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Old June 17th, 2015 #21
John Sovereign
Join Date: May 2015
Posts: 102

Originally Posted by Olaf Menes View Post
I hear you. Just remember that in this age of disinformation, ZOG cleverly mixes lies with truth, so the untrained zombies out there swallow the lies with little thought. A simple overview and watchful logic is all that is needed to sort out the facts from ZOG agenda.

AIDS in my opinion is nothing more than a lethal STD and transmits through 95-98% deviant drug use or sexual deviance. The only downside is maggots have infected the strictly heterosexual population, so again, if you stick to one Female/Male sex partner who is faithful, don't do intravenous drugs and don't engage in fag sex, your chances of getting AIDS drops to about ZERO.
Hi Olaf

AIDS, to me is nothing. It simply does not exist. It piggy backs on the failed immune system (or so the Jews say) of people who are so broken down and ignorant that they wipe their arse with the hand and drink water from the same pool that the chicken shit in.

AIDS and HIV simply do not exist.

I am too tired to go into detail.

Anyway... for millennia AIDS and HIV were not on the list, and yet suddenly in 1984 ti became the rage.

Nothing is new under the Sun.

Man has stuck his pecker in just about every orifice you can imagine for as long as history has recorded homo-sapiens, and nary once has there been mention of this.

I'll tell you what, Olaf, I am now cracking open another ice cold can of SINGHA beer.

Maybe you are right.

Maybe I am right.

Who knows?

I am simply getting too old for this shit.

Best regards to you.

It is 9:08pm here in Thailand and it has been raining cats and Jews... uh... I mean dogs for about the last hour.
Old June 17th, 2015 #22
John Sovereign
Join Date: May 2015
Posts: 102

Originally Posted by Sam Emerson View Post
Condoms existed long before AIDS.

Normally I'd have to visit a fundamentalist Christian blog to see that much stupid. Your analogy has nothing to do with the big bang theory.
Hi Sam

Since this is our first introduction and you came across so casually, then all I have to say is "fuck you" as well.

In other words, you misjudged me and T-boned me on something I said, and which I was not aware that someone such as you had graced this thread and was policing it with such alacrity.


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