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Default The Vikings

- - -
There is a lot of fascination for Vikings going on in our movement. . .

Somewhat ironic one might think since the Viking battles were mostly against other Europeans , that they ravaged a great part of Europe and even had , in a way , a band with Muslim traders.

Pagans / heathens in our movement often make the excuse when confronted with the Viking Euro on Euro battles that they merely were against Christianity. . .

Whatever . .

Yes , the stuff above about the Vikings is true . .

This post is neither intended to take a pro or con stance , just summing things up . .

I think a huge fascination many in our movement still feel towards them is that they were, in a way, the 'prototype of the Nordic warrior' ..

Yet , as I said above. .

- - -

Many heavy metal bands display a Viking-image. . . Skinheads also have a fascination for them going on . . .

- - -

Some real truths about the Vikings though. .

They are often seen as the nordic prototype . .

They were the last to adopt Christianity . .

In fact they ravaged a good part of Christian Europe. . .

Despite other Europeans and them being the same race ( some compare that to the way the Mongols ravaged China , with China symbolizing the 'civilzed' Asian world and the Mongols / Tatars the heathen / pagan Asiatic world . .)

What is also true is that they had some connections to Muslims , simply because the Muslim world was very rich back then ; the Vikings largely inhabited hostile Scandinavia . . .

They never truly seem to have encountered African blacks though. .

- - -

Many pagans admire the Vikings for holding to their Germanic heathenism until relatively late . . Like I said , they are often also viewed as 'proto-Nordics'...

Well , the Vikings in that sense no longer exist today ( by the way ; Vikings = "dwellers of the bay" , from old Norse vik=bay . .) . . . but they have descendants . . And the cult lives on

- - -

On a side note . .some 'anti-Viking' people even go as far to compare the historical Vikings to negroes , claiming they were 'the niggers of Europe' , 'hanging out like the cattle , uncivilised , savage etc' . .

Well . . today many Scandinavian countries have a high standard of living though . . .

- - -

Just some observations about Vikings . . They still are highly regarded by some in our movement for above listed reasons . . .

Above some genuine Viking-tunes ( reconstructed ) . . No , the Vikings didn't play rock 'n roll like some bands who have a fascination for them . . Their original tunes sound a bit more like drum 'n bass actually . .heehee. .

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