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Old December 2nd, 2014 #221
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder
Old December 2nd, 2014 #222
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder


Survives beating by ten black trial-awaiting prisoners: Afrikaner resident Carel van der Schijff, arrested on trum...

Murder: white farm-woman shot dead with head-shot, Rawsonville WC police searching for black-male attack gang

Murder: Afrikaner resident of Witbank, Chris Grobler: flees, killed by cars after running from black gunmen

USA taking black refugees from South Africa but not Whites
On December 1, 2014 at 9:34 pm

USA taking black refugees from South Africa but not Whites
According to data extracted from the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS) in one month alone, October 2014, USA took in 322 black refugee asylum seekers from South Africa, which is supposed to be deemed a safe country.

White asylum seekers from South Africa who try to claim are told that South Africa is a safe country and therefore they cannot claim asylum, yet blacks are accepted without question. Furthermore the ANC regime aggressively intervenes in all white asylum applications WORLDWIDE. Making the notion of asylum and the United Nations a mockery…

Why this racist discrimination?

White asylum seekers from South Africa are already fleeing from discrimination where there are over a hundred laws preventing whites from access to jobs, schools, Universities, welfare, etc. etc.

There is also the on-going disproportionate murder rate of whites and specifically white farmers.

Statistically 54 per 100,000 blacks are killed, yet 139 per 100,000 white farmers! Making it almost 3 times more likely. Being a white farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation IN THE WORLD by mortality rate. YET ASYLUM IS NOT ALLOWED?


Remember that legitimate asylum seekers must be able to prove persecution (for religion, race, or political persuasion) when they get to the first SAFE COUNTRY after leaving their place of persecution. They are to ask for asylum in that first safe country. They aren’t supposed to be hopping around the world from safe country to safe country shopping for the best deal!

So why the hell are we taking black African “refugees” from the Rainbow Nation of South Africa which was supposedly built on the notion that no matter what color you were, you were in a country that WELCOMED everyone!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Data extracted from the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS)
Reporting Period of October 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014

South Africa Today – South Africa News
More News and Articles -

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Old December 2nd, 2014 #223
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

40 vanned mexcrement, 16yo driver, runs, rolls

12-01-2014 - 11:47:PM

PHARR - According to police, a van with 40 people inside lost control and rolled over in a canal.

The accident happened just before 6 p.m. at the 1700 block of West Las Milpas Road in Pharr.

Border patrol was perusing the vehicle until it moved into a populated area. When they caught up to the 16-passenger white Chevy van, it was already in the canal.

The driver was killed and the other 39 passengers were taken to a local hospital where they were being treated for non-life threating injuries.

Pharr police are still investigating the accident.
Old December 3rd, 2014 #224
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Teen given 25 years to life for 2013 murder

NEWARK By all accounts, 18-year-old Danielle Michaels was the kind of person people wanted to befriend. She liked people for who they were and volunteered with children who had special needs.

On Nov. 16, 2013, Michaels even paid to fill up the gas tank of the teenager who only hours later would kill her.

Adrian McGee, 18, was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison Tuesday by Licking County Judge David Branstool after McGee admitted to killing Michaels.

McGee had originally been charged as a juvenile because he was 17 at the time of the murder, but the case was transferred to Common Pleas Court.

"Dani believed Adrian was her friend," Michaels' grandmother said in court Tuesday. "How wrong she was."

According to police, Michaels was driven to the Summit School campus in Reynoldsburg on Nov. 16, 2013 by McGee. What happened in a wooded area near a baseball field is not known for certain, but prosecutors and police say Michaels was likely sexually assaulted and stripped of her clothing, except for a single sock, before being stabbed in the neck.

Assistant Licking County Prosecutor Brian Waltz said in a statement of facts read in court Michaels tried to run away or was dragged to another location where she was likely asphyxiated, or choked to death before other stab wounds were inflicted on her body by McGee.

Her body was found nearly two days later, on Nov. 18, 2013, by a person walking their dog near the school. A knife with Michaels' blood on it was found in McGee's home.

An autopsy revealed the first stab wound to the neck was not a fatal injury and Michaels might have lived if she received medical attention. That fact brings even more heartache to Michaels' family.

"He had the audacity to stay and watch her die," Michaels' grandmother said.

McGee showed little emotion as Michaels' grandmother read a prepared statement to Branstool. She described a bubbly teenager who liked monkeys and butterflies and was a swimmer and poet. She talked about Michaels' smile, which lit up any room she was in.

She also spoke about Michaels' height, about 5-feet-1-inch tall, and how she never stood a chance of defending herself against the 6-feet-4-inches tall McGee.

Michaels' grandfather read a statement written by one of Michaels' cousins. The statement said some family members found out that Michaels' body had been found by seeing the news on television.

"She was killed in a way adjectives can't even define," he read. "A man with such a lack of morals shouldn't be a part of society."

Michaels' grandfather also spoke about how Michaels had planned to start a daycare with her mother after her graduation from high school and wanted to work with children for a career.

