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Originally Posted by Rosita View Post
I have heard people in this forum saying
1)East Asian women are ugly
2)Have bad bodies
3)East Asians find their own women ugly
4)East Asians think white women are better looking than East Asian women
And that though some East Asian women may be attractive the vast majority are ugly and unattractive. And cannot measure up to white women.

I say all this is bullshit. If you really want to stop East Asian men from marrying white women then instead of saying that East Asian women are ugly and that white women are the best show East Asian men these pictures. Tell them that there are plenty of beautiful East Asian women. And tell them to marry them and leave white women alone

For example

Discuss this issue further everyone including east Asians, whites and everybody else who advocates race mixing
I don't think those women are attractive at all.
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The difference in China and America, is they actually tell you that you are getting dog, or cat meat in China. In America they feed you dog or cat and tell you its beef or chicken.
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Yeah, Asian women are completely unattractive, have no curvature, body, or assets whatsoever. Also, I wouldn't marry an Asian woman because I don't want my sons to have small penises. I'm a white guy and have a large penis and I'm proud of it.

asian, beauty, race, white, women


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