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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

Originally Posted by Larry Heinberg View Post
Just pointing to an example of confirmation bias - the tendency to look for evidence which supports your view, rather than looking at the evidence, then forming a view.
Shouldn't the default hypothesis be based on the Jews' own mantra of diversity? If the Ivy League is so desperate to have black and Hispanic students and faculty in line with their proportions of the population, shouldn't Jews be similarly represented? That would be about 2.3%. This thread shows how far that is from the truth.

Here is how a Jew law professor (albeit from a lesser school) deliberately manipulated affirmative action policy to advantage Jews at the expense of whites:

Who's to Blame for the Affirmative Action Fiasco?
By Hugh Murray

Blumrosen was set upon "selectively enforcing" the civil rights act by using disparate impact theory and proportional representation only when it affected others. (More accurately, Blumrosen was "selectively malenforcing" the civil rights law, imposing quotas for
underrepresented blacks, using quotas to curb whites; for women, against men; but never for gentiles and against Jews.)

Of course, had the EEOC sought to restrict Jews as it has white men, the storm of protest would have cast "disparate impact" theory into the dustbin of history. Thus, the role of Blumrosen and his allies in the media, academia etc., was to create a false target - the "overrepresented," "privileged" and "oppressive" white male. According to the EEOC, the statistics proved just that. However, the statistics proved otherwise. The partial statistics used by Blumrosen were simply the effort to deflect criticism to another group instead of the one most overrepresented, privileged and oppressive - his own.

By not asking the religious question on the EEOC questionnaires, the EEOC created a scapegoat of the white male. Once smeared as "privileged" and "oppressive," the non-privileged, working-class and poor whites began to pay the price for the "moral" system of affirmative action by being legally discriminated against and denied equal opportunity.

More evidence that the "liberal" Jew's concern for social justice is a cover for ethnic warfare.

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