Assistant Licking County Prosecutor Brian Waltz said the tragedy in this case, of a life being taken away so young, could not be healed completely with anything the justice system could do.

"There isn't any sentence that will give relief to those hurt," he said.

McGee spoke briefly, telling Branstool in a choked up voice he was "truly sorry" for what had happened. He called Michaels a friend.

"I want to apologize to her family for their loss and apologize to my family that I won't be there for years to come," he said.

Michaels' family said they do not want to know any more specifics of what happened in the woods on Nov. 16, 2013.

"We don't want to know every detail ... what we do know haunts us," her grandmother said. "The havoc you perpetuated will echo for eons."

The family was also strongly affected by learning that McGee had gone to a restaurant and store to eat dinner and shop after the murder occurred.

McGee was found guilty of aggravated murder, murder, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. A rape charge that was filed against him was dismissed.

Waltz said the rape count would not have affected the sentence and making the plea deal allowed Michaels' family to have closure and finality in the case without changing the sentence.

He said he believed the rape count would have been proven had the case gone to trial.

McGee will be eligible to apply for parole in 2038.
Old December 3rd, 2014 #225
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Lumberton man exchanges gunfire with home invasion suspects

October 21, 2014

LUMBERTON - A Lumberton man traded gunfire with three men who forced their way into his home, robbed the family, tried to rape his granddaughter and stole his car Monday, Robeson County authorities said.

One of the men, identified as Jamie Faison, 20, was shot and found dead in the stolen Cadillac parked at his home on the 600 block of Singletary Church Road, Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said in a news release. The two other men turned up at area hospitals with gunshot wounds. The homeowner, Kenneth Byrd, 67, was shot multiple times, the release said.

Authorities received a call about 10 p.m. that someone had been shot at a home on the 100 block of Yedda Road, east of Lumberton.

Deputies responded and found Byrd, his wife, Judy, 65, and his 19-year-old granddaughter at the home. The family told them that a man came to the door and said he was having problems with his vehicle and needed water. Two men wearing black clothing, ski masks and gloves forced their way into the home and demanded money, Sealey said. All three of the men had guns. The Byrds were pushed to the back of their home and instructed to open a safe. When the men tried to rape the couple's granddaughter, Byrd grabbed a gun and exchanged shots with the assailants, Sealey said. The men fled in Byrd's car. Byrd was taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center and later airlifted to an unidentified hospital. Later, the Sheriff's Office was notified that two people who had been shot came to McLeod Medical Center in Dillon, South Carolina. Both were airlifted to an unidentified hospital for emergency surgery, Sealey said. The Sheriff's Office identified them as Brandon Carver Stephens, 28, whose last known address was N.C. 130 East in Fairmont, and Jamar Hawkins, 17, of Old Whiteville Road in Lumberton. They will be charged upon their release from the hospital, a Sheriff's Office spokesman said. Faison, Stephens and Hawkins are believed to have been involved in other home invasion robberies, Sealey said.

Anyone with information should call the Sheriff's Office at 910-671-3100 and ask for the Homicide Division.
Old December 3rd, 2014 #226
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

HUSH CRIME: USA: NEW JERSEY: WOMAN raped by 5 niggers

War on women: Student allegedly raped in dorm room by 5 males


A William Paterson University student said she was held captive for hours in her darkened dorm room while five males sexually assaulted her.

Arrested are Noah Williams, Garrett Collick , Termaine Scott, Jahmel Latimer and Darius Singleton. The five reportedly studied at the university and were on campus residents. They have since been banned from the property.

A judge lower bail for the five because they are not flight risks. The bail was lowered from $200,000 to $50,000.

While neo-feminists lobby the government for free, tax-funded contraception, they seldom speak out against violent crimes against women that involve minority offenders.

The crime was reported December 1, 2014 in Wayne, NJ.
Old December 3rd, 2014 #227
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

HUSH CRIME: USA: DENVER: White Man seriously injured in attack by niggers

Black males pummel random white man in Denver while yelling racial slurs

Three black males brutally attacked a white male and pummeled him. Then they pursued and threatened multiple other whites who witnessed the attack. The perps were screaming anti-white racial slurs the entire time. Police are describing the attack as “racially motivated.”

The victim was seriously injured.

[vid thru link]

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Old December 3rd, 2014 #228
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

HUSH CRIME: USA: OHIO: White Pizza Delivery Man murdered by nigger

White pizza delivery driver slaughtered in racial hate crime

A 26 year old white male was slaughtered while delivering pizzas in Lorain, Ohio by a black male. Police say the perp also had accomplices. The media is downplaying it as “a robbery.” The killer did not obtain anything of value. The main motivation was a desire to kill a white man.

This webmaster personally knows a white pizza delivery driver who was the victim of an attempted murder in Columbus, Ohio in the 90s. He was returning to his car when two armed black males walked in between him and his vehicle. They said “your going to die white boy” and opened fire. One of the perps hit him in the arm. He only survived because the second perp couldn’t get his gun to fire. The second perped pulled the trigger repeatedly but nothing happened. The victim punched the perp in the face with his remaining good arm and both perps fled.

