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Default ANTIFA Strategy: Infiltrate, Isolate, Expose And Intimidate

Not long ago, Anti-Racist Action allegedly got a guy named Brad Dunlap, an American Freedom Party affiliate in Indiana, to tell them where Matt Parrot and Matt Heimbach live.

The way they did this was by trolling Stormfront where there is no security culture and anyone can read about demonstrations, plans to inaugerate chapters, and personal information. Often times jackasses will announce a meeting publicly on SF at their house or neighborhood spot, instead of taking the time to build a network and get to know people and inviting them privately.

So what these ARA people did in Indiana was trace Dunlap through his name on one of the many information sites like Spokeo, intelius, etc and also google/facebook him. Through this, they were able to find his place of employment, his wife, home address, and phone number.

Dunlap was subject to countless "anonymous" death threats, none with any backing of course. They posted his information throughout their networks where hundreds of people can see it and work together to harrass the lone target. They also began calling his employer and got him fired.

Finally, Dunlap gave up. And on top of that, offered to rat out the personal information of other, more high-profile WN's, like Matt Heimbach.

What I don't understand is why Whites don't do this back. For example, when Leftists go to a protest, they always make sure to take lots of pictures and video of their opposition to put up and identify on their websites. Yet no whites do this in return.

Getting Leftists fired from their job is not that hard either. Most of them have pictures of themselves smoking pot or holding weapons on their facebook. Calling up the typical Midwest employer and informing them their employee is a violent communist in large enough of a volume can indeed get them fired, or at the very least, cause them a headache. Since most of these are punk rich white kids, calling up their parents (which you can usually find by surfing through their facebook, after befriending them with a fake Leftist account you make convincing) to inform them what their little college boy or girl is up to will also intimidate them.

The Leftists, most of them college students with their eyes on making big money with prestigious employers, would hate to have the first search of their name on google bring up their criminal activities or violent communist beliefs. If whites started doing this, instead of dismissing them, it would thin out their numbers considerably and make them take risks to get that self-righteous pat on the back they give themselves. Bourgeois little faggots on the anarcho-left don't like risks, and they will always look over their shoulder once the "Nazis" have their personal information.

Infiltrating their groups online is easy. Usually ANTIFA crews are the same people who compose your local Anarchist Black Cross, Food Not Bombs, Students For Democratic Society and Industrial Workers of the World chapters.
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona

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Paul Smith
Death Camp of Tolerance
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Paul Smith

I agree, Redwatch used to be more active in the past..
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This is a good idea. Someone could host a website for the purpose of outing commies. Some bricks might conveniently find their way through the windows of some of their homes/cars.
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Sam Emerson
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Sam Emerson

I have been successfully destroyed on Google. My name is linked to all sorts of negative material that ensures I will never get a corporate job again in my life. That’s fine with me since I make my living via other means, but that’s not fine for blog writers who still need to depend on corporate America. Little Susie is writing for Jezebel today, but she will have to change jobs at some point, meaning a Human Resources airhead will search for her name to make sure she is a proper fit for the company. What would be HR’s reaction if they google their promising applicant and find this?

nitasha tiku - Google Search

They wouldn’t hire her. Unless she’s applying for a position at Jezebel, no respectable company will touch a toxic individual who has been linked to racism. They don’t want anyone who may cause controversy for them, and behind rape, nothing says controversy like race. If you dig into these writers work and background, you can easily find cases where they spew anti-white or misandrist views. All that’s left is getting that on the first page of Google.

It’s a slow-burn attack that will effectively punish these writers and scare their co-workers, whose income is low enough that they need to depend on corporate employment indefinitely, unless one day they get an original thought and can stay away from their iPhone long enough to write a book. It won’t work on the big liberal writers like Jessica Valenti or Naomi Wolf, since any attention they get just helps them sell more books, but it does work on the young girl out of college trying to win feminist brownie points by denouncing a man for being “creepy” based on a bad joke.

If you’re still skeptical on whether this will work, simply take a look at Nitasha Tiku, whose anti-white racism I highlighted recently. Within half a day, that post shot to the first page of Google when searching for her name. Whereas one day before Nitasha was gleefully retweeting my hate against her to rally her supporters, the following day she went completely silent. When one of her NYC media friends posted a link to my article, she took only 8 minutes to beg him to take it down (like an obedient puppy dog, he did).


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