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William Burcker
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William Burcker

There are no words for how much I appreciate this show!
You said listen to it 2 times...I am going to listen to it 200 times!
Its perfect! Its a great compendium main points to memorize and say at the "drop of a hat".

This show is perfect evidence that you guys care about what your listeners say.

Perfectly Executed!
Perfectly Factual!

Mark in Cali, you always say things that are right on. Your rants follow a line of reasoning that is perfectly agreeable.

This show should be labeled by the title and stored in the VNN Digital archive (instead of just listed as Freetalk Live).

Cannot wait to hear the discussion of the Elders of Zion!
"So many have defiled my realm, So many foreign tongues and unknown words, So many blether and blether and blether..."
[Alone I Stand In Fires] DisiLLUsioN


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