White people are being murdered daily in racial hate crime attacks and the media is desperate to keep it hidden.

[video thru link]
Old December 3rd, 2014 #229
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[dave ruenzel upthread turns out to be an SPLC writer and apologist for precisely the type of nigger that murdered him]

December 3, 2014
Black Crime Claims Life of Apologist for Black Crime
By Colin Flaherty

David Ruenzel knew, better than most, about the white privilege that killed him.

As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything.

This mantra of the Critical Race Theory and the Southern Poverty Law Center applied to all white people because, even if they were not personally cracking the whips, or breaking the skulls, white people benefitted from a racist system that did all that — and a lot more.

Ruenzel was writing about white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center as far back as 1997 — long before it became the rage at college campuses, newsrooms, churches, high schools and even grade schools.

By the time of his death, Ruenzel had accumulated many of the trappings of the white privilege he exposed: The job. The home. The intact family. And most importantly in his case, white privilege endowed Ruenzel with an expectation of safety in the Oakland neighborhood where last week two black people are suspected of killing him.

A black NPR reporter explained the connection between white privilege and violence to Tracy Halvorsen earlier this year during Black History Month. In an article called Baltimore, You Are Breaking My Heart, Halvorsen described the relentless crime and violence in her gentrified Baltimore neighborhood. How she had to borrow her neighbor’s pit bull to walk around the block. How her neighbors were victims.

How public officials accepted that as normal.

Halvorsen included all the requisite denials that race had anything to do with the patterns of crime and hyper-violence in Baltimore.

Activists in Baltimore corrected her quickly and in large numbers: Race had everything to do with it, they said. Her white privilege gave her an unrealistic expectation of safety in her neighborhood. Her white race blinded her to the real causes of black crime.

“I think the problem here is that many white and/or upper/middle-class residents of Baltimore – and, of course, the Maryland suburbanites who work or play in Baltimore – show no sense of the structural problems plaguing the city and the roots of violence,” said a commentator known as Shereen at a local blog that focuses on journalism and music operated by NPR reporter Lawrence Lanahan.

Lanahan says it’s time to give some tough love to the white people in Baltimore who do not like crime.

“It’s tough to talk about white privilege in the face of crimes like the ones Halvorsen cites, with innocent victims killed and badly injured and stunned families left to grieve,” Lanahan said. “There’s also a lot that goes on, from individual decisions to local, state, and federal policy, that ensures – whether intentionally or not – that all the social ills stay where they ‘belong’ in the neighborhoods that people like Halvorsen and, frankly, I won’t live in.”

White neighborhoods “get more resources” than black neighborhoods, Lanahan said. That racial disparity causes violence, he said.

Or as President Obama called it in a recent speech to the Black Caucus: The “justice gap.”

This is the kind of atmosphere that David Ruenzel helped to create with his early and oft-cited work on white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The kind mentioned in his obituaries. The kind that blinded him to the dangers of being a white person in a black neighborhood in Oakland.

Other visitors to the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve where Ruenzel was murdered describe the trail as idyllic. An oasis. A hidden gem.

But commentators to the Oakland news site that reported Ruenzel’s death were a bit more explicit: “That parking lot is a well known site for smash and grabs,” said one of several. Others pointed out graffiti and other crimes.

Another commentator, as if he were channeling the dead writer, chided anyone who suggested however slightly that white people are at risk of violent crime from black people in Oakland: “I've never read more atrocious comments. The white fear/hate is pretty scary.”

This is the world the Southern Poverty Law Center hath wrought: Comments about killing are scarier than killing itself.

Psychologist Marlin Newburn says the comments are not based on fear. Or hate. Just a feeling that something is very, very wrong with astronomical levels of black mob violence and black criminality.

And something is even worse among those who would deny it — or explain it away.

Like Ruenzel.

“Some liberals, most of which are ego-soaked, look for ways to support their self-perceived importance so they champion imaginary causes for that purpose,” Newburn said. “They are adult-children who feel free to construct fantasies about their greatness. Their narcissism in part functions to blind them to inconvenient realities. So to compensate, they idealize the targets of their misdirected and pathological ‘caring.’"

The enablers are just as guilty as the predators. More Newburn:

“They perpetuate misery by defending the indefensible such as widespread black predation and other crimes. It causes too much cognitive dissonance and confusion, and it doesn't comport with their imagined status as a great liberator and defender of their chosen imagined, downtrodden group.”

Today, Newburn is an adjunct professor of psychology at Lake Superior State University. But for the last 30 years, he toiled in Michigan courts and prisons as a forensic/clinical psychologist. That’s a long time watching white liberals trying to ignore, deny and condone black mob violence and black criminality.

