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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Jaguar in Arizona


A Bisbee hunter is speaking out after his encounter with a Jaguar.

32-year old Donnie Fenn called it a dream come true. In fact, he joked that he had just been telling his friends that it was just a matter of time before he would run into a Jaguar. Little did he know that time was about to come.

"I didn't expect it to come this early in life," said Fenn, during a press conference at the AZ Game and Fish office in West Tucson.

Fenn, who is an excavator by profession also runs a business called Chasin' Tail Guide Service. They specialize in lion hunting tours.

Fenn said he had been a hunter since he was a child, but he started lion hunting just a few years ago. His 10-year old daughter hoped to follow in his footsteps.

On Saturday morning, she told her dad she wanted to go lion hunting, so Fenn set out with his daughter, and his friend Tyler Burkett.

Fenn said they rode for about an hour and a half and saw no lion tracks. Then some of his Hound Dogs started barking and took off down the canyon.

Fenn said he jumped on a mule and headed up the canyon, where he came to a saddle.

200 yards from where he was standing, Fenn saw his dogs circling a tree and barking. He zoomed his camera lens in that direction, and immediately realized he had spotted an extremely rare and endangered species.

About 15 feet high in that tree sat a 200 pound male Jaguar.

At one point, Fenn said the Jaguar climbed down the tree and took off at lightning speed. His Hound Dogs gave chase, while Fenn ran after them on foot.

After about two miles, Fenn said his dogs had circled around the Jaguar. Fenn said he was in awe of the big cat in front of him.

"Just the sheer aggressiveness. The power it had. It wasn't snarling at us like a mountain lion does, it was roaring. Roaring and growling like I've never heard before. It was unreal," said Fenn.

He was worried about his dogs.

"The dogs were so close, the Jaguar was like back off. He was swiping at them with his paw telling them let me have my space. I'm trying to get my dogs off the Jaguar, I knew my dogs were going to get killed," said Fenn.

He said that was when he was the most scared, worried the Jaguar would turn on him. Fenn said at that point, he was only 15-feet away from the Jaguar.

He described it as an amazing moment in his life, but hoped he would never encounter another Jaguar again.

"Just seeing the power of that thing, there's no doubt in my mind, this Jaguar could have taken care of my whole pack of dogs pretty easily,".


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