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Default Comparing people of our race to monkies = okay but comparing Negroes to apes = "racism" ?

. .

What is the establishment trying to hide ?

Why is it pol . incorrect to compare Negroes to monkeys?

"Racist" . . . .

On the other hand . . .

Supposed to be funny . . .

I think we have disovered a weak point here . .


I wonder what might be under the surface there . . .

You tell me . .

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Skinhead Zack
Default Science iz rayciss an sheeit

It is scientifically proven that groids are closer to apes than to humans.

Black Africans are Genetically Closer to Bonobos Than to White Humans – Daily Stormer

Here you have a graph, provided by the journal Nature, which is self explanatory.


You can read the entire peer-reviewed article, entitled “The bonobo genome compared with the chimpanzee and human genomes,” here at Nature.

Genetic science is creating a crisis for the cultural Marxists who wish us to believe that “race doesn’t exist.” The lie simply cannot be sustained.

What they appear to be doing, is reporting all of this new information in their journals, of course without value-judgement (it’s hard science), and then failing to report it in the popular science outlets, thus the people are unaware of it..
More at

Originally Posted by ColdFire
What is the establishment trying to hide ?
The Jews wanna hide the fact that Negroes are unevolved because the Jews use them as pawns for their goal of world domination.
They are easier to control because they have such low IQs .

Originally Posted by ColdFire
Supposed to be funny . . .
Yeeesss, I've heard antis refer to us as "cave monkeys", several times.

Funny to me also, because there is no monkey with blue eyes or narrow nose with high root.

Non-Whites, especially Blacks and East Asians look like monkeys to me and I like to compare them to.

While the Jews look like either rats or lizards.

For example, both Asians and Blacks have coarse black hair, flat noses, brown / black eyes, among other less 'mature' features compared to Whites.

They look like gorillas, orangutans or howler monkeys to me at their best, LOL.

Both Asians and Whites have Neanderthal blood in them, though.

Blacks have been compared to monkeys throughout history because they act the way they look.
See these pictures for example.

They are so primitive and have an IQ of below 80 on average.

They look so much like gorillas that even Google photos recognized them as gorillas. LOL.

Google Photos Tags Black People as “Gorillas” – uthinki

Both seem to be attracted to shiny objects (bling-bling).

I was exposed to some interesting behaviour from primates, especially those living in close proximity to humans.
In a very literal sense, the monkeys were attracted to shiny objects in and around human beings.
Gamasutra: Armando Marini's Blog - Of Monkeys and Shiny Things

They also have more distinct skull shape than those of other races.

Originally Posted by ColdFire
Why is it pol . incorrect to compare Negroes to monkeys?
Despite all these factors, it is considered racist to compare Blacks to monkeys because the Jews who control our government and media, simply love them. while comparing Whites to monkeys is OK.

Again, this is their racist double standard at work.

Science is so rayciss an sheeit that shows them what they really are.

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