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jewsign Call to Action: Expose Jewish Scam and Stop Jewish Censorship Online

"They Can't" is an operation designed to shut down criticisms of Jewry by having people report things en masse.

Of course, for the most part, this operation is clearly a scam for donations. Their actual censorship power is weak, to say the least. Simply looking at their list, it's clear that they uploaded 90%+ of the videos; they then mix in legitimate criticisms of Jewry in an attempt to get them censored as well.

No one is really uploading YouTube videos about "slitting throats of reptilian Jews" and so on. Plus, nearly all of their videos are dupes. I've actually seen videos with 0-1 view on their list.

The answer is simple: we need to expose this for the false flag operation that it is. Not only will we be saving ourselves from censorship, but we'll also be taking shekels out of this kike's pocket.

The best course of action is as follows:

1. Report their Facebook page for "copyright violations" to get it taken down. Without their Facebook page, they won't be able to group report.

2. Screenshot anything that points to this being a false flag operation (see the picture above for a good example). This is the answer to taking them down.

3. Save all videos that they flag that aren't obvious false flags; skip "nordland", "slit the throats", etc.

4. Contact prominent anti-Jew bloggers to see if we can get any of them to expose this false flag.

Potential allies who may expose this hoax:

5. Continue to flood them with BS on their report page. This is more or less futile, but it still creates problems for them. Don't send them hate speech or threats or anything like that, as it only makes them seem like martyrs. Just send them stupid crap.

Together, we can take this Jewish censorship operation down.


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