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He is just about spot-on with all of this. And that last point is a bit touchy, but I donít think any of this is particularly controversial; itís just upsetting. The only way to stop price-gouging is to stop buying overpriced ammo, but when a personís supply is at zero, they donít always have a choice but to pay top-dollar.

Has arrived.
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Originally Posted by dirtymike View Post
The 10/22 is a durable little weapon accuracy is not bad it cycles the ammo well also. Stick with solid point name brand ammo ( solid points penetrate better) No need for a scope this is a short range weapon that's semi automatic best used in close. In a urban combat situation most fighting will be under 15 meters . The 22 cal ammo is cheap so get lots of it, The 10/22 is also short enough to put your thumb on the trigger lean out a tad and pop 3or 5 rounds around a corner to get the enemys head down before u take a peek look fast and don't expose your self you will only have like 3 seconds before Charlie can gain his composure . Happy hunting
Yep, I love it. Thanks for the advice. Always welcome.
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Had my 10/22 since I was 12 years old. Love it.


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