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Old February 20th, 2021 #1
James Radov
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James Radov
Exclamation Semen Retention makes you Immortal

So start with the obvious jew porno is degenerate poison and avoid it always; second, wanking is a bad habit and do not do it either!!
Is masturbation to porno addiction real? Itz a jew product, whic means itz always BAD for humans!!
this topic seems more in line with some of Anglins essays, but the vids are interesting;

what about those of us who use Gear?
It has the same effect as the benefits of "Semen Retention" but is it only artificial enlightenment?
then theres the increased sex drive, whic is certain with Test and other steroids.. more danger of losing semen, but you produce much less of it cus Gear shuts down your balls. Test/Viagra combo.. fuggitabourit..

Old March 2nd, 2021 #3
Senior Member
Gladiatrix's Avatar
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Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
Old March 13th, 2021 #4
Donncha Dennis
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Donncha Dennis

I couldn't get past the one minute marker hahahaha this is just too ridiculous. Humans have short lives while I do not agree letting vices take hold holy moly I sure am not going to take advice on the bedroom from these quacks. Use it or loose it baby!


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