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Leonard Rouse
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Leonard Rouse
Default Fatima: A Scheme to Prevent Portugal from Going Communist?

Just finished reading Bishop Williamson's weekly missive. The good Bishop takes the DOA line that the fault lies wholly with us (well. . .with implicitly white Catholics) and not with our enemies (namely jews). That's not particularly of interest.

Originally Posted by Bishop Williamson
Therefore whoever begins to see what notably Disraeli and Woodrow Wilson hinted at but could hardly say openly, namely that there is a dark power behind the scenes directing world events, let them not lose their balance in cursing the Illuminati or the Jews or the Freemasons or whoever, but let them realize the wisdom of the words of Pius X : “Let every man do his duty, and all will be well.” That is because our first duty is towards God, as the First Commandment indicates, so that if we all did our duty and made our way back to God, it would be mere child’s play for him to undo that present power of his various enemies which he alone let them have in the first place by not intervening to prevent it.

Thus before Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917, the anti-Catholics had brought the government of Portugal completely under their control, but when virtually the entire Portuguese people prayed and did penance as Our Lady had asked, then she simply dissolved the anti-Catholics’ power in a bloodless revolution. Portugal became, in the godless 20th century with Communism triumphing everywhere, the showcase of a Catholic State.
Is that the true 'secret' of Fatima, that it was a Catholic propaganda scheme to prevent communism from establishing a beachhead (in the form of national control) on the opposite side of Europe, hemming-in the rest of the continent?

1917, communism, fatima, portugal, revolution


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