De-funding police and empowering Negroes will end badly. Very badly.


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