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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Karl Radl
Default Eliyahou Roth: The Jew behind 'They Can't'

Eliyahou Roth: The Jew behind 'They Can't'

I recently became aware of a little internet organization called 'They Can't', which states that its purpose is as follows:

'The spread of Anti-Semitism 2.0 rests upon the ignorance of the masses and on the ability to manipulate them. Web 2.0’s total democracy means that every opinion, ill informed or malicious, counts as much as an expert’s analysis.'

Not quite deary: anti-Semitism 2.0 (using my own term much?) does rest on the 'ignorance of the masses', but rather it is jews like your august selves who actively to seek to remove informed comment and opinion that you don't like not the anti-Semites like me (indeed we seek to make the masses aware of their ignorance that has been deliberately fostered by jews like your august self). Our case stands tall, loud and proud, while your case falls down around your ears: otherwise you would have no need to devote huge resources to removing content you don't like.

Incidentally what on earth is an 'expert' according to you?

Someone who agrees with you I suspect.

The warble about the 'organization's' purpose continues:

'Faced with the upsurge in anti-Semitic content on the Internet, "They Can't" took into account the extent of the phenomenon and its dangers.'

Oh right I see: so all the 'three founders' (more on that later) of 'They Can't' are 'experts' by necessary implication? This is because otherwise you wouldn't possibly have been able to form the 'correct' opinion by taking into the account 'the extent of the phenomenon and its danger': would you?

Egoistical much?

Once again 'They Can't' continue:

'We have established a unique system to fight against violent anti-Semitic content on the Internet to ensure the removal of the content by what we call "Crowd Reporting".'

Well first of all this isn't 'unique': it is one of the oldest and best documented of all jewish stratagems for silencing or removing those they dislike from public view (and indeed they often do it to each other [hence the finger pointing and screams of 'anti-Semite' that are the norm between the Israeli right and left]). It is a form of manufactured outrage; a-la Chomsky and Herman's proposal of 'manufactured consent', rather than actual outrage: it is the use of aggressive tactics by a tiny group/minority to pretend they are actually; or are representative of, the majority (a fairly typical form of Chutzpah if you think about it).

Secondly by seeking to pretend that they are; or speak for, an 'outraged majority' 'They Can't' are simply attempting to silence their opponents rather than 'expose them' through showing that their opponents don't know their Bavli from their Yerushalmi. That isn't 'democracy' dears that is trying to make sure your opponents are de-legitimized and never heard, while you and your friends strut around like proverbial boychiks in the hood self-describing yourselves as 'experts'.

The problem is that the only thing you are 'expert' in is regurgitating the sort of rubbish that your intellectual superiors used as arguments against my ancestors around a century ago.

Lets face it guys: your side hasn't come up with a new 'argument' since the 'holocaust'.

After all the 'holocaust' has become your raison d'etre: no?

Anyway our internet schnorrers continue by stating:

'Illegal content are detected, sorted, analyzed and removed.'

Once again 'They Can't' are pretending to be 'experts'; as otherwise according to their own standards their cannot do any of these things, which they are quite clearly not as 'anti-Semitic' to them merely means 'critical of Israel', 'critical of Judaism' or just having an opinion about history that they don't like.

For example their Facebook page describes some videos they want removed in the following terms:

'You know, that reminds me the rhetoric of the enemies of Israel… talking a LOT, and failing, again and again… '

Not exactly anti-anti-Semitism now are they?

More like anti-anything that isn't pro-Israel or pro-jewish, which; incidentally, can be equally 'ill informed or malicious' and seems to 'count as much as an expert’s analysis' to viewers.

Strange they don't mention that that claim cuts both ways!

Secondly the content they want to delete is not 'illegal' by en-large: it the expression of opinions that they don't like. The amount of times you can find jews expressing fairly disgusting opinions of non-jews; like the recently deceased Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel Ovadia Yosef, is probably greater (I can't tell without doing a detailed analysis, but rather this forms my anecdotal impression based on long experience) than of non-jews stating negative opinions of jews on YouTube.

Regardless of whether this is not or is not the case: what is 'They Can't' doing to counter the proliferation of anti-gentile sentiments and mass hysteria among the jewish community and more specifically the Israeli jewish population?

The answer: it isn't.

In fact it is spending its time supporting such attitudes via its uncompromising support of unabashedly racist Israeli policies and socio-cultural attitudes towards non-jews.

'Most importantly, we destroy the visibility of illegal content.'

Again our resident armchair lawyers contend that any content that is critical of jews, Judaism and/or Israel is 'illegal'. Sorry boychiks, but it ain't.

You do wish it was though: don't you?

Thus we can see that 'They Can't' is actually a not-very-original vehicle for jews to attempt to police the internet; a bit like a second rate copycat of the Jewish Internet Defence Force (JIDF), and thoroughly hypocritical in their attitude towards content in that they are more than happy to leave anti-gentile or anti-Christian videos and comments by jews/Israelis up (presumably they regard them as 'legitimate criticism' a-la Alan Dershowitz), but as soon as any one criticizes jews, Judaism or Israel then this is illegitimate and 'must be removed' because it is 'illegal' (one wonders when international laws on 'hate speech' as defined by the Israeli right-wing settler freak show were introduced and accepted?).