“Reality will only disrupt their fantasies as all-knowing and all-protecting avengers. Maturity is sometimes defined as when a person ends illusions in their thinking, and accepts reality, no matter how distasteful. I apply that same definition to the grounded, peaceful, law-abiding, sane, and stable.

“Over the years I've examined and found a trait of sociopath in most liberals. They have this sadistic gratification in creating or fomenting social chaos and conflicts, then, presenting themselves as ‘above it all,’ they arrive to fix the problem they themselves caused or perpetuated. Think of it as mental illness. A Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, but on a very large scale.”

Ruenzel is hardly the first enabler of black violence to believe he was exempt from it, as urban pioneers are finding throughout the country.

Newburn calls that “death from willful ignorance.”

That’s tough talk about a recently deceased husband, father and teacher whose death moved a lot of people to remember him with affection.

Tougher still for other victims and their families who had nothing to do with this insanity. Or even knew it existed so widely and so deeply. So fatally.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it. For a free preview chapter of his next book on racial violence, click here.
Old December 4th, 2014 #230
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

HUSH CRIME: MINNESOTA: nigger attacks white woman for being in black 'hood

Charges: Ebony Steward assaulted woman because she's white 'in a black neighborhood'

Nov 17, 2014

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) -
Warning: This story contains explicit language

Ebony Steward, 32, faces two felony charges for allegedly punching two women for no good reason in St. Paul on the afternoon of November 14.

According to the charges, around 2 p.m. that day, officers received a call from a woman who reported that Steward punched her in the left eye after she exited TJ's Nail Salon at 598 University Ave.

The victim "stated that she had never seen the defendant before and had no idea why she assaulted her," the complaint says. "Officers observed that [the victim's] left eye had some swelling and bruising."

Officers found Steward still at the scene, according to the complaint. Asked why she punched the woman, she said she doesn't know her, but can't stand it when "bitches" are in her way.

Steward said the woman was "strutting her ass around and her boyfriend in the area," the complaint continues. She added that she doesn't like light-skinned people, and police noted that the victim is a light-skinned black woman.

Officers requested that Steward to leave the scene, but didn't arrest her, the complaint says.

A short time later, officers received another call about a fight just down University Avenue. According to the complaint, when they arrived, they saw a woman later identified as Steward pull a woman to the ground in a parking lot and start punching her. Witnesses told officers there was no apparent reason for the violence.

Officers spoke to the victim, who said she didn't know the assailant. She said she was exiting JJ's Fish and Chicken when she was assaulted. She said the back of her neck and head were sore from the punches.

This time, officers placed Steward under arrest. On the way to the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, she told authorities she assaulted the woman because she's a "white girl in the hood."

"Get that white bitch out of my yard, out of the hood," Steward said, according to the complaint, which adds that she repeatedly said she hates white people.

In a post-Miranda interview, Steward admitted to both assaults and acknowledged she has anger management issues, the complaint says.

Steward "said that she was trying to help the white girl because she would probably come across someone who knew how to punch better or someone who might kill her," the complaint says. "She added that 'they' should get her some anger management pills but they don't."

The complaint notes that Steward has already been convicted of assault twice this year, and has four previous assault convictions from 2005 through 2007.

To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click here.
Old December 4th, 2014 #231
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

'China overtakes US as the world’s largest economy'

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Old December 5th, 2014 #232
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
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Alex Linder

THIS JUST IN: 3 Black Males Drag White Woman From Car and Beat Her In St Louis

Posted on December 5, 2014

This is unbelievable. Welcome to Obamaland.

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis police are investigating an alleged hate crime in the Bevo neighborhood early this morning that left a 26-year-old woman beaten.

According to a police report, at about 5:30 a.m., a Bosnian woman was driving on the 4600 block of Lansdowne when three black males in their late-teens to early-20s stepped in front of her vehicle.

When the woman tried to drive around them, the suspects reportedly pulled out a firearm, so she stopped the car.

After hitting her windshield with a crowbar, the suspects pulled the woman from her car, threw her on the ground and kicked her.

A suspect grabbed her purse, searched it, and told the others it was empty. All three suspects then fled the scene.

Police say the woman said she thought the crime was racially motivated because the suspects asked her if she was Bosnian.
Old December 6th, 2014 #233
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Billy Bullshine ‏@BullshineBilly 34s34 seconds ago
and another woman raped by a black man
#CelebratingDiversity #Multiculturism

She was walking down Ladybarn Lane at 11.30pm Friday

Another girl has been dragged into an alley and raped as she walked down Ladybarn Lane.

The 22-year-old was attacked by a stranger while walking home from a friend’s house between 11.30pm on Friday and 12.17am on Saturday.
Old December 6th, 2014 #234
Alex Linder
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Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Stop white genocide ‏@SAgenocide 23m23 minutes ago
Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.) wrote: Farm attack, Rustenburg op die Oorsaakpad..... Plot 94. Two woman have been shot and stabbed.
Old December 6th, 2014 #235
Alex Linder
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Posts: 45,571
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Hush crimes: New random black on white murders in OK, OH, and SC
To read more about recent black on white crime, click here.

