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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Bill Noble (Canada)

Four months' new jail time imposed in hate-promotion case

Monday, 04 February 2008, 16:44 PST
Citizen Staff

Keith Francis William Noble, 32, was sentenced Monday in B.C. Supreme Court in Prince George to four months of new jail time on being convicted of one count of violating the Criminal Code section against wilful promotion of hatred.

Mr. Justice Glen Parrett said the appropriate sentence for Noble's actions was six months, but he gave the Fort St. John resident two months' credit for 40 days already spent in custody before and during the trial, which lasted nine days.

Three years or probation will follow.

Mr. Justice Parrett ordered all computer equipment police found in Noble's apartment forfeited to the Crown for destruction. During the period of probation, Noble may not own a computer or access the Internet or go to any establishment where Internet service is the primary business. However, the judge said he would not authorize warrantless searches of Noble's residence.

From 2003 to 2005 Noble helped maintain a website called Exterminance that had links with white-supremacist groups in Texas. It included a picture of the accused, court heard.

Noble was attempting to recruit members for a skinhead group in Fort St. John. He also obtained material from a website called Storm Front, court was told.

The criminal code section against wilful promotion of hatred exempts views expressed in private conversation. However, Noble published his views through the Internet where millions can read them and interested persons almost anywhere may copy and republish his comments. It is impossible to conclude Noble meant his communications to be private. "The circumstances don't bring this into the private communications exemption under the Criminal Code," Mr. Justice Parrett said.

On his website Noble attacked Jews, blacks, homosexuals and parents who allowed their children to marry members of other races. He also expressed sympathy with Ku Klux Klan views, court was told.


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