'They Can't' claim to have 'taken down' more then 13,600 videos and gotten 362 accounts terminated on YouTube, but these claims are merely 'feel good' propaganda (a-la the well known problems with accepting self-reported statistics as necessarily truthful) as there is no way of independently verifying whether this has actually occurred or the videos or accounts concerned had been terminated by the medium of any activity ascribable to 'They Can't'.

I also should add that the statistics provided by 'They Can't' are almost certainly bogus as they assert that they have removed 1,804 videos (at the time of this writing), but then add that they have terminated 362 accounts on YouTube with circa 11,800 videos on them. However the 'content' concerned on those accounts almost certainly wasn't mostly objectionable (or they would have gotten them removed singly [or they just double-counted a lot of videos]) so thus the 11,800 videos probably included a half to three quarters (as a guesstimate) of non-objectionable content that is counted by 'They Can't' as being objectionable content.

Thus it is fairly obvious that; like the dubious (and hilariously calculated) figures on the amount of 'anti-Semitism' in the world by the Anti-Defamation League that 'They Can't' show on their homepage, 'They Can't' are engaging in sheer Chutzpah and; more properly, misrepresenting both their own capabilities and importance.

After all if you take their claims at face value (i.e. 1,800 videos and 362 accounts deleted) then that is 2,162 complaints. That is some 2,162 clicks made in the year (the 'They Can't' domain was registered in July 2013 thus it has been in operation for about a year) and lets say each video has been reported 10 times at a guess.

This equates some 21,620 complaints made to YouTube.

Sounds massive: doesn't it?

Except when you break it down in terms of days that is 59.2 complaints a day made and split that between the alleged 'three founders' of 'They Can't' then you get just under 20 complaints made a day, which is maybe one hours work a day at a stretch.

Thus it is easy to see that the claims made by 'They Can't' are just a bunch of fatuous 'feel good we are fighting evil Nazis (so give us money)' rubbish not solid factual claims that stand up to even the most basic level of intellectual scrutiny.

Now having dealt with the supposed 'threat' of a couple of hyperventilating, egotistical little jewboys to members of the 'omnipresent evil Nazi conspiracy' (complete with our evil moon base) like me. We should move on to the jew (apparently one of three) behind it.

The individual concerned is a rather charming specimen named Eliyahou Roth who registered 'They Can't' at his ISP's address in Paris (see here for details). Apparently since registering 'They Can't' Roth has made Aliyah to Israel (running away from evil European anti-Semites who stole his playstation no doubt) or he just decided to register his domain in Paris rather than Israel for some reason (possibly for tax evasion or something on the donations he is soliciting).

His last place of residence; according to his Facebook profile (complete with an unflattering photo of him trying to look serious, intellectual and muscular all at once and failing spectacularly in doing all three), is in Jerusalem in Israel (more specifically in Mevaseret Zion just outside of Jerusalem going by his Viadeo account).

This is another photo of him, which he appears to think looks good to potential employers for some reason:

He studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium and majored in Political Science from 1993 to 1998, which he presumably only has an undergraduate degree in. As they say; a little education and a man; especially a jew apparently, thinks he knows everything.

Then from 2007 he was a Manager at '' ('' for those who don't speak French), which is a hysterical pro-Israeli Francophone website that claims Europeans and the United States are responsible for Arab violence again jews. Then in 2008 he founded a company called 'Road 90 LLC', which I cannot find any information on.

From then to 2013 his career is a blank, but presumably he has continued his trend of extremist Zionist activism and general hatred of the insolent goyim who dare criticize Yahweh's holy horrors.

He has all the traits of a fanatical Zionist and is hardly the most 'objective' source; which I should add is a standard Zionist/jewish trope in that they claim that they (and only they) are 'objective sources' who give 'balanced views', on anti-Semitism. Indeed he is using his little platform; insignificant as it is, to attempt to intimate critics of jews, Judaism and Israel.

Quite frankly: his attempts are so puny as to be simply laughable.

That said he is a nice case study of everything that jews believe they are; objective, honest, balanced, intellectual and generally supermen in every way, when in fact they tend to be rather prejudiced, thoroughly dishonest, extremely myopic, downright stupid and generally execrable.


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...they-cant.html
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His image is not loading, do you have a back up of his picture?
Jews have aggressively dominated the false narrative of the Leo Frank Case since 1913, but as of 2013 you can finally learn everything the Jews have tried to censor & suppress at The Leo Frank Research Library:
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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Location: The Unseen University of New York
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Karl Radl

Well my blog backed up the image for me. It isn't high res, but:

It appears Roth has deleted/made private a bunch of his personal information/pictures etc since.


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