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Default A great woman!

This is truly a great woman. How many of the "persecuted" "brave" "heros" wymyn kunts (aka feminist) were jailed for their beliefs or their words? What did a jew have to do be sentenced to 3.5 prison sentence in NS Germany?

Sylvia_Stolz Sylvia_Stolz

Sylvia Stolz (born August 16, 1963) is a German lawyer who defended Ernst Zündel at his trial for denying the Holocaust in February 2007. During that trial she called the Holocaust “the biggest lie in world history.” (quote from a third-party translation) Zundel was convicted and served five years in prison. Stolz was in turn tried for the same offense and served a 3 1⁄2 year prison term. She also was banned from the practice of law for five years. She is married, to the also jailed Holocaust denier, Horst Mahler.

She was released from Aichach Prison on 13 April 2011.
"I die in the faith of my people. May the German people be aware of its enemies!"
Paul Blobel, SS Officer, 1951, last words prior to being executed

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EDLIE Stampton
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Not happy with putting her in prison for three and a half years for the crime of being a defense solicitor.Sylvia Stolz is now being prosecuted for giving this free speech lecture.The organizer of the conference is being take to court for letting Sylvia speak.Apparently its against the law to state the fact that the holocaust has never been proven in a court of law.

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