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Old April 20th, 2015 #17
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

4/18/15 12:02am

Rich Mexican people are the worst. Mexican here btw, and I grew up in a very afluent neighborhood where you would have no problem hearing rich people calling others “poor” or “starving” or “moron” or “little employee”. And of course “gato”, which means “cat”, a word used to insult poor people, mostly employees in the line of service like waiters, maids, chauffers, bellboys, etc. Or “Indio”, to make fun of those who have darker skin and are poor. Sometimes these people even get physical. There is a video of a Jewish owner of several boutiques and businesses, calling an employee of his building all sorts of racial slurs ans insults, before proceeding to beat the poor boy to a pulp. The video went viral causing major outrage. Search for “gentleman de las lomas.” Makes you want to cry.
4/18/15 11:56am
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Why did you include the fact that he was Jewish tho?

4/18/15 12:12pm

Because rich Jewish business owners in Mexico are notoriously racist towards Mexicans, especially indigineous people, even if they were born and raised here too. They are the ones who constantly call everybody else “indios” and rarely befriend non-Jewish people. Anyone who lives here knows this for a fact. Part of the culture in cities where there are large Jewish communities involves racism from wealthy jews. A lot of them tend to be very unpleasant, sadly, even though this was a country who let their ancestors in, gladly, while they were being persecuted worldwide.
4/18/15 4:47pm

To be fair, middle class jews are pretty normal and friendly. It’s the very rich ones you might want to avoid. They snap their fingers at people, push you out of the away when you’re walking, cut you off when you’re in line, have virtually no manners, call everybody names, etc. Basically a pretty pedantic bunch that is becoming increasingly unpopular. Thankfully we have more of the former.

4/19/15 10:42pm

I mean...isn’t that also a kind of racist generalization? A lot of wealthy business owners can probably be pretty shitty. The whole Jewish business owners as the worst/most evil/most money-grubbing/etc of all business owners is uh, a pretty old stereotype pretty deeply tied to that worldwide persecution thing. I am not doubting that there are a bunch of wealthy, racist, asshole business owners who are also Jewish, but maybe they don’t befriend non-Jews bc the non-Jews “know for a fact” that they are all racist/terrible? Kind of sounds like there’s a lot of racism/profiling going on in both directions.

ETA: Obviously the person in the video described is indefensibly horrible. But then you jump into this generalizing that uses a lot of rhetoric that has been used before, a lot.

4/20/15 9:48am

Quote: don’t have a problem with shitty jews acting shitty, you have a problem with calling them on it. Contrast with white privilege, eh?

The stereotype exists for a reason. The reason is that it’s true. You know that. But you try to deny it. More shitty jewish behavior.
4/20/15 12:13am

I know it sounds that way, but it’s the truth. They use racial slurs against Mexicans all the time, they are extremely entitled and nightmarish sometimes, rude, pedantic, arrogant, etc. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but I’m not going to try to sound politically correct just to be nice to an overprivileged group that treats people like shit here. I don’t feel sorry for that. I know this too well. Ask anyone who lives here and they’ll tell you. Yes, rich people can all be disgusting, but the difference is that this people touch the race of the people who live here. They are a very racist bunch of people indeed. Not all Jews, but the very rich ones are. The elite, if you will. And they are the ones that get into screaming matches with people picking on the color of their skin, using slurs, etc are always them. We have people of all backgrounds investing in Mexico city, either born and raised here, or foreign, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone treat people like rich Mexican jews do. It’s something that you just have to see for yourself. And they don’t care, by the way. You can call them out on it and they’ll recite their resume and how you’re a simple employee, blah, blah. One time I was even called a secretary at a store just because I was in this guy’s way. I’m not even a secretary, but that was his way of telling me I was less than him. Even the cashier apologized on his behalf, I was like, why? He’s the dickstain. So, c’est la vie. It’s the truth.

4/20/15 1:21am

I am not defending anyone’s actions. I do not doubt these instances. And maybe there is just some weird, super-specific mix of cultural who-knows going on. But, for me, this isn’t about “political correctness,” it’s about rhetoric that sounds SO MUCH like rhetoric that has gotten many, many people killed. It seems highly possible that non-asshole rich Mexican Jews tend to be very insular bc the assholery (which again, not denying/doubting) that you have described creates/fosters antisemitism.

But even though this particular group is very privileged, there is a big difference between saying shit about “white people” (which isn’t even an ethnicity) or “men” or whatever bc that has not led to decades/centuries of violence. Hate on these racist, classist assholes all you want. But please try to understand where I am coming from. Again, this isn’t about being “PC.” I’ve been told I’ll go to hell, I should have been gassed, I *must* care about money more than my family/friends; my mom’s been asked where her horns are in addition to all the above. Yeah, Jews in America (and I guess Mexico) tend to do well financially, they are not by any means underprivileged, and I have never viewed that aspect as of my identity as ANY sort of remote disadvantage in life (as opposed to, you know, being a tiny woman, which has gotten me into some bad shit). But there is still a lot of shit out there. There are still hate crimes (see synagog/holocaust museum shootings). There are still people in Europe imitating kristellnacht. So fuck the guys who said that shit to you, but please try to resist blaming an ethnic group (and saying “just the rich ones tho” doesn’t help a ton).
This last is classic jew pilpul. Love the "getting people killed." Jews murdered tens of millions of goyim last century while inventing the worst, most destructive blood libel ever about those same victimized goys. Notice how whites who don't even do anything are to be attacked for something imaginary ("white privilege" while jews who DO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING OFFENSIVE are not to be talked about at all, and certainly never have their bad behavior tied to their jewiness, even tho bad behavior of goyim is approved, sanctioned, fuck that DEMANDED by their lol RELIGIOUS texts.


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