An out of town white male construction worker was murdered at random in Lawton, OK by a black male.

Local media completely censored the race of the victim. We only know he is white because of his obituary.

Click Here.

In Chambersburg, PA a black father and son have been arrested for murdering a white male.

Police say the Father and son were a drug dealing team. Local media completely censored the race of the victim. We only know the victim is white because of his online obituary.

Click Here.

Two young black males have been arrested for the abduction and murder of a young white male near Myrtle Beach.

The media is showing pictures of the white victim, however the story started out as a missing person.

Click Here.

These incidents of black on white murder were found by To read more about recent black on white crime, click here.

Kyle Rogers Mod MrsMommy • 18 minutes ago
Actually 83% of white murder victims were killed by a white or a Latino perp/perps. The rest were killed by someone who is not white or Latino.
Old December 6th, 2014 #236
Alex Linder
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Posts: 45,571
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Alex Linder

Police arrest 2 men in Zachary Malinowski missing person case
[email protected]ember 5, 2014 Updated 17 hours ago

Families, friends of missing people, including Heather Elvis and Brittanee Drexel, attend CUE event in North Myrtle Beach
Family of missing Aynor teen offers $25,000 reward to locate him

Zack’s Law in talks at House, Senate


Aug. 25, 2013: Malinowski last seen leaving friend’s house in Aynor

Aug. 26, 2013, 12:15 a.m.: Malinowski’s last phone call

Sept. 2, 2013: Police find Malinowski’s car “completely burned”

September 2013: CUE, police search several weeks for Malinowski’s body

October 2013: Malinowski featured in “On the Road to Remember” missing persons tour

April 2014: “Zach’s Law” introduced to S.C. House and Senate

August 2014: Malinowski’s parents announce $25,000 reward for info leading to Malinowski

Dec. 5, 2014: Police charge Javon Gibbs and Christopher Brown with murder in connection with Malinowski’s case
Horry County Police arrested two men Friday in connection with Zachary Malinowski, who was reported missing in August 2013.

Police arrested Christopher Anfony Brown, 20, and Javon Dion Gibbs, 20, were both arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of Malinowski, according to police.

During the investigation into the disappearance, police said it was determined that during the early hours of Aug. 26, 2013, the two defendants abducted the victim from his residence and transported him to the western portion of Horry County where he was killed.

Malinowski, who was 19 when was last seen Aug. 25 in Aynor, was last spoken to by phone about 12:15 a.m. on Aug. 26. Police found Malinowski’s car, a 1996 Chevrolet Beretta, “completely burned” along Valley Forge Road on Sept. 2.

Lonnie Jordan, Malinowski’s stepfather, said the news of the arrest Friday afternoon was still very new to the family at about 4:30 p.m.

“Right now is not a good time,” Jordan said. “We really would like our privacy to be respected so we can deal with this information. We pretty much got the information right before [the media] did. It’s still new to us. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around it.”

Lt. Raul Denis, public information officer with Horry County Police, said police have enough probable cause to charge murder, but could not detail what that evidence was. He could not reveal where exactly the body was found or what relation the suspects have to Malinowski.

Denis said detectives continue to follow leads, though a search has not been planned as of Friday.

“Police are hoping to have a search in the next few days,” Denis said. “Because of the arrests, they have new info and they’re sorting through all this before we start a search.”

Missy Jordan, the mother of Zachary Malinowski, and Lonnie Jordan announced a $25,000 reward this past August for anyone who provides a tip that leads to finding Malinowski.

Malinowski was featured in a national missing person tour called “On the Road to Remember” in October of 2013. The tour visited towns across the country highlighting missing children and adults. During the tour, volunteers launched balloons in remembrance of the victims at Aynor Park on Main Street.

The Community United Effort (CUE) Center for Missing Persons, which provides services to families of missing persons, searched Aynor and Conway for several weeks in September 2013. Monica Caison, CUE director, said the search utilized at least 30 K9 Units in the Valley Forge Road area near Aynor.

A bill named for Malinowski made its way to the S.C. House and Senate floor in April 2014.

The S.C. Missing Law, or “Zach’s Law,” is a bill introduced by Sens. Luke Rankin and Greg Hembree and also was introduced in the House by Rep. Liston Barfield. It’s intended to allow for a conservator to be named for a missing person, military person or mentally ill person who cannot take care of their own responsibilities, such as health and life insurance.

Lonnie Jordan, Malinowski’s stepfather, originally drafted what was originally Zach’s Law, designed to set protocol for law enforcement when a missing person’s case is opened.

The proposed law called for limited power of attorney privileges for close family members to help maintain certain things in a missing person’s life, such as insurance policies and settling debts

But after review by Rankin’s office, who is a lawyer by practice, it was decided that a conservatorship would be more fitting than a power of attorney. Jordan has since shifted his focus to try to make sure health and life insurance for missing people remain intact while they’re away.

