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Default The UCK now official army of Kosovo.

The Kosovo parliament on Friday, as expected, adopted three draft laws on the Kosovo Security Force, FSK, giving the lightly armed force the attributes of an army.

More info here.

Some background information

* Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo

* Washington’s “humanitarian” war and the KLA’s crimes

* Kosovo politicians in ‘panic attack’ over war crimes court
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We don't talk about islamic, shiptar army occupied Serbian part of state. They never could done it with out NATO intervention in 1999. Even today they didn't success to have own state.
This is not only because they occupied part of Serbia, it is because this army is part of ISIS and everybody know how muslim World lead the battles. With no honor, heroism etc...against terror on children, old people...So called Kosovo or UCK army is part of ISIS. Check in 1998 Osama bin Laden where on Kosovo and Bosnia as well.
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They're not army, they're dirty mongrels whose place is in the rape camps where we must put them in again.
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Vitaly "SND"
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Vitaly "SND"

Originally Posted by Johan View Post
The Kosovo parliament on Friday, as expected, adopted three draft laws on the Kosovo Security Force, FSK, giving the lightly armed force the attributes of an army.
check this serbotard whining, it's all from serb authors, serb sites:


Kosovo’s Nazi Past: The Untold Story
By Carl Savich
Skanderbeg SS Division arm patch showingthe Albanian national flag, the same arm patch of the KLA 50 yers later.
Carl Savich Blog » | Kosovo: Honoring Nazis and the SS

November 10, 2006

UN negotiator on Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari wanted to honor and commemorate Finnish Nazi SS troops in 1999 when he was the President of Finland. He wanted to have the Finnish taxpayers and the Finnish government fund and finance the construction of a plaque in the Ukraine to commemorate the deaths of Finnish Nazi SS troops killed during Operation Barbarossa. Ahtisaari is not, alone, however, in seeking to honor and celebrate the legacy of Nazis and the SS.
Kosovo Albanian teacher gives Nazi salute to Nazi German occupation forces as she escorts Kosovo Albanian schoolchildren in Kosovoska Mitrovica, 1942.
Kosovo Albanians have similarly honored and commemorated the legacy of Nazis and the SS. Kosovo Albanians have named a high school in Pec and a street in Prishtina after Nazi Albanian ultra-nationalist Bedri Pejani. The Pec high school or secondary school, known as Gymnasium “Bedri Pejani”, consisted of 58 classes, 1,766 students, and 115 teachers. In Prishtina, a street has been renamed “Bedri Pejani Street”. In the Kosovo town of Vucitrn, a street has been named “Rr. Bedri Pejani”. “Rr.” is the abbreviation for “Rruga”, Albanian or Shqip for “street”. This is outrageous because it is right under the noses of the “international community”. Indeed, the Kosovo Albanians are thumbing their noses at the international community. Hypocritically using a Holocaust propaganda paradigm against Serbs while openly honoring and celebrating Nazis who helped kill Jews during the Holocaust. The moral hypocrisy is appalling.
Who was Bedri Pejani?
Bedri Pejani was the Kosovo Albanian president of the Albanian Second League of Prizren, set up by Nazi Germany in 1943, whose goal was to create a Greater Albania under Nazi German sponsorship. Pejani was a Nazi collaborator under the Nazi regime established by Germany in 1943. Pejani wrote Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler, the “architect of genocide”, a letter on March 19, 1944, in which he requested that Himmler organize Albanian military formations as part of the Nazi Waffen SS. In his letter to Himmler, Pejani wrote:
the central committee of the Second Albanian League of Prizren has authorized me to inform you that only your excellency is united with the Second Albanian League, that you should form this army, which will be able to safeguard the borders of Kosovo and liberate the surrounding regions. …
…. Bedri Pejani
Hans Lammers sent Bedri Pejani’s letter to Himmler. Himmler received the letter and wrote Lammers back about the planned formation of two Kosovar Albanian Muslim SS Divisions:
Most respected party friend Lammers! I received your letter of April 29 together with the letter of the president of the central committee of the Second Albanian League of Prizren.At this time one Albanian division is being formed. As things now stand, I plan to form a second division, and afterwards an Albanian corps will be formed. …
Heil Hitler!
Yours very faithfully,
H. Himmler
Himmler would form the Albanian Kosovar Muslim 21st Armed Mountain Division of the SS “Skanderbeg”, Albanische No. 1. The war ended before Himmler could form a second Kosovo Albanian Muslim Waffen SS Division. The first task of Bedri Pejani’s Skanderbeg Nazi SS Division, made up primarily of Kosovo Albanian Muslims, was to round up the Jews of Kosovo, who were subsequently transported to the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen, where they were gassed.

Kosovo: German recruitment of Albanians for the SS Nazi Skanderbeg Division
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Another serbohoast is gonna happen soon^^

Serbs and Gypsies who have been rounded up for deportation are marched to the Kozara and Jasenovac concentration camps.



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