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Default Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan BitTorrent

For you Folks who want the best kungfu, then don't be shy about getting the following BitTorrent:

One of the secrets of Chinese kungfu is the ability to cure disease, stave off old age symptoms as well as kick ass. And for a non-violent approach to self-defense, there's nothing better than Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

So, for those of you who are interested in these things, there is a new BitTorrent available that teaches all of this.

Here is the torrent location:

Here is the description:

George Xu Chen_TaiChi_Chuan_Instructional Complete

These are complete lessons for learning Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.

This particular variation of the Chen style comes from Chen Jiao-Kwei who was the fifth son of the famous Chen Fa-Ke of Chen Village and of Beijing.

This is an advanced form of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. The two main styles that are being promoted by both the Chen village as well as the Chinese Government, are the Liao Jia (Old Frame) and Xin Jia (New Frame) variations.

This Jiao-Kwei variation follows the same general outline and the same posture variations as the other two, however it contains many and more rounded circles and technique variations that have been added to flesh out what is, for all intents and purposes, a kind of "tourist model" exhibited by the other two. Those "official" styles are both excellent but as the fifth son of a famous master, Chen Jiao-Kwei learned from his father and older brothers and created something better than the official styles, good as they are.

Don't be concerned about what style is "correct and traditional" because the Chen village has created many, many variations stemming from their centuries of experimentation. So, all of them are correct and traditional. However, the Liao Jia and Xin Jia variations were developed for teaching outside of the village and to foreigners, they do not have enough roundness to make it easy to develop qi flow (which is why they are promoted to foreign students).

Except for the pushing hands section, this series of videos is taught by Master George Xu (Xu Guan-Ming) who learned in Shanghai from one of Chen Jiao-Kwei's top students. He won the Gold Medal in the All China Tai Chi competitions with this form. He is presently teaching in San Francisco as well as giving seminars around the world.

The Pushing Hands section of this collection is taught by top teachers from Chen Village.

Included in this collection are the following videos:

Chen_TaiChiChuan_Push_Hands (in Windows Media format .wmv)

George Xu Chen TaiChi Applications (two videos in .DviX format)

George Xu Chen TaiChi ChinNa (some major applications from the form of joint locking in .DivX format)

George Xu Chen TaiChi Chuan Instructional (two videos teaching the Chen tai chi form)

All videos are in color, English language and contain many hours of instruction.

This is a complete teaching collection. You can learn Chen Tai Chi Chuan very well and very completely from this collection alone. The only other thing you will need, is to practice what you learn. After all, the secret to kungfu is practice. Learning the moves is only the first step. It is practice alone that carries you along to mastering the art and acquiring the skills.

Be sure to also download the torrents, George Xu Internal KungFu Seminar Highlights, Hsing-I Chuan Complete and the Qi Gong Course Complete, if you want to fully take advantage of high level and advanced Chinese kungfu knowledge. But for Chen style TaiChi alone, this torrent is all you will need.


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