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Default Spain

- - - -

Disclaimer: This thread , even though it will critically go into Spain's racial history , is not intended to claim that all Spaniards are mixed-race/not part of the larger European peoples . . . it merely presents fact critically collected.

- - - -

Spain . . located in the outmost soutwest of the European mainland.

The original inhabitants , from which the area got its name ( Iberian Peninsula ) were a Celtic tribe called Iberians.

Celtic peoples were mostly chartacterised by red hair.

Rome , which had an ongoing quarrel with the Celtic inhabitants of Europe, conquered the area.

So . . also a good deal of Roman blood . .

Thus far concerning antiquity . .

Concerning post-antiquity history . . .

The first people to truly form a 'Spanish state' were the Visigoths, a germainc tribe of the Middle Ages . .

They were Christians . .

They re-conquered the Iberian Peninsula from the Moorish Muslims of Northern Africa who had subdued it for some time ( the Iberian Peninsula in their sack was actually the farest into Europe / the biggest part of the european mainland the Muslims ever conquered)

They exclaimed a Christian kingdom . .

But . . that's when it was starting to become problematic . .

At least on the surface.

Of course there were still remnants of the Moorish rule . .

( the Moors were a mixed-race people similar to most of today's Middle Easterners )

What was supposed to be done with them ?
- - - -
It is said that they were trusted to become citizens of Spain if they embraced christianity . . . . which many did . .

Also . . along with the Moors there came a good percentage of jewish population.

To sum it up so far . . Quite a complex racial history.

It would seem naive from today's point of view to allow people of an alien race to "become fully functioning members of a country" by only "adapting the country's customs" ( at that time Christianity was more or less the custom for all of Europe )

On the other hand, there also were quite strict laws at that time.

"Limpieza De Sangre" ( "cleanliness of blood"-rule ) . . for example.

The Christian Inquisition also still was against Jews / Moors for a time even if they converted . . . and race-mixing was even punishable at the stake. .

'Diffuse' history when it comes to decision-making at that time , gotta admit . . at least concerning the then-officials. .

Well , the fact is : Gotta admit that the Northern African ( Moorish / Jewish ) influence truly DID leave some footprints.

- - -
Another fact which should be mentioned. . Spain also has a long history of gypsy-immigration ..

- - - -

The present situation . . . even though Spain is by far majority pure Caucasian , the diffuse racial history along with different decisions by "the officials" still plays a role.

But , like I said , one shouldn't draw the conclusion from that Spain is "a mixed country per se".

I'm mainly posting this as an example of what slight problem may occur if the racial question in an area is not solved completely . . .

- - - -

What remains to say again that the majority of the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula surely are Europid/Caucasian ( Gothic blood / Celtic / sometimes maybe even original Roman blood) and that Spain also is a pure European language ( the Spanish language is based on a simplified Latin the first 'colonialists' there , the Romans , imported ) , but that there might be 'problematic areas' . . .

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Gotta add , concerning this , that , in addition to the racial question not having been solved 100 per cent in ancient Spain , the Spanish settling of South- /Meso-America also was problematic , racially.

In contrast to the North American explorers ( Anglos /French /Dutch et al . . ) they didn't take settlers from back in Europe to settle the land but instead took sons /daughters from the natives . . That's why today South-/Meso-America is largely Mestizo. .

Again , that is not meant to put down Spanish people or Spanish customs yet especially the upper-class it would appear often made mistakes ( the church / noblemen , conquerers . . ) . . . that's why , gotta admit , today many people have 'darkies' in mind when faced with the word 'Spanish' ( 'Latin-Americans' et al . . )

Again , this is not to be understood wrong . . . Spain is the second most influential language of the world and the Spanish-speaking influence-sphere surely also is big.
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

I once worked with a Spanish lady from Catalonia who had blonde hair and blue eyes. She hated that every idiot American asked her if she was from Mexico, too. So there are still lots of pure Whites in Spain even after centuries of invasions and mixing by the Moors and others. Funny that I often see more White, non-mestizos on Univision or other Mexican TV channels than on u.s. networks. They are purer Spanish descent or from Whiter South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay. The Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is German, obviously.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
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Jack Dillenburger
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Jack Dillenburger

I agree. Many people think of Latin American mestizos when they hear the word spanish. There clearly is a difference.


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