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Default Open letter to white nationalist media figures

There is a problem in the White Nationalist movement not only locally but globally and that is a lack of representation of younger generations in the movement in terms of media prescence. Given that it will be the younger generations who will be most instrumental in effecting change on a physical level and will need the torch to be passed to them IF there is to be a future for Whites at all in this world it behooves those in positions of influence to provide a venue for the youth in the movement.
The baby boomers seem to have monopolized the movement and rendered it more restrictive and 'entropic' (read 'closed system'), restrictive to their own pet concerns and ideas which in many ways are insufficiently appealing to younger audiences.
Examples of this are in the case of an overemphasis on Christian mores and on criticism of liberals as well as hang-ups bordering on fetishism regarding neurotic sexual mores which though legitimate become a hyperfocus when the greater issues such as jews and white genocide should be the target in place of these derivative subissues.
This hyperfocus may be intended by the White Nationalist media pundit to be a way of undermining the influence of the jew without eliciting a backlash against themselves and triggering the programmed masses to either ignore the message or shoot the messenger who promotes an (((anti-semitic))) message. Insofar this may be a good approach to pull the rug out from under the jew and his deleterious influence, though it could at the same time serve as a means of transferring attention from the jew and towards those who the jew himself despises through uses for his own dialectical ends and has perhaps himself created in the first place, eg. liberals; muslims; feminists; faggots,etc. As the Protocols of Zion say "We will eliminate the poison of liberalism",eg.
The latter demographics so far as the author can perceive are receiving undue hyperfocus and the causa ultima of world unrest (the jew) inadequate focus and his ultimate end goal of a Zion world dictatorship. The way in which this is gone about is inadequately appealing to younger audiences who would the author conjectures like to see younger people also represented in the movement who are a virtual absence from the scene, are receiving little to no voice and thus their opinions are occluded by the older generations who have largely monopolized the discourse. Examples of representation could be in the form of autobiographical presentations of younger people and what experiences they have undergone in the context of their lives on campus or in seeking or maintaining employment and how they have been undermined and had stumbling blocks thrown in their way by jews and non-whites or race traitors and what strategies they have developed to circumvent obstacles being put before them in daily life. This would serve as valuable insight for all demographics into what younger white males specifically must endure amidst the ZOG system.
In order to have greater numbers of younger generations 'throwing their hat in the ring' of White survival and prosperity it would be best if they had some vehicle of expression to bring the perspectives of the upcoming generations to the fore. Hackneyed discourse which is inadequately appealing to many would best be shifted in a more hardline direction at the same time with meaningful and insightful intellectual content and analysis not necessarily of any particular weltanschuang or philosophy but the type which would serve as a vehicle to present valuable commentary on curent events mainly oriented around domestic events in addition to a presentation of practical courses of action; particular recommendations for survivalism; organizational tips; propaganda and general life strategies that would be educational for the youth and enable them to pick themselves up and avoid being sucked into the vortex of degenerate culture that constitutes the mainstream while offering much in the way of content in terms of sub culture that is inadequate at this time. Given that the youth of today require role models that they might emulate and mold themselves in the image of young white men of sound mind and body should be put forth into the limelight so that other youth may have heros to emulate.
The author hopes that this letter will lead to its recipients developing more media venues as outlined above especially with younger generations who are not baby boomers 'throwing their hat in the ring' and putting their back to the plow to move the White Race forward to victory. This is not to denigrate baby boomers at all as they are invaluable contributors to the movement and are themselves as a collective not putting forth adequate effort given their command of resources and intellectual capital which in a perfect world would be dispensed towards the younger generations as pearls of wisdom. At this point in time when the talk begins to wane and the sharpening of swords can be heard in the enemy camp it is imperative that concrete practical advice be bestowed upon the youth and the 'alt-right' entertainment industry be replaced by a White Nationalist military industrial complex through which the White Youth may gird themselves with weapons of race war, the foremost amoungst the arsenal being the mind.
Young White Men need to either come to the fore themselves or be trained by the older generations to work alongside them and lead the White Race to victory in the race war.

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