“Most missing persons are going to need health insurance and life insurance and this also is going to help more than just missing persons,” Jordan said in April, adding it will help military overseas and those who mentally are not able to continue to make their own decisions.

Sen. Hembree could not be reached Friday night about the bill’s progress in the S.C. Senate.

Staff writer Jason M. Rodriguez and Maya T. Prabhu contributed to this report.

Read more here:
Old December 28th, 2014 #237
Senior Member
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Default Michigan Teen Girl: Victim of Race War on Whites


This 16 year-old White girl was drilled through the head by a black with an assault rifle, wearing camo and body armor — just try to imagine the national media uproar if a White guy dressed like that shot dead a young black girl? Haven’t you realized the lying hypocrite media is protecting this murderous race by now? [INCOG]

Paige Stalker lives in Grosse Pointe, a 92% white suburb of Detroit. On December 22nd, Stalker and four other teenagers were sitting in their car on the side of the road in Detroit. They were three block from the border of Grosse Pointe. While Grosse Pointe is a vibrant community, right over the border lies a dangerous wasteland if abandoned houses and crime. The media has previously reported that they were smoking marijuana. Stalker’s family denies this claim.

A black male with camo fatigues, body armor, and an assault style rifle ran up to their car and started spraying it with bullets. Between 25 and 30 bullets were fired.

Ask yourself this question. If a white male wearing fatigues and body armor went on a spree shooting, killing a teenage black girl, would the media take notice? It would be the single biggest news story in the nation. A hundred media personnel would still be camped out on the border of Detroit and Grosse Pointe right now.

Instead it is a “hush crime.” Local media and Detroit PD insult our intelligence calling it “a robbery gone bad.” The term “robbery gone bad” is used as a euphemism for when a black person kills a white person for the fun of it.

If the races were reversed, race would dominate the headlines. Instead, virtually every single media report censors the race of the murderous at large killer. Political Correctness is deemed more important than public safety.

All the surviving teens say that there was no attempt by the perpetrator to rob them. He simply ran up to the car and opened fire.

Three other teenagers were injured and one was unhurt. Two of the injured were still in the hospital on Christmas Day. One of the other teens is a black male from Detroit. The others are a white male and white female from Grosse Pointe.

The media has been in a frenzy of anti-white hatred for months. In fact the Detroit Free Press and other media have been attacking the City of Grosse Pointe as “racist” for wanting to put a farmer’s market along the border of Grosse Point and Detroit. The farmer’s market was blocking a road and black power groups called it a “racist” scheme to keep blacks out of Grosse Point. The farmer’s market was shut down just a week ago. Media and black power groups have been attacking the Grosse Pointe police force as “racist” for at least the past two years.

Clearly the media and the black power industry in Detroit have taught blacks in Detroit that “racist” Grosse Point is their enemy.

The killer has several attributes that are extremely uncommon for typical gangland violence. The killer was wearing camo fatigues. The typical uniform of a Detroit street thug is an over-sized white t-shirt and over-sized pants hanging below the ass. The killer was using an assault style weapon and apparently had a 30 round magazine. This is not a typical gangland weapon. The victims believe the killer was wearing an armored vest. This is unheard of in gangland violence. Many are commenting on message boards that they have never even heard of a black gangbanger in Detroit using a vest while committing a crime before.

The clothing, weapon, and body armor paints a picture of a paramilitary/Black Panther style killer, not a member of a drug gang.

From Detroit Free Press…
“It’s terrible. I know all grandparents say their grandkids are fabulous. But this one was. I don’t know if the expression one in a million is good enough,” Paige’s grandfather, Dave Lawrence, told the Free Press today. “She was goal oriented, number one her class – a straight-A student … She was the type of student that if she got a 93 on a paper, she’d go in to talk to a teacher and ask, ‘Why didn’t I get the other 7 points?'”

Dave Lawrence wants the public to remember his granddaughter the way he did: a hardworking, kind and compassionate girl who had saved up $10,000 in the bank from babysitting and nanny jobs. She was so driven, he said, that in ninth grade she called the admissions department at the University of Michigan on her own and asked, “‘What do I need to do to get into medical school.'”

That’s the girl the Lawrences remember. And they are adamant that the image that is being portrayed of her by police – that she was smoking marijuana in Detroit when the shooting happened – is not true.

“Paige was just super clean,” Dave Lawrence said, adding that he isn’t “being naïve” or in a state of denial.

Dave Lawrence said he doesn’t know why his granddaughter was in Detroit Monday night. But what he does know, he said, is that Paige had plans to go to the movies at Partridge Creek with her little brother and older sister that night.

“There weren’t any plans to be running around all night in Detroit,” Dave Lawrence said.

Over the years, this website has reported on numerous random killings of white people in Detroit. Besides Paige Stalker, at least four other white people were killed in random attacks by black perpetrators in Detroit this year.

7/28/14 – Bilal Berreni, 23, a French artist staying in Detroit is murdered by a groups of black males. Four suspects have been charged.

