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Location: Bulgaria
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jewsign I received death threats for posting a Meme!!

Last year, I had a YouTube channel called The Arhitekt. I also got a Facebook group called FLEKTARN, which is still active, but my Admin profiles were banned forever on Facebook. Even using a VPN didn't help. I couldn't log onto. Anyway, to make a long story short, all that because I've posted two memes.

One of if was "With Jews you lose".

It was a harmless joke. I guess for [them], a joke is a way of rising, above all the excrements.

The other was about a guy bathing in shekels.

There was no text, no flags, no flag of Israel. They interpreted it as a Jew, it is quite clear who it is who wanted me gone. Who we cannot criticize, even with harmless jokes and memes, is the one who stands above us, stomping us with his cheap greasy boot!

And of course my rant is not about how I got banned on all social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LiveLeak. This rant's about how I got death threats, and a obituary with my name, "stuck on my door."


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