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alex revision
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Default Even prior to ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ Jews have long played Nazis onscreen

Even prior to ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ Jews have long played Nazis onscreen

Jewish-Polynesian director Taika Waititi’s latest film has stirred controversy for its humorous portrayal of Hitler, but lampooning the 20th century’s greatest villain is tradition

28 October 2019

Taika Waititi’s satirical film “Jojo Rabbit” is finally out! Set in Nazi Germany, the Jewish Maori director famously plays Adolf Hitler.

“What better way to insult Hitler than having him played by a Polynesian Jew,” Waititi himself tweeted.

When it comes to the Holocaust and humor, many artists, writers and actors feel they have to tread a thin line: When does satire shine a light on injustices, and when does it become sacrilegious and downright hurtful?

Yet there seems to be a general consensus: Making fun of the slaughtering and suffering of Jews is never OK. But making fun of Nazis? That, my friends, has been a favorite pastime for nationals of so many Allied countries — including, of course, Jews.


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