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Ted Ferguson
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Default Niggers Are Orcs

As a teen I played the official "Dungeons and Dragons" role playing game, where you had maps and little figurines and different sized dice. And I learned about all the various races. There were Orcs, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves and Humans. Maybe a few more. (These were the basic days of D&D.)

And then I learned that various races have various strengths and weaknesses. Elves had a higher "dexterity", and Orcs were physically stronger, on average. Humans had no modifiers at all, as they were the "baseline" or reference that all other races were measured against. In D&D, all races were considered "equal", and there was no discrimination. But all races were very different, and everyone knew it. The Orcs didn't get pissed when they were discriminated against, in favor of an Elf who's higher dexterity increased the overall chances of accomplishing a group task. And the Elf didn't run to the ACLU when it came time for the Orc or the Dwarf to lift a large fallen tree that was blocking the path.

The D&D universe was a racial Utopia.

In contrast, the real-life Orcs demand to be promoted to positions of responsibility at institutions of higher learning despite the fact that they aren't qualified. A female Orc need only complain about a male Orc leaving a pubic hair on her can of soda, and she will be rewarded with a permanent chair position at Harvard University. In D&D you never lowered standards in order to accommodate the negative modifiers on a character's base stats. Instead you picked the best-qualified character to accomplish the job at hand.

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