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Norman Bean
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Norman Bean
Default The danger within

A man invests an enormous amount of his time and his hopes,into trying to raise kids he can be proud of.He does NOT want one day, to learn one of his kids,has gone homo.He does NOT want one day, to learn that his first grandchild,will be a mullotto.He does NOT want,to have one of his kids tell him,that they have embraced communism,or just as bad,become a democrat.He has talked to them untill he is blue in the face,tried his best,to keep them out of the public schools,and watch carefully, the friends his kids hang with.Yet,dispite all his efforts,he finds,he has failed,as my Pop failed, with his daughters.Now to a libtard,it is far more then politics,it is a religion, and they see it as their duty,to convert as many of the young as they can.More and more,I think that one of the greatest threats next to the public schools,to ones kids,particulary to ones young daughters,are the females who were converted in those classrooms.In short,ones own sisters,or sisters in law.More ofton then not,they are raising little libtards of their own.A libtard grandchild,is maybe even harder to educate,then their parent was and is.


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