2/10/14 – A group of at least four blacks invade the Detroit, MI home of a white family and stabbed three people to death

Michael Hoots, 24
Lawrence Bowman, 51
Nicholas Bowman, 26
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We documented 350 black on white murders that occurred in 2014

So far, we have found 9 white police officers murdered by blacks in 2014. We found 5 cases of whites killed by blacks while working at a pizza shop or delivering pizza. There are other cases of whites being murdered by blacks while delivering other things.

We found 6 cases of white taxi cab drivers killed on the job by black males. This is a shockingly high number. It suggests that white cab drivers are far more likely to be murdered by a black male than white police officers.

All told, we have tabulated 350 black on white murders. We challenged the left-wing to send us white on black murders. We even asked the SPLC for a list of white on black murders. So far we have only found three blacks murdered by white people in 2014.

You can use this form to submit a white on black murder that occurred in 2014.

Black on white murder is being censored at every level. The fact that we could compose a list this big shows that it is even more common that we thought it was. We never dreamed we would get up to 350.

Think we missed one? There is a form to submit more murders at the bottom of the list. Please double check that we do not already have it.

One white on black murder is a major national news story. Where is the outrage for the daily occurring black on white murders?

John Swoveland Jr, 2, was shot and killed, by black males, while playing in his front yard in South Bend, IN on April 10th, 2014.

Present Tally: 350
Hold Up/Hate Crime/Thrill Kill: 167*
Pizza Shop: 5
Cab Driver: 6
Police Officers Killed: 9
Home Invasion: 58
Killed By A Friend: 20
Killed while providing charity: 2
Femicide: 49**
Femicide Related: 14***
Killed by boyfriend’s brother: 2
Killed by son/daughter: 2
Killed by female in-law: 1
Killed by foster child: 1
Killed by foster parents: 1
Criminal Vehicular Homicide: 13****

*Some victims may have been killed by someone they knew, but the media never reported the full details.

**There were numerous suspicious deaths of white females who died of drug overdoses while they were with black males. There is another case where a white female supposedly “shot herself playing Russian Roulette” with her black boyfriend.

We only listed cases that were classified as murder by the authorities. We did not list cases in which a black male played an obvious role in the death, but the death was classified as accidental. There was one case of a white female being killed by a black female “ex-wife.” There are also numerous cases of a white female being shot by a play male while in the company of a black boyfriend. we did not count these as “femicide.” However, it seems that white females involved with black males are at a dramatically increased risk of being murdered by a black male in general.

***Femicide related refers to victims killed by the black boyfriend of relative or close friends. Many of these victims are young children of white females dating black males. Some are women who were attacked by the black boyfriend of a white female friend.

****We only listed cases of vehicular homicide in which the perp was committing serious crimes when they killed a victim. In several cases, the perp was fleeing from police. In two other cases, their is strong indication the perp did it on purpose.

Click to see full list :
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White Girl Bleed A Lot

When Khrista Ibarolle, left the 36 Handles Irish Pub and Eatery, she had only drank a couple of glasses of Chardonnay with a girlfriend to celebrate the two’s mutual birthdays. She knew it wasn’t much of a party, but she had to get back home to let Anela out one last time for the night. Maybe this weekend she and her dog would go for a nice hike in the hills nearby. They both loved that.

Still a bit new around here, the popular jewelry designer loved living out in pretty and California rural, El Dorado Hills — only about a half hour or so away from where she used to live in urban Sacramento. Khrista had become sick and tired of the increasing crime and general crap out on the streets; every other week or so, it seemed like a friend or business associate was getting smacked around, robbed at gunpoint or worse. She hated some of the thinking she was now starting to do about black people. It was so uncool.

Unfortunately for Khrista, the very street crime she was escaping from, had tonight came all the way out here looking for her. And on her 31st birthday, no less.

Later, everybody would ask themselves how the psycho black guy got all the way out there from crime-ridden Oakland. Perhaps he stole a car and abandoned it after it ran out of gas, they wondered. Or maybe a drug dealer in the ‘hood gave one of his more troublesome acid customers a ride into the countryside to get rid of him? What better place to dump his crazy black ass, but where a lot of white crackers lived? Might even be funny as hell giving him a full sheet of blotter and that cheap stolen pistol a skinny old brutha traded him the other day for some wack Belushi, dopeman told himself.

The crazy nigga will surely stir up the shit in whitey land!

Whatever the case for his arrival in peaceful El Dorado Hills, a real-life crazy black monster was now roaming loose on the streets. And that monster needed a car and some fast cash to get away before popo man sent out the black man-hunting snipers to shoot his black ass dead — just like he saw happen on TV.

When the tripped-out freak saw the two nice whitey girls happily stroll out of the clean suburban shopping mall restaurant, he knew they would have what he needed. All he had to do was scare them a little with the compact silver pistol his homie gave him earlier, right before driving off and not coming back. But the two white bitches pretended like they couldn’t understand what he was saying and tried to run back to the restaurant.

So he angrily blasted away at both. They asked for it.

