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Default Why Can't You Donate to VNN?

Why Can't you Donate to VNN? I would like to. I don't expect much in return and I don't plan on giving away a huge sum of money. But I think people actually enjoy giving money. It makes them feel like they are paying their "dues" so to speak and cements an emotional connection to the board in question.

I don't expect any "real world" benefits just feel that giving some money shows Group Solidarity and its symbolic of the willingness to sacrifice for "the cause".

I'm not going to be one of those people that pours in thousands of dollars into something that is only really a Virtual World. People who give thousands of Dollars to fund online forums even WNs probably are a bit naive about Life.

But if everyone chipped in say $5 to $10 a month that could add up and possibly fund further activism such as book publishing, magazine publishing, pamphlets, websites, ect.


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