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Old July 19th, 2008 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Jews Destroy White Neighborhoods with Section 8 Housing

Who was behind the campaign to stick feral niggers in the middle of your White, civilized neighborhood?

A jew, of course.

A jew named Alexander Polikoff.

He calls niggers vandalizing, shooting and raping their way through your neighborhood "fair" housing.

Does it sound fair to you?

Do you think jews should be allowed to murder White neighborhoods?
Old July 19th, 2008 #2
John in Woodbridge
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John in Woodbridge

In the DC Metro area a nice place for tourists is Old Town Alexandria, along the Potomac. It is lined with million dollar townhomes. On the north end of Old Town they built nigger housing in '60's or '70's I believe. It was a ghetto then and is a ghetto now. The theory is similar to their theory on schools - that is if you put niggers next to humans they would start acting human, as if intelligence could be transmitted through osmosis.

If they got rid of the nigger ghetto and put affluent housing (extremely good location) they could problem solve Virginia's budget problems without raising taxes.
Itís time to stop being Americans. Itís time to start being White Men again. - Gregory Hood


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