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Default The Problem is Donald Trump

Unbelievable. Hope he doesn't kick start World War 3 this week?
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He backed off calling for an attack on Iran over a drone which was supposedly shot down by the Iranians, and right before that they claimed Iran attacked a Japanese tanker. They failed to convince the Japanese of this.

Chump is really grasping at straws here.

It's not a surprise that the jews awarded him with being the most Zionist president ever.

I think Zion Don has a better ring to it.
Low-IQ bible scholars are legion, the big book o' bullshit is catnip to the underbrained. --ALEX LINDER
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Dan Hadaway
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Dan Hadaway

Trump is just a symptom of the problem. He's a showman, a charlatan. The people who run this country know what the people want, and Trump came on stage and said he was going to do all those things. But, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I think people on the right have forgotten, or maybe many do not recognize, the fact that the position of President of the United States is just a figurehead. Trump is the perfect figurehead to implement the Jewish agenda. Hiding behind a veil of white supremacy, the Jews deflect the blame for their own agenda, and half the country see's the white man as to blame.


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