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Default Non-traditional e-activism:

I wanted to let everyone know of this undiscovered (?) way to spread our message to young adults, mostly men. The website is a video streaming platform where people transmit picture and audio of themselves playing games, which is then viewed by tens and in some cases hundreds of thousands of people. Many streamers earn their living doing this, crazy as it sounds.

Most streamers accept PayPal or other donations. You can usually include a message alongside with your donation, such as "Nice stream!" or whatever you want. I've found that some streamers also run an automated program in the background that reads donation messages out loud, so that all can hear them (and therefore don't have to read them or pay any attention at all) regardless of what the actual message is. I recently donated 14 cents (yes) to a streamer with over 12 thousand viewers and my message was "Hello viewers, visit to learn about who is screwing up gaming and the world in general."

In that vein, I think it would be beneficial if "The Problem" subforum had a stickied post about jews and their role in SJW garbage right at the top. It's a honeypot to many frustrated teenagers and young men and can be their "gateway drug" into the truth.


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