One stumbled, fell over and painfully tried to drag herself away, but only got a few feet across the parking lot before she stopped moving. He didn’t know where the other screaming white ho got away to.

The pretty blond one was now bleeding out like a stuck pig. As she lay in a rapidly expanding pool of glistening blood, he could just make out her gurgling and wheezing as she tried to breathe in and out. White girls sure do bleed a lot, he thought to himself.

He saw her fancy expensive purse down at her feet, now covered in blood. Picking it up, he got some of her nasty-ass ho blood on his hands. He quickly dug out the keys to the car and her money wallet. One of his bullets had punched a hole in the car’s side window. No matter. But the keys wouldn’t open the car door. As he repeatedly stabbed at a button with a bloody finger, he kept hearing a chirping noise. Ah, there it is, waiting for him under a street lamp. Nice one, too.

At that very moment, Khrista’s vision red tunneled and her world went black forever.

The black man jumped right in and sped off. He knew he had to get away fast. Surely, racist white police snipers were on the way.

He was soon driving the blue-green 2006 Subaru Legacy way too fast for the winding California hills. He didn’t even have the faintest idea of where he was at or where he was going. No more than five miles away, he lost control of the car and violently rolled it two or three times, ending up crashed in some cracker’s backyard.

But he wasn’t really hurt too bad. In a daze from the accident or something else he couldn’t remember doing, the black man knew he had better get his shit together before the snipers caught up to him again. It was all just like he saw in the movies. Maybe he was in a movie.

Right then, some dumbass whiteys came up to help him out of the wrecked car. Aren’t whites always pretending to act so nice and helpful to the black man before they stick you in the gut?

He didn’t know what happened to the pistol. Besides, he didn’t have any more bullets left after shooting at those two slutty white witches coming after his black dick in that parking lot down the road. And he forgot what he did with that sharp knife he stole from a Whole Foods market last week.

Or else he would surely slay all these evil white demons now surrounding him, trying to keep a black man from living his life.

Too quickly, five-o showed up with red and blue lights flashing. When he tried to run off, a racist popo caught up to him, tackled him down to the ground and handcuffed his black ass.

But he had that happen to him before.

Now a lot of White people might read the above and think “gun control.” Unfortunately, they are missing the point entirely. In fact, gun control would hardly slow down violent black behavior in general. Chances are, with the way White people follow the law, only black criminals would be the ones having guns.

Even more of us would simply end up as dead victims like Khrista above.

If by chance a black didn’t have a gun, they would still stab you in the gut, beat and kick you to death, smash your face in with a baseball bat or any convenient two-by-four, maybe even set you ablaze as him and homies stood around laughing.

Just take a few minutes to scroll down through my White victims photo montages up under my masthead and make note on how each of those people were killed. Do google searches on the names — whatever. That is, if the crime hasn’t already been quietly censored down the rabbit hole by now.

What you will rarely, if ever read, is that many of those White victims were killed simply because of the color of their skin. Isn’t that something that us Whites are continuously getting accused of? All the GD time?

Even little White children have been brutally murdered by blacks in a wide variety of gruesome, horrible ways. Blacks simply have no moral compunctions or empathy for any living creature. Take a look at how they treat animals, or behave among each other in Africa or Haiti to this very day, for crying out loud.

Blacks are indeed a brutal, ugly, rapidly devolving race. No two ways about it.

Us decent White people do NOT deserve these PC accusations of racism. Never have. Nor should we always have to see this race portrayed in the media as the world’s action heroes, the science saviors and high-tech experts, required news anchors or just the nice, regular guy winners. Even all the doctors in GD TV commercials are now black actors, for chrissakes. For it is this one race who most definitely do NOT deserve never-ending worship and adulation.

Ugly blacks would kill you or a loved one in a moment, sometimes even to get back at our race for perceived injustices that none of us had anything to do with. They hate us White people. They’ve been ceaselessly propagandized for decades now by Jewish owned Hollywood and TV (actually meant to instill White guilt in us so we don’t go all Nazi on their greedy, manipulative asses once again).

Anderson Swift, 41, in custody. Now the taxpayer will have to pay for the animal’s zoo upkeep for a few years before he gets out and does it again.

Hell, they freely make movies all the time jacking up blacks against Whitey. This week they released “Selma” and, like last season’s “12 Years a Slave,” are already excitedly telling us it will win major film awards like it’s a given.

Tell me: Are you not sick and tired of all this BS?

These morally filthy, racially selfish, Zionist Jews are ruining America and all the other White countries they live in and have media control.

Look at all the Muzzie terror BS going on in France this past week. Jewry as a race has worked for decades to allow such non-White immigration in the inner belief that the less of us White gentiles out there demographic-wise, the better it will be for Jewish power in the long run.

They have turned White people’s good graces against ourselves and it is surely killing our race. No doubt whatsoever.

Look into it, pay attention to everything going down these days and you’ll see.

– Phillip Marlowe

versteckte kriminalität


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