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Default Abortion statistics

Country by country breakdown and maps, with data sources, available here:
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Impressive percentages. Given the statistics I wouldn't be surprised if the US had over the double the population by now if abortion had never been legalized.

However, that also means that for the black population, it would likely have been more than double by this point.

Although I don't like women having the right to kill babies, I don't like blacks and overpopulation even more.

Perhaps if some sort of selective eugenics program could have been implemented where we focused on quality over quantity, in terms of who reproduced, (mandatory sterilization for all non-Whites, and Whites with IQs under 85, and/or who have debilitating genetic disease, psychopathic inclination) that would have been best.

Alas, we have the world we have today, because we did not do that. And so, this would explain the rise of modern liberal socialism among the masses. While their (((controllers))) are well enough documented elsewhere.


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