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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Paradise Lost: the San Francisco jewtopia

Paradise Lost: the San Francisco jewtopia

San Francisco is the small-scale prototype for the world the jews are so insidiously trying to create. It is one of the most thoroughly judaized cities in the world, and the direct influence of the disgusting kosher morality is everywhere to be seen. It is an epicenter of jewish materialism and instant gratification. It is in no way a community because a community is premised on the perpetuation of the lineages, culture, and beliefs of the current members to future generations; San Francisco has none of these traits in the human sense. There is no thought of a future, beyond satiating the basest urges from the dark recesses of human depravity. At its best, San Francisco is a collection of opportunistic parasites from the most alien corners of the world, who are devouring any remaining vitality before the entire California corpse-state collapses into a savage all-against-all reminiscent of failed states from Haiti to Somalia to Mexico...


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